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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

jessicaThis is a photo of Jessica Jarvis circa 1935 , she was one of the first females to qualify for a commercial license. One of the first books to be written on Canadian pilots "No place for a Lady" was authored by Shirley Render and spans the era from 1928, when the first female was licensed until 1992.

Some of Air Canada's female pilots were among those featured and TCA-Air Canada pilots were among those interviewed. (source "Horizons" # 788 1992) Published by Peguis Publishing Ltd  ISBN 10: 0969426429 may be out of print, but second hand copies may be available.
Our first 70 years.

1947 - July - Porquis Junction taken off line, as transcontinental now flying over the Great Lakes.

1992 - Sept 15 - DataCare was introduced allowing for information regarding mis-handled luggage to be conveyed to the passenger via the flight deck.
Air Canada News

Air CanadaAir Canada announces daily non-stop seasonal service between St. John's, NL and London Heathrow. This will be the only daily non-stop service between Newfoundland and Labrador and London Heathrow between May 27, 2010 and September 26, 2010, using newly refurbished 120-seat Airbus A319 aircraft in a two-cabin configuration offering a choice of Executive Class and Economy service.
TCA/AC People Gallery
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from the "Between Ourselves" magazine

Issue dated February 1948
The former staff at Kapuskasing. Now reduced to three, as the station is no longer on the mainline, most of the group have dispersed to other TCA points.

kapuskasingFront row, left to right: Leo Clermont, G. Waite, A. St. Onge, W. Watt, J. York, B. Creighton, B. Hudon. Back row, left to right: D. Widney, B. McCormack, D. Calder, W. Baker, J. Mclvor.

Issue dated March 1948

From Toronto, hub of the Central Region, come these photos of the special ceremony attending recent ten and five year service awards.

1100/yyz-1E. Patrault, Maintenance Superintendent, presents Walter McDevitt Toronto,  and Morris McDevitt Crew Chief London  with ten year service pins. (Are these guys related? - eds)

yyz-2John Scott, Storekeeper, Toronto, does the honors as a ten year pin is awarded to Doug Kyle, Stores Department.

yyz-3Teletypist Ruth Berkey, Radio Operators Rita Schefter and Irene Williams receive their five year pins and bouquets from genial Steve Himmelman, Station Manager.

hadfieldProving themselves to be as much at home on the airwaves as on the airways, Stewardess Muriel Peacock and Capt. Ruben Hatfield face the CBC "mike" for a coast to coast broadcast.

Rita Bourque
of Chicago receives her 5 year pin.

ritaLeft to right H.J.Cooper, D.E.Moore, and H.Aitkin.

Here is an incident reported by Sydney staff.
On the  evening of December 30th 1946, as a party was held, two DC-4's, of Atlantic Northern Airlines and Seaboard and Western Airways, were on the ramp in front of the International Terminal Building. The wind, blowing at about 40 mph when the ships landed, suddenly increased to a maximum of about 65 mph in gusts, and when the excitement was over, the big Martin passenger stand was firmly wedged under the wing of the Atlantic Northern aircraft and the plane itself was about 15 feet further down the ramp, all without turning a wheel. No damage was suffered, either to the aircraft or the stand but the nerves of the Shell Oil man, on the wing, were a trifle shaken when he saw his truck disappear into the swirling snow and felt the aircraft dip and sway under his feet.

In an earlier NetLetter, we gave details of TCA's involvement in the rescue of the PAA "Bermuda Sky Queen" which ditched in the Atlantic. From the "Between Ourselves" magazine issued December 1947, we give the account as written by the crew of the TCA aircraft involved.

In October 1947, the crew on a TCA North Star, Prestwick bound from Montreal, took part in the rescue of passengers and crew from a flying boat forced down in the Atlantic.

Captain George Lothian, Chief Pilot, trans-Atlantic service, who was aboard the North Star, gives us this eye-witness account of the rescue at sea. It was a beautiful morning on the North Atlantic, the North Star was humming along in a spanking tailwind. The sun had been up for about an hour showing the weather clear with the breakers rolling along from the west. First Officer A. Pavey was nudging the ship along on the gyro-pilot and Captain S. Albulet had just returned from paying his respects to the passengers. Suddenly Radio Officer K. Taman spoke up. "I have just contacted aircraft KFG and relayed his message to Gander that he has 2.75 hours fuel left and is returning to the weather ship NMMC. He is sending the stand-by emergency signal 'XXX'."

