Vern Swerdfeger has sent us these photos - 
Some photos of CPAL aircraft paint jobs - in the hectic 1970’s

tmb cpa multi engine B727An obviously doctored photo of
what appears to be a six-engine
Boeing 727 in the Vancouver hangar.
(can’t see engines #1 or 2)

tmb cpa attacheB737-300 in
"Attache" colours 1985

tmb cpa yvr 1970

Vancouver Airport (YVR)
May 1970.

tmb cpa dc3 model

DC-3 model in
CP Air colours.

Gretchen Dawson sends us this photo and comment -

tmb cf tge at seattle museumThought you'd like to see the first pic in Seattle's Museum of Flight newsletter, that I get regularly. Proud to see the Super Connie's tail in the pic.

I had heard she was "closed" with lots of renovations required. I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to go and walk on board her, out on the apron.

Looks like they've moved aircraft around -
the President's Air Force One was near by when I was there!

Enjoy, Gretchen

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