Wayne Kirby sends these two photos -

Some photos you may like to use....
I flew the 'DC-3' but don't recognize anyone. (except Frank)

tmb hostesses

tmb sinatra with hostesses

Air Canada "Hostesses"

Frank Sinatra and "Hostesses"


Ron Rhodes sends these three photos-

tmb Malton seat

Celebrating 75 years of Toronto International, the GTAA has an exhibit of memorabilia in the Malton Room in Terminal One. One of the display cases includes some of my own TCA collection. Readers had only until sometime in April 2015 to view the exhibit. I visited it then and it is well done!

Thanks to Lee Petrie, Curator!! 

I attach a couple of photos of my collection and one of an original seat from Malton.

Ron Rhodes.

tmb malton exhibit
tmb mailton airport

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