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About us!

Since October 1995, Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker have been issuing an email newsletter for those ex Air Canada types who have provided us with their email addresses. The Newsletter was created by Vesta, who gave the name 'NetLetter' and added 'Between Ourselves' - a TCA periodical with which you are probably familiar with from the 50's and 60's. It was then changed to "Between Yourselves" to avoid confusion when "Horizons" resurrected the name. Then finally simplified to just "The NetLetter".

We believe that our NetLetter, which originates from Vancouver Island, was the FIRST to use this medium to disperse information for retirees of Air Canada.

The NetLetter contains airline related information such as anecdotes or stories supplied by some of the recipients, Internet tips, travel news, cheap... excuse me, "inexpensive" accommodations, tours, interline travel, and, in some small way, we help keep our Air Canada family together and in touch.

Our 'NetLetter' is NOT sponsored by any Pionair group, nor are we seeking any financial support, only the Internet email addresses of those who would like to receive our 'NetLetter'. Please forward this to other retirees who can then subscribe right from the forwarded link at the bottom of this email.


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  • Nice to know...
  • Vesta

    From the London England monthly Pionairs newsletter - Aeroplan partner Hilton Hotels offers exclusive discounts in the Caribbean. With hotels and resorts world-wide, Hilton Hotels invites active and retired ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. employees to take advantage of special rates at their properties in the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, the Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Tobago and Trinidad.

    To benefit from this offer, you must book online at .shtm. You'll be asked to present your ID/travel card at time of check-in.

  • Where are they now?
  • Canadian International Airlines DC-10-30 reg C-FCRD has turned up with Centurion Air Cargo delivered Sept 22/05 reregistered N306FV

  • Air Canada News
  • Air Canada intends to challenge Qantas between Los Angeles and Sydney next year, operating fifth freedom services as part of a daily Toronto-Sydney service that will commence during the first half of 2007 when its new 777-300ERs and dash 200LRs begin arriving.

    Air Canada Jazz will be providing daily non- stop service between Edmonton and Los Angeles, effective May 1, 2006. Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz and its commercial partners operate more than 385 non-stop flights per day on 79 routes to and from 50 U.S. and 6 Canadian destinations.

    We will launch daily non-stop service between · Montreal and Mexico City effective June 17, 2006.

  • Star Alliance News
  • Star Alliance

    United set to emerge from bankruptcy protection Feb 1st. According to the Canadian Press, after a restructuring that lasted more than three years, United Airlines is expected to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Feb 1st. Analysts say the carrier is attempting to put more of a focus on customer service, even as it attempts to compete with low-cost rivals. Since filing for bankruptcy, the carrier has cut $7-billion US in annual expenditures, reduced its payroll by more than 25,000 jobs and eliminated its defined-benefit pensions.

  • A Day in the Life - (Part 3)
  • Ann Blakeley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent us this interesting article, This is Part 3 -

    A day the life of a flight attendant

    11:20 a.m. Central Time - Brandle heads for a part of O'Hare that fliers don't see: United's operations hub, a little city below Concourse C. Halls are lined with floor-to-ceiling shelves holding thousands of black roll-aboard overnight bags and pilots' cases. Decals pasted on some say: "9-11-01. Never forget." There's a pilots' lounge with computers where captains review flight plans, a rest area for flight attendants with TV, computer and sleep areas even a hair and nail salon. In one corner of the lounge, a flight attendant sleeps with an alarm clock propped up on her lap.

    Brandle eats a chef's salad while chatting with attendant Marcus Lundell about what they'll bid for next month. Brandle, who logs 75-80 hours in the air monthly, favors overseas assignments. Those pay more, and she likes sightseeing. For the rest of her layover, she does a crossword and tries to doze. The second flight 1:55 p.m. Brandle reports for the preflight briefing onboard Flight 149 to San Francisco. This time she'll be working first class on a Boeing 777, a favorite because of its spaciousness and comfort. Brandle is No. 11, handling left aisle seats in the 36-seat first-class section. She likes working first class because "it's more personal."

