From the September UK Pionairs Monthly Newsletter

Emirates plans the world’s longest flight next February at over 17 hours 35 minutes from Dubai to Panama City. The record is currently held by Qantas on the Dallas/Sydney route at just under 17 hours.

American Airlines is creating pet cabins in first class. Two cabins per plane in first class will be provided on select flights between JFK and LAX, and JFK and SFO. One drawback is that the pets will not be entitled to free peanuts or movies but having a cabin all to itself means that they won’t have to sit next to a guy who won’t stop taking, so it’s a pretty good deal!

Laszlo Bastyovanszky sent us this >Now here's an innovative (video)< way from Air New Zealand of presenting the Safety Procedures before take-off.

Wow! Must have cost a mint to produce! However, it will, I am sure, have people talking about the airline and its fantastic novel way of holding passengers' attention for these important few minutes and giving the company great publicity. Top marks to Air NZ.

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