We checked our position with Navigating Officer J. K. Fraser which showed us at 52:00 north and 37:41 west, 90 miles from the weather ship. We requested R/O Taman to keep contact with KFG and try to raise the weather ship on Very High Frequency. The weather ship answered immediately. They were informed of the emergency and that KFG had stated he was 100 miles west.

By this time we were closing with the weather ship and he had us on his radar screen. We arrived overhead and could see him rolling in the heavy seas. We told him we would stand-by overhead and if he located KFG on his radar he could track us to him and we would escort him in.

We stood-by for 10 minutes and then saw the large Boeing flying boat arrive over the ship. The weather ship called and gave us a the information that KFG had 62 people on board and would land in 20 minutes as they were securing the passengers.
(The rest will be in another NetLetter - eds)

From the same magazine.
Ten-year men at Montreal are pictured with Mr. Symington and W. F. English, after receiving their pins.

tenyearsLeft to right: F. T. Wood, C. Van Der Linden,  F. M. McGregor, J. D. Leigh, J. L. Scott,  T. L. Keillor,  Captain J. L. Rood; Mr. Symington; C. M. Adams, Mr.English; Captain G. B. Lothian, S. Reid,  G. W. Roper.

Gleanings from the "Horizons" magazine

Issue dated September 1992

With the introduction of the cockpit DataLink system, passengers will be notified of a baggage mis-handling on board the aircraft before they land. DataCare enhances the procedure when a station attendant locates a mis-handled baggage.
(No identities were provided - eds)

We have this photo of the Winnipeg Pensions and Estates Admin Office.

pensionsBack row l to r Verna Blais, Karin Beauchemin Front l to r Bernice Paul, Alexandra Sohor, Delores Blaquire, Mary Polonuk, Wendy Weibe, Larry Pitre.

Some of the La Guardia Customer Sales staff gathered to say goodbye to Irene Bye upon her retirement.

ireneWishing her well left to right - Renee Heiser, (kneeling) Barabara Cronin, Maria Vocilla, Nancy Porterfield, Regina Geber, Suzanne Cummings John Ring.
Star Alliance news
Star AllianceAir India expects the carrier will become a Star Alliance member sometime between June and October 2010.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Since this is our last NetLetter before Christmas, I thought I'd send you this YouTube clip of Tennessee Ernie Ford doing a Christmas Song on his television show called "The Ford Show" sometime between 1956 - 1981. He used to end each show with a religious song, and this is quite good.

Ford's experiences as a navigator and bombardier in World War II led to his involvement with the Confederate Air Force (now the Commemorative Air Force), a war plane preservation group in Texas. He was a featured announcer and celebrity guest at the annual CAF Airshow in Harlingen, Texas, from 1976 to 1988. He donated a once-top-secret Norden Bombsight to the CAF's B-29 bomber restoration project. In the late 1970s, as a CAF colonel, Ford recorded the organization's theme song "Ballad of the Ghost Squadron."

In the video below, which is quite funny, watch the young boy on Ford's right hand side (looking up in the screen shot below). He's quite a character and was evidently Ford's son.

Tenessee Ernie Ford

Click on image above for video
(click on HD for full screen)

You can find out more about Tennessee Ernie Ford by clicking here
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Heather Johannson sends this.
Thought you might like this picture of our Kelowna "Good News Bear" and the history behind him.
CHBC TV in Kelowna commissions "Good News Bears" which they award to people who enter the contest through  a donation to our Food Bank Organizations buy a bear which is custom made to their  specifications.

arnieCAIRE,  (Canadian Airlines International Retired Employees) in Kelowna
, has had a variety of bears made over the years. This year our bear "Arnold" was designed after retired station attendant, Arnie Krezanski.

Ron Lingwood
has dug out some photos for us.

