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About us!

Since October 1995, Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker have been issuing an email newsletter for those ex Air Canada types who have provided us with their email addresses. The Newsletter was created by Vesta, who gave the name 'NetLetter' and added 'Between Ourselves' - a TCA periodical with which you are probably familiar with from the 50's and 60's. It was then changed to "Between Yourselves" to avoid confusion when "Horizons" resurrected the name. Then finally simplified to just "The NetLetter".

We believe that our NetLetter, which originates from Vancouver Island, was the FIRST to use this medium to disperse information for retirees of Air Canada.

The NetLetter contains airline related information such as anecdotes or stories supplied by some of the recipients, Internet tips, travel news, cheap... excuse me, "inexpensive" accommodations, tours, interline travel, and, in some small way, we help keep our Air Canada family together and in touch.

Our 'NetLetter' is NOT sponsored by any Pionair group, nor are we seeking any financial support, only the Internet email addresses of those who would like to receive our 'NetLetter'. Please forward this to other retirees who can then subscribe right from the forwarded link at the bottom of this email.


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Dear NetLetter,

Welcome to the 939th issue of "NetLetter". We now estimate that the NetLetter is read by over 2729 retirees when counting our email distribution and those that print the NetLetter and give them out to their friends.

The "NetLetter" is written by Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker from Vancouver Island (see sidebar) and published courtesy of the ACFamily Network at

  • Lockheed LodeStar CF-TCY
  • To the TCA Crews who flew the Lockheed Lodestar Trans-Canada Air Lines Lockheed, CF- TCY

    Alan Rust - the webmaster for our sends us this information -

    This is my story regarding the Lodestar I discovered, I don't think most AC retirees know it exists -
    I was talking to a friend that I used to work with who is a real aircraft nut, he lives and breathes aircraft like many AC employees who love just being around aircraft. He is a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer as I used to be before I retired. (I don't touch aircraft anymore)

    Anyhow, we were talking about CF-TCC the L10A that is currently being used by Air Canada for Dreams Take Flight and other publicity functions and he mentioned that he thought there was an L10a on display in Delta, BC at the small airport at the Delta Air Park.

    This is only a few miles from where I live in South Surrey, BC and is near Boundary Bay Airport, but I never even knew the airport existed before he mentioned this.

    What I did first is to find the airport (and aircraft) using Google Earth, see below for images of what I found. You can see the aircraft on the right near the road.

    Delta Air Pack
    Click on image to enlarge

    I had some time one day and decided to check it out. After some wrong turns, I finally found the correct road and right near the dike by the bay there it was, a Lockheed Lodestar (not the L10a as I expected). It's not in very good condition, it's been outside for many years and you can see where it's been cannibalized for parts over the years. The registration is CF-TCY. It's a Lockheed Lodestar 18-08 built in 1940 Serial #2064, 14 passenger, crew of 3, one of 15 bought by TCA. It was used on Trans Continental Routes and replaced by the DC3 in 1947. It was retired from service in 1960. At one time it was the personal aircraft for the Ministry of Transportation, C.D. Howe and the Prime Minister "Louis St. Laurent". It still has the TCA markings as you can see from the photos.

    I hope you find this interesting too, if you're in the area take a drive out and see it! Please click on the link below to see the photos I took on my brief visit.


    PS - please make sure you read Bill Marr's story below. I sure learned a lot more than what was on the sign from his article!

    More photos of CF-TCY
  • More Lodestar info
  • Bill Marr has sent us this information -

    CF-TCY which many of you have in your log books was one of the last of our 1808 before they were sold off. It was one of 15 Lockheed Lodestars operated by the fledgling crown corporation. CF-TCY served TCA from 1941 to 1947, surviving a belly landing at Gander in the early 1940's at the hands of veteran Captain Gill McClaren. It had a better life airline use than most of our fleet.

    It was in DOT colors when sold into the U. S. in the 1960's and by 1968 it had become an abandoned derelict, at Chicago's Midway Airport. Victory Air Museum picked up the aircraft and moved it to their location some distance from the airport. In late 1986, the Lodestar was purchased by the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation, and in the months that followed a publicity campaign was started by Trans-Canada Air Lines and Air Canada employees, and a generous corporate donation was forwarded from Air Canada to cover half the purchase price. The recovery trip added thousands to the bill for two trucks to travel nearly ¾ of the way across North America to retrieve it. By August 1987 CF-TCY was again back in Canada.

    Today the aircraft again sits derelict only this time it is owned by the Museum of Flight, in Langley. It sits beside the road at Delta Air Park; not abandoned but neither is it being properly cared for. It should be moved to Langley Airport where there is a volunteer force with the knowledge and ability to restore and display the aircraft. This may well be the last remaining example of the early Lockheed Lodestars.

    I have spoken to the airport manager at the Langley Airport and suggested that the Museum's aircraft be brought home, restored and set as a Gate Guard outside the museum. This area is slated for landscaping next year and this aircraft along with our current DC-3 would fit in with the proposed refurbishing of the area. It is also proposed that we consider some help with fundraising as money is always a problem for museums. Could each of us who knew and flew this airplane not drop a $100 into the pot? We could have a brass plaque, "Trans- Canada Air Lines - From those who remember" with our names below. - think about it! We should not risk loosing this aircraft, an aircraft that may be more historically appropriate to Air Canada than the Super Constellation!

