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About us!

Since October 1995, Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker have been issuing an email newsletter for those ex Air Canada types who have provided us with their email addresses. The Newsletter was created by Vesta, who gave the name 'NetLetter' and added 'Between Ourselves' - a TCA periodical with which you are probably familiar with from the 50's and 60's. It was then changed to "Between Yourselves" to avoid confusion when "Horizons" resurrected the name. Then finally simplified to just "The NetLetter".

We believe that our NetLetter, which originates from Vancouver Island, was the FIRST to use this medium to disperse information for retirees of Air Canada.

The NetLetter contains airline related information such as anecdotes or stories supplied by some of the recipients, Internet tips, travel news, cheap... excuse me, "inexpensive" accommodations, tours, interline travel, and, in some small way, we help keep our Air Canada family together and in touch.

Our 'NetLetter' is NOT sponsored by any Pionair group, nor are we seeking any financial support, only the Internet email addresses of those who would like to receive our 'NetLetter'. Please forward this to other retirees who can then subscribe right from the forwarded link at the bottom of this email.


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Dear NetLetter,

I apologize for the delay in getting this issue out. I am away and had trouble getting Internet access.

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We now estimate that the NetLetter is read by over 2721 retirees when counting our email distribution and those that print the NetLetter and give them out to their friends.

To make changes to your e-mail address or to unsubscribe, please see the links at the bottom of the page for "Update Profile/Email address" and SafeUnsubscribe. This is now automated so that you can remove yourself from the list or change your email address (or name) without our assistance. We will still do this manually if you have any difficulties.

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Vesta, Terry and Alan thank you for your co- operation.

  • Need to know...
  • Vesta

    When you have Zed Fare or I.D.Ticket Funds to send back to Air Canada for a Refund, you need to visit the Air Canada Portal and access the Required Form.
    * ACF23A : Refund - Non-Revenue tickets (ZED/ID) - Unused tickets
    * ACF23B : Refund - Non-Revenue tickets (ZED/ID) - Partially used tickets
    * Fill out the form and Send it to:
    * Air Canada Refund Services
    * P. O. Box 6475, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3V2 .
    * Please be advised Zed Fare Tickets have a 1 year life plan. You MUST return them rior to Expiry date.
    * Pionairs advise return them at least one month prior to Expiry, since Processing does take time at the Refund Service Branch.

  • Nice to know...
  • GST / HST Rate Reduction. - Effective July 1, 2006 the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate will be reduced from 7% to 6% and the Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) rate will be reduced from 15% to 14%. Tickets sold as of July 1, 2006 will apply the reduced rates.

    Air Canada's L10A flies again. After a three year hiatus, Air Canada's Lockheed L10A Electra took to the skies yesterday. The aircraft's return is in great part due to Airbus A340 Captain Jim Mason's determination to see this airplane in the skies.For the past few months, employees from ACTS and Air Canada Maintenance have been working on the airplane in preparation for the L10A's first appearance in Washington at the Airliner's International 2006 from Jul. 6-8. Its next appearance will be at the Festival de l'Aviation in Lac-à-la-Tortue, Quebec from Aug. 18-20. As the airplane flies to these destinations, it will make stops along the way so that employees have the chance to see it up close.

    Supreme Court of Canada: Airport authorities can seize planes. The Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed a law that allows airport authorities to seize aircraft from bankrupt carriers, even if the planes are leased. But in the same ruling on Friday, the court said that aircraft leasing companies are not responsible for landing fees and other fees owed by airlines that go bankrupt. The case involved the bankruptcies of Canada 3000 and Inter-Canadian Airlines. After the carriers went broke, Nav Canada and a number of airport authorities had sued for the right to seize the airplanes operated by the companies, and to retrieve money owed for landing and navigation fees. Had the high court ruled against the authorities, solvent airlines that are currently operating may have been forced to increase ticket prices to help recover more than $30 million owed by the two bankrupt carriers for landing and navigation fees. In a unanimous 7-0 decision, the high court ruled that, while companies that leased aircraft to the now-defunct airlines are not liable to produce the unpaid fees, the authorities had the right to seize the airplanes to recover what was owed. The Supreme Court ruling means both cases will now go back to lower courts to decide how the outstanding fees, which were set aside under previous court decisions, will be distributed to the airport and navigation authorities. Source: Canadian Press

