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Air Canada - our first 70 years
TCA - Air Canada

Extract from "Between Ourselves" issue May 1967

May marks quarter century air link with Newfoundland.
Late in the afternoon 25 years ago May 1, a 12-passenger twin-engine Lockheed 14H-2 in the colours of (then) Trans-Canada Air Lines touched down at Torbay Airport at St. John's Newfoundland establishing the first commercial air link between Canada and Newfoundland.The date was May 1,1942 and the flight marked the inaugural of regularly-scheduled passenger, mail and express service between Moncton, Sydney, St. John's and Gander. The inaugural flight left Moncton at 10:00 a.m. arriving in St. John's at 4:15 p.m.
after a stop at Sydney, Nova Scotia. After a short delay for deplaning and boarding passengers, mail and cargo, servicing and other formalities, the aircraft took off again, reaching Sydney at 7:15 p.m. and Moncton at 9:07 p.m.
Air Canada pioneered eliminating the V2's law as a principal of climb out criteria which, in turn resulted in the "rational approach" to climb criteria. Pioneered the multi-channel flight recorder. Introduced the first propeller turbine aircraft in North American commercial airline service, and was the first major airline with an all turbine fleet. Air Canada was the first airline in the world to accept carriage of all first class mail by air.
1967 - Sept 29th - Daily DC-8 service from Montreal/Toronto and Los Angeles due to be inaugurated. due to the late delivery of the new aircraft, the inauguration was twice postponed from July 5th and then August 22nd.
In "Alan's Space", NetLetter nr 1072, Alan told us about a web site with Old Airline advertisements.

Here are a couple more of TCA'sad13.1
TCA/AC People Gallery
TCAOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from "Between Ourselves" magazine issued May 1967 -
Under the heading "Will Not Abandon Routes" Says Seagrim in Lakehead  LAKEHEAD STAFF members had an opportunity to meet arid talk with Executive Vice President Herb Seagrim during a recent whirlwind trip in which he also met the local press, lunched with local VIPs and spoke to the Canadian Club.

lakeheadSome employees who met Seagrim were, from the left:Lead Station Attendant George Lemoy; Passenger Agent Pat Mulvihill; Seagrim;Passenger Agent Irene Haines; and Station Agent Howie Burns.

THE FOURTH ANNUAL CURLING BONSPIEL of the Purchases & Stores Department was held at the Bonaventure Curling Club in Montreal last month, when sixteen teams competed for the H.C. Cotterell trophy.

curling-1The winning team, from Winnipeg, is shown, front row from the left:
W. Sinkwich, N. Kerr, Mrs. A. Cunningham (a substitute from Dorval) and J. Bordian. Defeated in the finals were, back row: Doug Mckenzie, Donna Demaine, Dave Douglas, and Jim Ducey.

curling-2Consolation winners were, front row from the left: L. Stevenson, Miss G. Kerr, D. Wilkinson, and T. Kerr. In the back row,Miss Simone Girard, Mike Biduk, Al Wilson and Reid Hinds lost out for the Consolation prize.


daffsFrom the top: Passenger Agents Mary Macintosh, Mary Lamb and Eileen McManus are shown with bouquets of daffodils from a shipment which arrived in Halifax from Vancouver recently.


amsterdamYvonne Overeynder, Passenger Agent, Amsterdam, center, received the good wishes from her friends when she left the Amsterdam office to take up her duties as a Hostess at the Company's Expo Pavilion. Reminding her that her "uniform" will be waiting for her on her return are, from the left: Sid Dirks, Sales Manager; Passenger Agent Renzo Caisson; Ariane Hendriks, Secretary; and Sales Representative Gus Teixeira, all from the Amsterdam office.

lionsWith great trepidation Stewardess Norma Harris of Vancouver holds
two lion cubs prior to their being shipped by air to Toronto .

carrierePilot Jean-Guy Carriire become the Company's 1000th pilot recently
according to the latest seniority lists for 1967 issued by Flight Operations. Jean-Guy graduated from pilot training in December, and is presently a Second Officer on DC-8's standby duty. Prior to joining the Company, he flew with the Royal Canadian Air Force, operating CF-1O Voodoo interceptors in Air Defense Command.