    Bill Marr

    (Fin 47 delivered Feb 13.,1941 as L1408 modified to L1808 in Jan 12th.,1943. After accumulating 15,954 hours flying with T.C.A. It was sold to the Departtment of Transport on Mar 26th., 1947 - eds)

  • Air Canada News
  • Refurbished A320 and L10A to appear at Nova Scotia Air Show. On Sept. 9 and 10, the skies over Halifax will roar to the sounds of the annual Nova Scotia Air Show. Through the show's aerial and static aircraft displays, aviation buffs will see a multitude of different military, acrobatic and civilian aircraft.

    Among the airplanes on static display will be Air Canada's L10A and a refurbished Airbus A320. With the L10A, visitors will see a piece of our airline's history up close while the refurbished Airbus A320 will show them our new way of travelling--new interiors, seats, and personal in-flight entertainment.

  • Found on the Internet
  • One hits the dust!
    CanJet to discontinue scheduled air services. CanJet Airlines, a division of I.M.P. Group Ltd, will discontinue scheduled air services at the end of business September 10, 2006.

    Another tries their hand -
    Porter Airlines could fly to U.S. At least two U.S. destinations will be part of the initial groups that startup Porter Airlines plans to serve from Toronto City Centre Airport. The carrier is working to gain Canadian regulatory approvals to launch flights from the airport this fall with a 70-seat Bombardier Q400 turboprop. Porter took delivery of the first plan of a 10-aircraft order this week and should have about four planes by year-end. The first four destinations that Porter plans to target are New York, Chicago, Ottawa, and Montreal. Other possible destinations include Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and Thunder Bay. Porter is expecting the delivery of the new ferry to transport passengers to City Centre in September and should be operating by the end of the month. Porter currently has about 100 employees, which will grow to 200 as the Ottawa launch approaches.

    Smokers May Get Their Own Airline -
    Smokers used to be segregated in the back of airliners. Now they aren't allowed to light up at all during flights. If a German entrepreneur has his way, smokers may soon have their own airline. Alexander Schoppmann is betting that wealthy travelers who smoke will be willing to pay big bucks to not be treated as second class citizens. He plans to launch Smokers International Airways with first class and business class seating only, and no restrictions on smoking.

    The new airline will inaugurate service between Dusseldorf and Tokyo, a long-haul flight that can send many chain smokers into withdrawal. Besides having the entire plane as a smoking section, passengers will be pampered with other luxuries to help justify the fare. "Air travel used to be a luxury experience but today, prices are exploding and service is going down to zilch," Schoppmann told the International Herald Tribune.

    Schoppmann is launching the airline not just for profit but for personal reasons. A 30-cigarette-a-day smoker, he has experienced airborne nicotine denial first-hand. He says many smokers no longer take long flights because of smoking restrictions.

  • Terry's Travel Tips
  • For our UK readers -
    European Weekend Breaks...3 Nights
    PP from:
    Belvedere ~ Prague
    Great hotel situated in the centre of Prague next to the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Fairground and the National Technical Museum. £115 BB Cascade ~ Brussels
    Ideally situated, only two steps from the elegent Avenue Louise, it is the place to be for luxury shopping and entertainement, Museums & Art and even for business! £120 BB
    Catalonia Aragon ~ Barcelona
    Located with quick easy access to any part of the city. And if you like Antoni Gaudi's work, the Sagrada Familia church is just a few metres from the hotel! £139 CB
    Hotel de Filosoof ~ Amsterdam
    Fantastic location opposite the most famous park in the Netherlands the Vondelpark, within the renowned Leidseplein area, and in walking distance from the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum! £169
    CB Hotel Gioberti ~ Rome
    Situated in the heart of the historic Rome city centre between the great St. Mary Basilica (Santa Maria Maggiore) and the Termini Station. £129 BB

    European flights available with British Airways and start from £20 +tax!

    Worldwide Weekend Breaks...3 Nights

    Hilton Hotel ~ Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi is a vibrant and captivating city with an impressive skyline, parks and gardens. This city offers great restaurants, shopping and you will have plenty to do! £109 BB
    Intercontinental ~ Muscat
    Located in luscious palm gardens between the imposing Hajjar Mountains and the flawless pale sand of the Gulf coast, the hotel offers a range of stunning views on each side. Muscat a must see city! £149 BB
    Crowne Plaza Hotel ~ Dubai
    Dubai is a capitalist jewel buzzing with activity, why not shop till you drop, eat in the fine restaurants and soak up the atmosphere of a city oozing glamour and wealth! Crowne Plaza Hotel is the largest hotel in the region, with plenty to offer in a great central location. £180 BB
    Circus Circus ~ Las Vegas
    Located on the famous glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip! not forgetting the shows and of course the chapels! £159 RO
    Helmsley ~ New York
    A world-class property nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, within walking distance of Times Square, Grand Central Station, as well as the Theatre District and Rockefeller Center. £305 RO

    Flights available with Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, British Airways, bmi, Virgin Atlantic & Continental Airlines, please call!

    Travel Industry Services
    Cruises: 0870 041 1600
    Flights: 0870 041 1100
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    Clients Services/ Administration: 0208 607 3868

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