  • Star Alliance News
  • Star Alliance

    Big brother is watching! - SAS to start using biometrics to match bags domestically. Scandinavian Airlines has signed a deal with Precise Biometrics to provide a system that will allow the carrier to start biometric security checks on Swedish domestic flights. To guarantee that the person handing in the baggage is the same person boarding the airplane, SAS will use the biometric system at baggage check-in and boarding gates. Under a new procedure, passengers will leave their fingerprints in a reader at the baggage check-in, where the fingerprints are temporarily stored. When boarding the aircraft, passengers will provide a new fingerprint, which is then matched against the temporarily stored print.

  • Reader Feedback
  • Response from a NetLetter Reader- In your #929 Trev 91193 asks for details about the loss of a Lancastrian. I can provide details having been the navigator of the westbound Atlantic flight the same night that the Lanc and crew went missing.
    Ron Peel
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Terry's Travel Tips
  • While in LHR recently, your co-pilot enrolled in the IRIS program. This program, IRIS Recogntion Immigration System (IRIS), is a much more efficient and convenient way to clear immigration at LHR - this system is basically for frequent travellers. It works by taking a picture of your unique iris pattern.

    Your passport details are recorded, you then have a portrait photo taken using standard video camera technology - there are no bright lights and no lasers involved. You will be given a printout of your information, and a guide that explains what you do when you arrive back in the UK. The proceedure takes about 10 minutes. The office is located after the security at LHR.

    Those of you who immigrated from the U.K. and are in receipt of the UK government pension know that, as a resident in Canada, the pension does not increase from the date you start receiving it. HOWEVER, if and when you travel back to the UK or any E.U. country for a vacation, you are eliglible to receive the full pension for the time spent in the U.K. or E.U.
    Send notification 14 days before your intended date of arrival, quoting your National Health number. Follow up with photo copies of your boarding passes as proof of your visit, and the extra amount will be sent to you in due course.
    I have availed myself of this service for many years.. The Pension Service, Tyneview Park, Newcastle upon tyne, ENGLAND NE98 1BA

    Travelling in the U.K.?
    Did you know that National Express bus lines covers most of the U.K. and over 60's can travel at half fare.
    Here are some interesting points -
    - Everyone over 60 is eligible for route sixty fares and savings.
    - On most National Express services you can travel at half price.
    - You can get a routesixty fare on almost every National Express service.
    - You don't need a discount card.
    - Anyone can buy a routesixty fare for you. (You may be asked to show ID with birth date to the driver.) Bookings and email ticket can be bought on-line.

    (Note - taking a cruise to or from Dover - National Express go to and from LHR)

    The world's longest-running stage production - The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie now in it's 54th year. Be part of history at St.Martin's Theatre, London, U.K. Prices range from gbp13.50 to gbp35.00

  • AC Heritage Poster
  • Enjoy this visual display of Air Canada’s historic fleet from its beginning in 1937 to the present including aircraft from:
    - Trans-Canada Airlines
    - Canadian Airlines
    - Pacific Western
    - Eastern Provincial
    - Nordair
    - Transair
    and Wardair

    This 68 x 96 cm (27 x 38 inch) poster is printed in full colour on high quality paper and depicts over 300 aircraft and liveries flown by Air Canada throughout its history.

    The cost of the poster is $24.99 plus tax and shipping where applicable. This is a great gift for reunions, retirements and birthday gifts, etc.

    A donation is made to Dreams Take Flight for each poster that is sold.

    More info here
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