V FOR VICTORY was the catchword bock in the summer of 1942 when this photo of Company employees was taken at Dorval.
The lads are holding up a flag, promoting the sale of Victory Bonds for the war effort.

In the background is a Lancastrian belonging to the Canadian Government Trans-Atlantic Service.

victoryFrom the left, front row:
H. Candib; C. T. Palaisy, former Director, Line Maintenance,
M. Taylor, supervisor Fire Prevention Program & Installation, Dorval;
W. McBain, Assistant Foreman, Electrical Unit Maintenance, Dorval
T. F. Edmison, Regional Operations Manager Vancouver; W. A. Lunan, Assistant Foreman Electrical, Dorval; G. K. Heron, A/Senior Qualit technician, Winnipeg; A. Darkes, Supply Manager Toronto;
and G. Dyce, Office Services Supervisor Dorval.

From the left, rear: K. J. Green, Supervisor Budget Analysis (Sales), Montreal; R. Morin retired; N. Pitt, Retired; J. Hughes, Engineer, Dorval T. Watkins, Assistant Foreman, Metal, Winnipeg and J. D. Leigh, Superintendent, Aircraft Support Shops, Dorval.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Connie Reunion in Rome, NY
(From an email originally written by Bob Bogash)
Last week, I was privileged to host an honored group of aviation veterans, who came to see the TCA Super Connie in Rome, NY, before we dismantled it and brought it out to Seattle. This project is exactly
four years old at this point.  This was likely their only chance to see a full-up Super G for the rest of their lives. We did good.

Their ages may have ranged from 75 to 90, but their spirits were in
their mid-20s, as they gazed upon, and sat in, the very airplane they
had spent so many years flying and maintaining.  It was an emotional

From Bob's web site:
"With the day fast approaching, when the restored Trans-Canada Air Lines Super G Constellation CF-TGE would be dismantled and transported to Seattle, I knew there was one more thing that had to be accomplished.  A  Reunion.  A Reunion of Old-Timers who had worked on this airplane, perhaps flown this very airplane, way back in time while she was still in service.  People who lived in Eastern Canada - close enough to Rome, NY - but who would be unlikely to make the trip West to Seattle.

Read the whole story, with photos at:

More info and another great writeup at author's Larry Milberry's Blog at

(Alan - Great photos and excellent write-up, I'd hate to say it, but it looks like CF-TGE wasn't meant to remain in Canada and it will have a better home in Seattle.)

Note: I worked for Nordair with Jim Dawes as my foreman in YUL in 1973 (I was only there 10 months before joining Air Canada)

Thursday, July 23, 2009
CF-TGE Reunion
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Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

CPAir's first French-Canadian registered nurse stewardess trained in 1945 was Raymonde Ouellette and number 1 in seniority.

Jim Rogers has sent us this information about Honolulu.

Picture CPAL Airport Ticket Counter 1962 to 1972
honoluluThe office space behind the ticked counter housed the Res and Airport Traffic offices, about half each. Res had six phone position round table, manifest desk, teletype was used by both. The airport side also handled cargo. The Res side was moved to the mezzanine space above the ticket counter in 1969 and then moved again in 1972 to the rear section of much large office spare behind the new ticket counter which is still be used by Air Canada at the Honolulu Airport. The Res office was moved again in 1977 to the Waikiki Ticket Office until it was taken over by offices in Canada.
Here we have a DC-8 engine change at Honolulu airport 1963/4 Gordy Beck Base Engineer and Doug Moore Electrical Engineer plus a couple of YVR base engineers assisting in change in remote ramp area at the airport with the Honolulu Airport Fire Dept Bldg in the back round with another picture with Diamond Head in the back round.

change-1The fork lift driver was John Kalani from UAL who we paid for his service.

change-2He was the one who had the touch and feeling to lift the engine in the cradle on and off the aircraft we many engine changes between 1963 and 1972. Gordy Beck was replaced by Peck Sinai who remained in Honolulu for many years till retired.

