Betty Draper found this article -

Just came across this article in the Winnipeg Free Press, you may be interested in this, 59 years ago during the Hungarian revolution many Hungarians fleeing the communist tyranisim were helped by Canada assisting them (in 1956) to settle in Canada. This article was written in November 1956. Air Canada (the Trans-Canada Air Lines) played an important role.

Refugees will fly to Canada.
Ottawa (special) - Hungarian refugees fleeing the red terror will be airlifted direct from Vienna to Western and Eastern Canadian centres under arrangements being made by the Canadian government. Under instruction from Hon. J.W.Pickersgill, the citizenship and immigration department is completing arrangements with Canadian Pacific Airlines and Trans-Canada Air Lines to fly the refugees in.

CPA will airlift refugees over its polar route into Western Canada. An official of the department indicates applications were pouring into the department at an increasing rate. Earlier this week more than 100 had been received. It is expected one or two planes a week will be chartered, more if necessary.

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