Diane Drury refers to the photo of the 1979 International Paris Air Show in NetLetter nr 1315 -
Diane has identified herself with this message -
The missing name between Doreen Riley and Monique Paradis is Diane Drury from Montreal.

In NetLetter nr 1317, under "Info Request" the question was - Was CPA located in the PBY hangar in YVR"?

Max Lindeman sends this information -

Answer to the question of Harvey Jones:

Answer: yes it was, it was built to manufacture the PBY aircraft. I worked there starting in 1956 and some of the people that worked for Boeing stayed at the hangar and got hired by CPA. In fact there was a ramp to the Fraser River to launch the aircraft. Max Lindeman. Structures specialist. Ret.

Monty Montgomery sent us these details of his career -

I joined AC/TCA September 1956. I wore many "many hats" during my years with the company. I joined as a radio operator. I was loaned out to help get the "bugs" out of a pneumatic tube system. A system to send hard copy to different department in the terminal. It was the only one like in the world (which was a good thing). My ability with my camera was drafted many times.

The worse, the fateful flight 621 in Toronto. I took pictures within 5 minutes of the crash until the last of the clean up. I walked the flight path to relate the picture to the position it fell of the aircraft. I produced the audio visual of the "Wartime Show" A story about how these young "fliers" out of the bush went on to win a war and then build one of the best airlines in the world . I also was a part of the first "Maple Wing" reunion. My camera never slept.

Before "9/11" I carried a jump seat card and if it was the captain's last flight and I was available I went with him and his family. I'm probably the only person with a 1000 hrs in a cockpit and can't fly an airplane. At one point I had photo albums about 5 feet high of "last flight / retirements"

I'm glad to know that someone takes an interest in our past. It’s a different airline now.


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