Extracted from the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated November 1959.

An ode to TCA
Pat Frate of Passenger Traffic, Montreal, received a birthday card from his young sister Kathie which contained the following poem she had composed.

The very best way to get by
Really sir, is to fly
Another thought to keep in mind
Not every airline is so kind
So seek TCA and that you'll find

Canadians always like to know
All different places where to go
Never do they have any trouble
As TCA is for ever on the double
Do remember and don't forget
A good airline is hard to get.

A lot of them are always late
Isn't TCA right up-to-date?
Really now, we can't deny

Living high means to fly
Is many places you will see
No one is busy as a bee
Except good old TCA
Sending people right on their way.

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