More from Ken Pickford this time referring to NetLetter nr 1322 -

Re the wintry 1965 photo location,
I'm fairly sure it's the old Terminal 1 at Toronto, then only one year old. It didn't have loading bridges for the first few years, and of course the Viscounts (and Vanguards) couldn't use them.

Also, re the item on the IATA recommended carry-on bag dimensions, due to significant opposition, especially from all major US carriers, IATA has withdrawn that proposal pending further study! There's a related news item that you can read by following this link, and an IATA press release here.

Fergus Kyle refers to the article by Don Brady in the "Smileys" section of NetLetter nr 1323.

Your latest article involved a brash exchange twixt aviator and radar operator (air traffic specialist) who referred to unknown radar targets "squawking" You may know the origin of the term but I bet your readers won't.

When first installed, I forget the exchange, but by the time I flew Vampire fighters, the radar operator was equipped with a set which was dubbed "Cockerel" (because it 'crowed' on demand).

RO: Make your Cockerel crow... flyer: press radar button.This exchange became "Squawk (followed by a selection of the day - for clarity}" The system became "Parrot" because it continually squawked. Nobody says "parrot" any more but the aircraft still "Squawk".

Flyer: respond with suitable action

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