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Air Canada has announced the suspension of 737 Max aircraft until, at least, July 1, 2019.

tmb calamityDuring this period be aware that passenger and cargo services will be directed to the revenue passengers, and you are cautioned that your own travel plans maybe affected while travelling standby.

It is suggested that you use a GOAC confirmed seat.

(Presently reading a book of fiction by Dana Griffin called “Calamity” about an aircraft certified without fully checking software systems which could cause an incident – parallels the present 737 Max problem – eds)

Memorable BNB accommodations.

tmb airbnb 3You’ll need to be willing to pay to enjoy this expensive listing — but the splurge is worth it.

The secluded treehouse encompasses three rooms connected by bridges outfitted with magical twinkling lights. Indoor features include antique furnishings and a collection of fossils; outdoors, a deck surrounds a 165-year-old pine tree. While it feels like a world away, the bustle of downtown Atlanta isn’t far away.

(Source: MSN News.com)

Canadian Effort – the early years.

Aircraft of Trans-Canada Air Lines now fly three roundtrips weekly between Montreal and Britain, and a further schedule development is being planned. Mr. H. J. Symington, President of the Board of Directors, stated that "plans for international flights other than the present transatlantic service are still tentative, but the West Indies, South America and Pacific areas are of admitted interest to the company.

(Source: flightglobal.com - page 447 April 26, 1945)

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