Kelly has sent us these photos of the R100 airship which visited St. Hubert airport, Quebec during August, 1930. The inside photos of the R-100 are on a page of other photos from my Dad's album including the Montreal Light Aeroplane Club and one of him standing in from of one of his airplanes.

tmb r100 at st hubert tmb r100 inside views
Note: R100 was built as part of a British government programme to develop airships to provide passenger and mail transport between Britain and the countries of the British Empire, including India, Australia and Canada. Read full Wikipedia article here.

tmb cf tcy at ywgThe TCA photo, of CF-TCY, was dated 1939 on the back (the others he had were all from Winnipeg) but I don't think that is my Dad in the photo. The photos are from the Roger L. Smith collection.

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