Jim Rogers
CPAL Retired

From the March 1967 issue of "Canadian Pacific Airlines Newsletter".

awardCOOPERATION meeting in Winnipeg Feb 22 proved lucky for DSO steno Susan Pierce and psgr. agt. Ian Peacock when they won tickets to any Air Canada destination. Making  presentation is Air Canada DSM J.S.Grahame. CPA DSM Ken Wood made similar awards to two Air Canada people.
On Feb 8th 1967, a DC-8 set a record time of 9 hours for the new Toronto to Honolulu sector. The DC-8 crew took advantage of a 50 mph tail wind at 35k ft level. The track was Toronto over Chicago, Sacramento, Oakland and on to HNL. Flight crew Capt. Sandy Tweed, F/O Tony Merry, S/O Garry Gallant and navigator Jack Bowers.
This n That

Now Open: Public Observation Area at YVR.

YVR Observation DeckUnobstructed airfield views and interactive exhibits await visitors to YVR's new Public Observation Area, now open in the Domestic Terminal. Located in the public, pre-security area of the terminal and free for all visitors. Occupying centre space in the Observation Area is a 1.5 by 2 metre scale model of Sea Island, providing a bird's-eye view of YVR's island home.

Information panels along 42 metres of floor-to-ceiling windows tell the story of YVR. Each panel features aircraft silhouettes to help plane-spotters identify different aircraft at YVR. Eight telescopes standing at two different heights along the windows ensure accessibility. These exhibits, along with the new food and beverage concessions and retail shops located one floor below on Level 3, make the Domestic Terminal a destination for people looking for a day out with family and friends.

With the launch of Canada Line rapid transit service between Vancouver, Richmond and YVR later this summer, getting out to the airport to enjoy the Observation Area will be quick and convenient.
Fred has sent us this request.
There were in the past employees with apartments to rent in the U.K. and France. Does anyone know if they still do these rentals ?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Readers Feedback

Neil Burton has sent us this information
If you are collecting information as well of people, Dan Driscoll was co-pilot with Capt. Sheldon Luck on the first airmail run from
Kamloops to Prince George, Fort St. John and on to Whitehorse, for
Yukon Southern Air Transport on a Barkley-Grow "Yukon Queen" CF-BLV - November 1, 1939. This mail run was to be weekly but seems to have been cut short mainly due to inclement weather and scheduling. (Yes, that is 70 years ago). In March 1941, Capt Art Rankin with Dan Driscoll, 1st officer, flew a TCA Lodestar from Vancouver to Lethbridge, with favorable winds in 2 hrs. 11 min. This was a new record for the distance of 469-miles.
Neil Burton
Gerald A. Archambeau, sends us his experience working with Air Canada. A member of the Pionairs and the I.A.M.&A.W. since my retirement in 1993. I was hired by a Mr. Ackerman manager for Air Canada to work as a Station Attendant, at Toronto International Airport in 1967.

After passing my probation period of 6 months, I worked toward becoming the first visible minority to take on the challenge and responsibility of a Lead-Station Attendant, or Foreman. After passing the requirements to take on the job of managing a crew of 4, and being responsible for the aircraft assigned to me prior to arrival. This job was a not meant for all men to do; when it came to marshalling aircraft in tight places, off-loading and loading, all servicing of water, lav and fueling along with signing for the correct weight & balance.

These duties of mine were all carried out by me with the utmost of safety at all times, in every type of our wonderful Canadian weather. Things were not always pleasant from the human prospective, so I pressed on to ask questions about Air Canada and get answers from people like President  C.I. Taylor, Vice President P.J. Janniot, Airport Managers C. McDonald and A. Graham, Ramp Manager, Lloyd Constable and Baggage Manager, Gorge Herbrich.

The answers I got from these men were positive, and that gave me the ability to overcome any negative bad behavior that I would encounter from time to time. Today I can look back with pride on my years with AC as a company that opened the door to the world for me, being a proud Canadian today who fought for better attitudes and behavior in the work place.

A Struggle to walk with dignityAs a retired Pionair, and a recognized author of "A Struggle to Walk with Dignity" ISBN: 978-0-9784982-0-7, 2nd edition by Blue Butterfly Book Pub. I was able to describe my struggle in detail for all Canadians, to never give up on a dream.

geraldHere we have this photo of Gerald.

williamsonJohn Ohlsson
tried to crank his memory looking at this picture
(which we had in NetLetter nr 1079)

