There's a buzz at Air Canada’s Montreal headquarters.

tmb buzz at aircanadaAs part of Air Canada's ongoing commitment to creating a better environment, the airline has extended a helping hand to bees, which are a vital part of our ecosystem.

At the end of June 2018, two beehives were installed behind the parking lot at Air Canada's Montreal headquarters in partnership with Alvéole, a Canadian company that is raising awareness of the importance of bees. 

The two beehives house roughly 100,000 bees and Air Canada employees will be able to take part in workshops on how to be a beekeeper and, this fall of 2018, on how to harvest the honey.


Air Canada and Chorus Aviation agree on revised long-term CPA.

A revised capacity-purchase agreement (CPA) with Air Canada gives Chorus Aviation long-term stability for its Jazz Aviation regional feeder and boosts the company’s effort to diversify revenue streams by increasing its leasing income.

(Source: ATW Daily News, February 4, 2019)

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