tmb westjet coloursWestJet has done it again! Following up their special Disney Magic Plane (which we see at YVR every so often). The airline has now revealed an aircraft that is so cool, it's Frozen. The specially painted Boeing 737-800 will hopefully make a couple runs on the new YVR to Orlando route in 2016.

Gretchen (Aird) Dawson alerted us to this article -
Check out this url for a chance to dine in a reconstructed B-747

tmb Pan Am ExperienceYour Pan Am Experience begins at our exclusive First & Clipper class check-in desk. where our Pan Am customer service agent provides each passenger with a 70’s style boarding pass, ticket jacket and first class carry-on tags. You’ll be invited into the Clipper Club lounge where you’ll have an opportunity to peruse the vintage Pan Am memorabilia including authentic uniforms, airline seats, handbags, artwork, and more.

You can mingle with other enthusiasts at the Clipper bar, share stories, and make new friends. Soon thereafter, we’ll board “Clipper Juan T. Trippe”, our dedication to Pan Am ’s first Boeing 747, where you’ll be sprung back in time to the 1970s.

tmb the last contrailWilliam Hardy was a commercial pilot by the age of twenty. He began his career as a bush pilot flying in the Arctic before moving into the "right seat" of Boeing's for engine airplanes. Twelve years later, he was promoted to captain and check pilot on the DC-10-30 and flew the international routes to Europe, Asia and Central America. His new book is titled "The Last Contrail" and is available at Chapters and Amazon amongst others. More information at

In NetLetter nr 1326, following previous articles and the final flight of the Avro Vulcan, we had a story about the Avro Vulcan aircraft.

Click heretmb avro vulcan for a BBC News page which has several videos of the "last flight" tour in the U.K.
The last flying Vulcan bomber aircraft has flown over northern England as part of a farewell tour of the country.

The famous Cold War plane, which is based at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, is due to be grounded this month after engineering backers withdrew support.

In its final series of flypasts, the bomber flew over an aircraft manufacturing firm in Brough, East Yorkshire, and the Greater Manchester factory where it was built.

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