Convair440Canadian Pacific Convair 440 complete with four ghosts,

c46Canadian  Pacific C46 CF-CZL fin #256.

randallCanadian Pacific DC3 with Bobby Randall Dawson City YT Feb 1955.

normaCanadian Pacific DC3 with Norma Johnson Mayo YT Feb 1955.

summerCanadian Pacific it must be summer, unidentified mechanic.

changeCanadian Pacific C46 engine change the hard way.

change-1C46 engine change.
Readers Feedback

In NetLetter nr 1099 we published some photos sent to us by Steve Polak, here is the reaction from Cheryl Chung (now Cheryl Morgado)

OMG!! Someone just forwarded the Netletter Number 1099 to me dated December 12th. I almost fell over when I saw the picture of me, taken by Steve Polak at least 21-22 years ago. Yeah that's me sporting the old fashion. Although I am feeling a little dated today, it was wonderful to view.

Thanks for the memories.
Cheryl (Chung) Morgado
Cargo Training Instructor/ ACRA President YYZ

Brian Dunn editor of YYZNews has dug up some vintage photos of Toronto Pearson Airport for us to view -

dc3maltonHere we have a photo of the first landing at Malton Airport in 1939

vanguardsTrans-Canada Air Lines Vickers Vanguards at YYZ in 1965.
An aerial view

rampA scene on the ramp - is that a North Star next to the hangar.

Stephen Elmy
has sent us this information.
The "YVR Old Farts" just held their 9th Christmas luncheon in Vancouver on Thursday, December 10th, 2010.

This group was formed in 2001 by Stephen Elmy (AC/QF/SA) and Leonard Zurkowski (CP/QF), shortly after the worst aviation event in history (9/11) and is now the largest industry gathering in Vancouver.  The group has grown to such an extent that we now have two (2) luncheons per year, with a membership approaching 250 members. The only stipulation is that the members are at least 50 years young, and have worked in the travel industry for a minimum of 25 years. The membership covers every aspect of the travel industry in BC, with AC having the most members in the group. Active and retiree members come from Victoria to Toronto, as well as Nebraska and California in the USA. We even have a member in Nairobi Kenya.

Membership is open to anyone who fits the above criteria.
The website is located at and our Christmas luncheon is held the same week as the AC Pionair's luncheon, so many of our members attend both functions.

Stephen included the following photos.

dexterSandie Dexter
and Bill Rowe

horsmanBob Horsman

steevesGlen Steeves
and Sandie Dexter

martinGeorge Martin
and Dave Cornock
This n That.
American Airlines said its proposed $1.1 billion investment in Japan Airlines could be increased, while the troubled Tokyo-based carrier was buoyed when its retirees indicated they would accept significant pension cuts.

(We hope this does not become an industry trend - ed)
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry Baker Scottish discount airline Flyglobespan, which operated seasonal service between Hamilton, Ont. and British destinations, has filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations.

Go AC - Travel Discount Program for employees, retirees, family and friends extended until January 2011.  Go AC, the new employee discount program launched last August for employees, retirees, family and friends has been a resounding success.

Now, as of December 16, you can start offering discounts for travel for all of 2010! This time, Go AC will provide 10 unique promotional discount codes to each employee/retiree, which can be applied to their own confirmed travel or that of family and friends.

Go AC promotion codes will discount Canada and U.S. fares by 10% and all other routes by 15%. Each promotional code can be used for one booking of up to six passengers. The offer is available on flights operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz and is valid for all one-way or round-trip tickets booked on starting December 16, 2009 with all travel completed by Jan 15, 2011.

Once booked passengers are treated as revenue customers, so family and friends do not need to be accompanied. Employees/retirees  will be able to obtain codes as of today, through the Employee Travel Site. So pack your bags, tell your friends and get ready to "Go AC."

South Pole by A380
On New Years eve, a QANTAS Airbus A380 will operate a sightseeing flight to Antarctica. This will be the first commercial flight by an A380 over the south pole region.
Passengers will be over the "ice" at mid-night and be the first in the world to see the light of the New Year. The aircraft will be over the region for up to 4 hours.

British Airways faces a Christmas crisis following December 14th's announcement that 92.5% of voting flight attendants represented by Unite are in favor of a 12-day strike beginning Dec. 22, British Airways has obtained a court injunction blocking a planned cabin crew strike,  after the initiating ballot was declared illegal.
(as of December 17th - eds)

vern-5Here we have another smilie sent in by Vern Swerdfeger

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