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  • 1940 -
    • February 15th - Moncton became the aviation centre of the Atlantic Provinces when regularly scheduled passenger flights were started between the Hub city and Montreal.
  • 1970 -
    • April 27th - First non-stop service from Sydney, N.S. direct to Montreal was inaugurated.
    • May 5th - Introduction of DC-8 all-freight Jet Trader service from Vancouver to Windsor/Detroit area.
  • 2002
    • June - Introduction of Six Sigma projects for reducing costs.
  • 2003
    • April - Air Canada history displayed in a new museum T1 terminal YYZ. (pictured).tmb ac new museum yyz
    • December - Announced plans to buy 45 Bombardier and 45 Embraer aircraft.


tmb warr. emblemWorld Airline Road Race is scheduled for Chicago September 21st - 24th, 2016. In 2015 the races held in Dubai U.A.E. and we noticed the following Air Canada employees were listed John Cannon, Scott Macaul, Clifford Russell, David Housron, Hank Mitchno, Ray Robichaud and Kelly Currans.

tmb hollis harrisMr. Hollis Harris, the Chairman, President and CEO of Air Canada from 1992 to 1996 passed away on 14th July, 2016.

Mr. Harris was greatly involved in the Open Skies Agreement between Canada and The United States.

(Source LHR Pionairs monthly newsletter August 2016)

Found in the "Between Ourselves" magazine.

Issue dated May 1969 - 

tmb ac dorval during strikeThis is a photo of the grounded fleet at Dorval during the strike in 1969.

Breaking the pound barrier.

tmb ac pwk recordPrestwick station had a busy month in March 1969 when it handled more than a million pounds of airfreight, a new record for the station. This represented 64% of the freight handled during the whole of 1968.

Shown in front of the cargo charter freighter which broke the million pound barrier are from the front: Station Agents T. W. Howson, G. G. Aitchison, D. W. Auld, and M. Miller; Station Operations Manager J. D. Johnston; Station Agent J. B. Sloan, Cargo Service Supervisor W. C. McLellen; Cargo Biller J. McCall, and Cargo Sales Representative J. Scott.

Back row: Captain W. J. Adams; F/O C. E. Guttierrie; Navigating Officer H. Thibault; Second Officer Y. J. Poudrier; unidentified person, and Navigating Officer B. W. Freeman.

Issue May 1970.

Car Rally popular in London Town.

One day in April 1970, nine car loads of entrants took off from a London pub parking lot marking the start of the Seventh Maple Leaf Car Rally, organized by the London, U.K. ACRA.

When the rally finished, naturally enough in an English pub, in the middle of the Buckingham countryside, each team handed their rally sheets to organizers Jack Morath, Peter and Gwen Baldry, who, despite spending the time waiting in the pub, remained sober, as they were charged with figuring out the winners, during which the teams exchanged various funny stories.

As this was pre-GPS time, the navigators had a hard time, but the winning team was Alan Williams, as driver, his navigator was Bruce Paxton and Carol Williams was the clue hunter. Runner up team was driver Coralie Humphries, navigator Guy Dodgson, clue hunters were Judy Fleet and Adam Thompson.

As far as the organizers were aware, all the teams found their way home, but if not, they may be well placed for the next rally which was planned for June/July 1970.

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