Alan Evans from South Africa sent us this -

With 412 flights a week, Kulula’s cabin crew meets diverse travellers on the job. When you put so many people in a confined space you can be sure that things will get funny.

Onboard laundromat
On the red-eye flight from Durbs to OR Tambo, Mariette van der Spuy had just served coffee to a smartly-dressed businessman who had been glued to his laptop, when they hit some turbulence. After only one sip, the man’s coffee spilt all down his crisp white shirt. Mariette offered him wet wipes, but it only seemed to make the stain worse. The man decided to head to the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

After a while, Mariette knocked on the door and asked if he needed any assistance.

He opened the door, shirt-less and clutching a soaking wet shirt which he handed to her and asked whether she could put it in the tumble dryer. He left Mariette speechless and casually strolled back to his seat…shirt-less!

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