Don McKay refers to NetLetter nr 1317 and the photos -

The pictures included in the above NetLetter #1317 show the present Saint John after their move from Penfield. The year was 1954 I was in high school & lucky enough to get a summer ramp job slinging luggage. The aircraft that flew into YSJ at that time were DC -3, DC-4 and the old Bristol Freighter.

Hugh McEligatt was in charge of the downtown ticket office and he was also our next door neighbour. Bill Hegan was YSJ Station Manager & Alice was his secretary. I worked with Paul Mitchell on the ramp. Myron “Ziggy” Zegarchuk was a Radio Operator.

tmb bill scott

Bill Scott was the weight & balance man. I was lucky enough to land at YSJ the day Bill retired. I was Captain of a DC-9 at the time, I lucked in by operating a DC-9 that day, I have the picture that was taken that day with the DC -9 in the background. I have many happy memories from my time working the ramp for 2 summers.

tmb rcaf cf 104This photo is an RCAF CF-104 in Germany which I flew, few Canadians are aware of the fact that we had Nuclear Weapons on our aircraft in the early 60’s.

tmb chris hadfieldThis photo is Chris Hatfield & our oldest son, Dave, exchanging my book for a copy of Chris’s book.

tmb don mckayA photo of myself in 1956. Again thanks for the Penfield picture & the memories it rekindled.

Don McKay

Lauraine Pomerleau refers to NetLetter nr 1316 and sends this observation -

I believe that Air Canada started flying A320's around 1990. I know that I didn't write that recurrent exam in 1970. Was there a typo?
Cheers, Lauraine Pomerleau.

Chris Whelan sent us this comment regarding NetLetter nr 1316 -
Airbus A320 (January 25, 1990) Air Canada was the first airline in Canada to operate the Airbus A320. The airline took delivery of its first Airbus A320 on January 25, 1990 in Toulouse (France).

Richard Hovey wrote: OOPS. The A320 wasn’t around until 1989. You’ve got the wrong aircraft.

(Lauraine, Richard and Chris are correct regarding the date of the A320, but this information was from the "Rampage" magazine which, unfortunately, we no longer have any access to - eds)

Ron Lingwood sends these comments refers to NetLetter nr 1316 -

Thanks for the great job you all do, I look forward to my NetLetter but must remember not to store them in my Netflix file where some of them ended up for some reason. Looking at the latest edition with the cartoon of Stand-By passengers dress code. Gone are the days when we had to dress like we were going to a ball and suffer the discomfort of a long flight in a suit and tie in case we were lucky to get first class. When I worked for CP the dress code was the same, but one time they added the rider that we were to keep a low profile, to which I replied “low profile, but we are the best dressed passengers on the flight”.  It certainly would have been nice to have worn more relaxing attire on long trips. I have seen, as surely others have, track suits and such.

Thanks keep up the good work.

Ken Pickford, refers to the article about the spelling of Airlines v Air Lines in NetLetter nr 1321 sends his comments -

tmb CP001Re: the Canadian Pacific Air Lines (vs. Airlines) name. Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Limited, with "Air Lines" in two words, was always the legal name right until the 1987 acquisition by Pacific Western to create Canadian Airlines.

For marketing purposes they tended to use "Airlines" as one word except in the early years, and except of course during the roughly 18 years (1968-86) when the marketing name was CP Air. The "Airlines" word had been removed from the aircraft livery sometime in the mid-1950s, leaving just "Canadian Pacific".

Related info can be found at the Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
(Please note the bottom of the cover of the 1983 annual report on the photo)

Pete Sleeman, in response to the appeal in NetLetter nr 1321 for donations towards the GIMLI Glider Project sent this memory -

Anthony, I will support this project.. .I flew that aircraft, (the Gimli Glider... I still remember hearing the news from a CPAir B737 crew in Fort St John when I was a Line Engineer there at the time. ) .... so my hands have been on those yokes after I became an AC pilot, albiet the yokes cleaned many times by Sani-Wipes by subsequent pilots.

Pete Sleeman

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