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About us!

Since October 1995, Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker have been issuing an email newsletter for those ex Air Canada types who have provided us with their email addresses. The Newsletter was created by Vesta, who gave the name 'NetLetter' and added 'Between Ourselves' - a TCA periodical with which you are probably familiar with from the 50's and 60's. It was then changed to "Between Yourselves" to avoid confusion when "Horizons" resurrected the name. Then finally simplified to just "The NetLetter".

We believe that our NetLetter, which originates from Vancouver Island, was the FIRST to use this medium to disperse information for retirees of Air Canada.

The NetLetter contains airline related information such as anecdotes or stories supplied by some of the recipients, Internet tips, travel news, cheap... excuse me, "inexpensive" accommodations, tours, interline travel, and, in some small way, we help keep our Air Canada family together and in touch.

Our 'NetLetter' is NOT sponsored by any Pionair group, nor are we seeking any financial support, only the Internet email addresses of those who would like to receive our 'NetLetter'. Please forward this to other retirees who can then subscribe right from the forwarded link at the bottom of this email.

Dear NetLetter,

Welcome to the 948th issue of "NetLetter". We now estimate that the NetLetter is read by over 2735 retirees when counting our email distribution and those that print the NetLetter and give them out to their friends.

The "NetLetter" is written by Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker from Vancouver Island (see sidebar) and published courtesy of the ACFamily Network at

  • Need to know...
  • Vesta

    All the gory details regarding Income splitting and Age credit can be found at -

  • Nice to Know
  • The departure Oct 29th., of Air Canada flight AC 1202 marks the launch of non-stop, seasonal flights from Calgary to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Air Canada now operates weekly flights on Sundays from Calgary to the city known as "Venice of America". The airline will increase service to three flights per week on December 17, in time for peak winter travel to this popular Florida destination. (Source just4airlines)

    The departure on Oct 31st of Air Canada flight AC898 marks the long awaited launch of the only non-stop, scheduled transatlantic flights from Alberta's capital city to London Heathrow, the world's busiest international gateway.

    Air Canada's Edmonton-London Heathrow flights now operate three times weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, increasing to daily service starting April 1, 2007. Air Canada flight AC898 departs Edmonton at 18:35 (20:25 departure time on Tuesdays), arriving Heathrow at 10:10; flight AC 899 leaves Heathrow at 12:35, arriving Edmonton at 14:45.

    All flights are operated with the 211-seat Boeing 767- 300ER aircraft offering a choice of Executive First and Economy service. (source just4airlines)

    Air Canada Nov 7th., announced it has increased overall capacity in Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The additional flights, operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz, Newfoundland and Labrador - 21 more non-stop flights per week during peak travel times to/from and within Newfoundland/Labrador for a total of up to 298
    - St. John's -Toronto: one additional flight a day for a total of up to four,
    - St. John's - Montréal: daily service now operated with a 120-seat A319,
    - Deer Lake - Montréal: daily service now operated with a 120-seat A319.
    - Deer Lake - Halifax: one additional flight a day for a total of up to three.

    New Brunswick

    - Moncton - Toronto: two additional flights a day for a total of up to five,
    - Moncton - Halifax: one additional flight a day for a total of up to three,
    - Fredericton - Toronto: one additional flight a day for a total of up to four,
    - Fredericton - Montréal: all flights now operated with a 50-seat Dash 8-300 aircraft,
    - Saint John - Montréal: up to three flights a day with larger aircraft on one round-trip.

    Nova Scotia

    - Halifax - Toronto: one additional flight a day for a total of up to nine,
    - Halifax - Montréal: three additional flights a day for a total of up to seven,
    - Halifax - Ottawa: three additional flights a day for a total of up to six.
    (source just4airlines)

  • Forgotten Airports
  • Following our "Forgotten Airports" in NetLetter nr 947, Bill Bartlett sends these memories -

    Medicine Hat YXH/Swift Current YYN

    Thanks for the rare recognition of the Prarie "Milk Run". Evokes lots of increasingly dim memories. Not many of us left. I was the Operations Agent at YYN with Jimmy Ames from early 1952 thru late 1957. More OAs were added in 1955 or 1956 (Jim Aberdeen at YYN). While I was at YYN, YXE wasn't on the "Milk Run" route but rather served on a YWG-YXE-YXD route.

