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There has been confusion among a lot of AC people here and some AC & other people who contacted the Gimli Glider Exhibit, because they heard that a 'Captain Bob Pearson' passed away last Sunday.

tmb r s pearsonI checked the Montreal Gazette’s obituaries and confirmed it was Captain Robert Steele Pearson, (fondly called “Captain Bob” by friends & fellow pilots) who passed away this June 16 at 75 years of age.

Click Here for the obituary as published in the Gazette.

I recall they used to call Captain Bob Pearson (84) of Gimli Glider fame “Gimli Bob” to avoid mixing him up with “Captain Bob” when their Montreal based careers overlapped long ago.

It is a bit tricky, in that people need to remember Captain R.S. Pearson for his own accomplishments & very caring character, but it is hard for many people who did not know him (including me), not to show initial relief it wasn’t our “Gimli Bob” Pearson, whom many of us know so well, who departed.

Early Trans-Canada Air Lines historical events.

Bermuda Airfield Dispute.

Plans for Trans-Canada Air Lines' service through Bermuda and the Caribbean to South America are held up by the U.S. refusal to grant permission for the use of Kindley, the American air base at Bermuda.

The base, which was acquired by America during the war by arrangement with the British Government, as part of the American destroyer deal, can now be used only by the U.K. and U.S. for civil use. A permanent agreement is being negotiated but until the terms are decided upon the Americans are unwilling to enter into any temporary arrangement.

It is understood that America does not wish to settle the agreement until the use of airfields in Newfoundland has also been discussed. Traffic rights and agreements had been reached with Bermuda. Trinidad and Jamaica, and if the hold-up had not occurred the Canadian service would have already been in operation.

Trans-Canada Air Lines are running ten services a week across the Atlantic, and expect to increase these in July 1947 to two services each day. From July 1st faster trans-continental services will be provided by flying across the Great Lakes between Toronto and Winnipeg, reducing travelling time by one hour.


tmb teardrop aircraftAn unusual teardrop-shaped aircraft with a pusher prop has been undergoing taxi tests at California Logistics Airport near Victorville, California, leading to speculation the Celera 500L is ready for its first flight.

The plane has been under secret development for about a decade and is said to be an “extremely low drag” design that will fly at 60,000 feet, possibly using one or two diesel engines for power. It is being developed by the Otto Aviation Group, owned by former North American-Rockwell applied physicist William Otto, who was chief scientist for the B-1’s avionics system.

(Source: June 9, 2019)

CBC Report, June 14, 2019

'They were pioneers': Celebrations mark 100th anniversary of 1st non-stop transatlantic flight.

Captain John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown 'literally risked their lives'.

tmb 550 1st trans atlantic

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