He identified:
Front Row from the Left looking at the photo
1st - Hugh McGillagit? - district sales manager
3rd in from Left - Wiltz Himmelman - manager Fredericton
4th in  - Rod Grant - flight dispatch
6th in -  Bill Hegan
7th in - Williamson
10th in from Left - Gordie Kay - In-flight Services
Hope this helps
Cheers, John Ohlsson
And Jim Henderson pinpoints some of the employees in the above photograph.
Here are some names from the photo starting with the back row
Tom Grant, Mort Taylor, Peter Lees, Rev Coles, Eldon Richardson, Unknown, Lorrain Boudreay, Joe Boudreau,Jean McDonald, Pat Chouinard, Vernon Chouinard, Peg Bulmer, Bun Cavanaugh, Ed McDonald, Shelia McDonald, Unknown, Fran Daigle, Jim Henderson and Ken Sparks.
Second Row
Janice  Grant,Joan Taylor, Nancy Lees, Alice Coles, Ernie Crawley, Ms. Boucher, Ed Reid, MaryPurdy, Norm Duffley, Eileen Duffley, Bernie Duffley, Unknown, Unknown, Judy Collins, Carl Collins, Noreen Cavanaugh, Bob Anderson, Howie Bulmer,Thresa Anderson, Bunker McDevitt, Barb McDevitt, Paul Mitchell, Bev Mitchell, Dick Gormley, Entertainer

And the front row goes something like this:
Hugh McElligott, Mary McElligott, Wils Himmilman, Unknown ,Bill Hegan, Bob Williamson, Dot Hegan, Sheldon Drake, Gordie Kay, Tony Bruneau, Bob Lenihan and 3 Avis Employees
May god help me if I got this out of order .
Hope it helps poss it will bring some thoughts from others.
regards, Jim Henderson

Fred Coyle sends us this response to the information by Betty Morgan in NetLetter nr 1079.
In today's issue under Readers Feedback, Betty Morgan asks whether I knew her brother Harry Slipp at MCA, or Art Boudreau. The answer is that I knew both by name but I can't remember their faces, nor
where they were stationed. They were well known names in MCA. But I did know Ed Sword when he was with MCA flying between YQM and YYR on DC-3's. Ed finished up his career as a senior captain for Swissair on DC-10's flying the South Atlantic between Europe and Rio. I also knew Joan Stults (Ed's wife) when she was a teletype operator in YQM for TCA. We have played golf with them and  kept in touch  sporadically over the years (mostly at Christmas) and have visited them in Naples, Florida. They visited us in Baie d'Urfé one summer for golf at Summerlea when they were at their summer place
in Gananoque.
Kind regards.. I love the Netletter!
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry Baker
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips

The answer to the trivia question in NetLetter nr 1079 about the
initials on the Silver Broom pin is -
A - Air
C - Canada
S - Silver
B - Broom
P - Pond
H - Hoppers
A - And
I - International
C - Curling Buffs
J - Jet
S - Setters
Our winner with the nearest answer is Ray Field.
The letters when stretched out are "Air Canada Silver Broom Pond Hoppers And international Curling Buff Jet Set". This was the first pin of the "Pond Hoppers" club which meets at the Worlds Curling Championship.


We will be in touch with Ray regarding a T shirt as a prize courtesy of John Rodger.

Terry's travel tips.

Top 10 Personal Favourite airports:


1.     Batman Airport (BAL) Turkey
2.     Useless Loop Airport (USL), Australia
3.     Black Tickle Airport (YBI), Canada
4.     Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania
5.     Moron Airport (MXV), Mongolia
6.     Ogle Airport (OGL), Guyana
7.     Brest Airport (BES), France
8.     Eek Airport (EEK), USA
9.     Pickle Lake Airport (YPJ), Canada
10.  Raspberry Strait Airport (RSP), USA
For contingent pax who are REALLY on a budget and are looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travel expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport?

Best Airports.
Travelers love these airports for their amenities, friendly staff and comfortable seating.
Not a bad place to stay overnight, in transit or stuck in the airport.

1. Singapore Changi
2. Seoul Incheon
3. Amsterdam Schiphol
4. Oslo Gardermoen
5. Hong Kong
6. Dubai
7. Frankfurt International
8. Munich
9. Vancouver
10. Denver


SmileyIn an effort to be more innovative, a well known Canadian airline is planning to have a specialized service for First Class passengers deplaning at YVR during future snow storms. (Click on image below)


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