    3 p.m. The crew begins a well- choreographed ballet to make the four-hour flight painless. Preflight drinks and little dishes of heated nuts. The laying of tablecloths and the serving of salmon salad and fruit plates.
    4:42 p.m. - Meal service over, some attendants gather in the galley. Talk turns to 9/11. Brandle's scheduled flight to Munich was canceled that night. She didn't fly for two weeks. "I was not ready to get back on an airplane," she says. "But I had to. It's like getting back on a horse after you have fallen. But then the routine takes over, and you think, 'This is going to be OK.' " After she leaves to serve warm oatmeal-raisin cookies, other attendants worry aloud about their United pensions they're facing big cuts. They explain that pay is low: The U.S. average for an experienced attendant is $32,320, according to the Association of Flight Attendants. Brandle makes only about $40,000 after 38 years, having had to give up pay raises to help keep United flying. She could get only 80% of the pension she was planning on, depending on what happens with United's pension plan. Some flight attendants share apartments or take second jobs to pay their bills. Some commute hours from cities with lower costs of living to start their days at a United hub. But they love to fly, most say. The average United attendant has been with the airline 16 years. "There's something about the freedom to get on a plane and go anywhere," Brandle says. Flight attendants can get free or deeply discounted air tickets for themselves and their families. Being a flight attendant, adds Amy Kuhkle, a 33-year United veteran, has "given me experiences I could never have had otherwise" such as soothing young Marines on their way to Baghdad. (Final episode in next NetLetter)

  • Found on the Internet
  • European budget airline Ryanair plans to charge passengers for baggage and introduce online check-in in a bid to halve airport queues and shave EUR30 million (USD36.7 million) off costs

  • Terrys Travel Tips
  • Holiday employee travel tip... (From the London England monthly Pionairs newsletter )
    To avoid any unpleasant surprises at the airport, before you leave home verify if any of your destinations are Non-DCS stations (a non-automated airport). The confirmation page on your Web booking will let you know in bold if one of the stations on your itinerary is Non-DCS and you need to fill out a coupon (e.g. Sidney, Australia). One coupon per passenger, per segment is required. If you are not the person travelling, ensure the ticket holder has a photo ID to present at check-in and that they are registered prior to their arrival at the airport. The coupon must be filled out properly, be legible and include your signature. Any incomplete or illegible coupons will be charged at the Partner service charge rate.

    Sunny Nelson, New Zealand, the place where the arts, heritage, good wines and the great outdoors all meet. One of New Zealand's friendliest and most liveable cities, Nelson is a perfect base for a 3, 4 or even 5 day break combining amazing local arts and crafts, exceptional wines, great sunny weather and the legendary golden beaches of the Abel Tasman national park. A hiker's paradise with over 20 famous tracks and trails, winding through the forests, bush, mountains, lakes and rivers of the Nelson and Golden Bay areas.

    Just a short hop from Wellington or Christchurch, Nelson is the country's 4th largest airport, serviced by 3 regional airlines. Warwick House, a unique and magnificent early Victorian mansion just above the centre of the city, is your place to stay. Reopened in 2004, this 1854 mansion with its 4 storey Fairy Tale tower is known locally as The Castle.

    It is 5-10 minutes walk to Nelson's downtown, with views out over the city to the sea. Featured in NZ House and Garden January 2006, as well as the US HGTV cable station in its Spring 2006 series Extreme Homes Downunder. Pictures are a MUST SEE ­ Warwick House offers 3 large and unique guest suites:
    * The Bayview Suite, the former Gentleman's cigar room, with large bedroom, large lounge, ensuite with claw foot bath and separate shower.
    * The Tower Suite, with a large bedroom and a feature octagon lounge encompassing the 2 upper floors of the Rapunzel tower. Ensuite bathroom with claw foot bath and separate shower.
    *The Peacock Garden Suite, with its high cathedral style roof and open rafters. Large ensuite with claw foot bath and separate shower.
    Breakfasts are served in the Grand Ballroom. In a limited offer Warwick House is offering TIDD subscribers 30% off the standard rate per night for stays of 2 nights or more until March 31st 2006, as follows:
    * The spectacular Bayview Suite for NZ$275.00 (normally NZ$395)
    * The romantic Tower Suite NZ$250.00 (normally NZ$355)
    * The designer Peacock Suite NZ$225.00 (normally NZ$320)
    All rates include cooked breakfast for 2, evening nibbles and local tax.

    Warwick House
    64 Brougham Street
    New Zealand
    Tel: +64 3 5483164
    Toll Free: 0800 022233
    Fax: +64 3 5483215
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: http://www.

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  • Smiley

    An airline passenger who misbehaved during a transoceanic flight was dropped off on an obscure tropical island and stranded there for 36 hours before he could find a flight out. The unidentified and allegedly inebriated man was flying on a Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 out of Manchester, England, with 210 other passengers last Tuesday night when he became rude and aggressive toward the cabin crew, after they refused to give him any more alcohol. He refused to calm down and then began to insult the other passengers. Rather than put up with him until reaching their destination of Tenerife, the crew decided to touch down on Porto Santo, a tiny island (about 14 by 5 km) off the North African coast with limited options for departure, but just 480 km from the flight's final destination.

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