    A few quick comments. The reciprocal daily route I recall was YXD (long before YEG was built)-YYC-YQL (Lethbridge, YXL=Sioux Lookout)-YXH-YYN-YQR-YQV (Yorkton, YYV=?)-YBR-YWG. One still vivid memory is trying unsuccessfully to contact on VHF radio, the westbound transcon North Star flight before learning that it had crashed moments before following a mid- air collision near YMJ (1954, think).

    Being an OA, IMO, was a unique opportunity to experience most airline and airport functions which helped me immeasurably in my later work at the YUL "Ivory Tower".

    Bill Bartlett This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (We welcome any of your comments or stories relative to TCA/Air Canada history - eds)

  • Star Alliance News
  • Star Alliance

    Turkish Airlines is moving forward with preparations to join the Star Alliance and expects to achieve full membership by the fourth quarter of 2008 at the latest

  • Found on the Internet
  • The only foreign carrier to Washington Ronald Reagan National airport is Air Canada. We operate Embraer 175's and Bombardier CRJ's to and from Montreal.

    A German entrepreneur has set up an airline which will give its customers and crew the freedom to chain smoke from take off to landing. Named Smintair International Airways to begin operations in October 2007. The aircraft is a Boeing B747 and only 138 passengers seats on board. Demand for seats on the nicotine-friendly airline is popular. The daily flights from Dusseldorf to Tokyo and Shanghai will offer Cuban cigars and caviar. First class return flight will cost 10,000 euro, but business class will only be 6,500 euro return.

  • Canadian Aviation Historical Society
  • All Vancouver Island Chapter Canadian Aviation Historical Society Members and Friends;

    Notice: Meeting Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 1:00 pm in the Norseman Room at the BC Aviation Museum, 1910 Norseman Road, Sidney (Victoria International Airport).

    A business meeting will be held. Discussion about the future course of the chapter needs to happen.

    The Vancouver Island chapter was formed in 2000, following a couple of organizing meetings in 1999. We have been proceeding with 16 to 20 paying members a year. Some of these members of CAHS National and some not.

    The executive has been basically the same group of people during this time. We regretfully, have lost some people to death and illness. A number of interesting speakers have done informative and interesting presentations during these years.
    As some of you may be aware, CAHS National has have a very rough couple of years under the scrutiny of The Canadian Revenue Service. Rules for non profit and charitable groups have changed since the original inception of National in the early 1960's.Some of this affects the local chapters and what we can and cannot do.

    People to participate and to be involved in various groups are at a minimum and numbers are falling. - Where and what should be the future of this Chapter? - Are there enough interested and involved people to support a local Chapter, other than the current executive?
    - Are there more people that want to become active and involved?
    - What should we see as the future course for the group?
    - Do we stay as part of CAHS National and meet the changing criteria for national non profit groups?
    - Do we become a club?
    - Do we become an associated group with the Aviation Museum?
    - Is there some other course for the future?
    - What happens if we do nothing?
    Please come out and discuss these concerns and plan where we go for the coming year.

    November is our last meeting for this year. (Christmas Lunch date will be on the agenda). January 2007 will be our annual meeting and the election of officers for the coming year.

    Arrangements are being made to show 16 mm films about early TCA. These include the arrival of the first Viscount at TCA in Montreal.

    Everyone is welcome to the meeting, anyone interested can meet for lunch at Mary's at 11:30 am. Contact Stoney (250-478-7567) or myself (250-544- 2183) to have a chair reserved.

    Anyone who is not a BCAM member will be charged admission to the museum. adults $7, seniors $5

    Jacqueline Frampton
    Treasure/ Membership
    VI Chapter CAHS

  • News from the District
  • Nanaimo Coffee Klatch held their meeting on Wednesday Nov 8th., with the following attendees - Terry Baker AC, Viola Gregg AC, travelled from Gold River to attend, Art & Pat McCarville CP, Bryan & Carol Humphrey, Claude Hamel CP, used to work in Calgary.

    Next meeting is planned for December 13th.

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