Gretchen Aird Dawson sent in the following:

Hi Terry,  the "Silver Spitfire" flew into Kelowna this morning on it's around the world flight (never before attempted), which began in Goodwood, England.

She's beautiful - looking like new with her very shiny Silver 'skin'. 

Thought you'd enjoy seeing these photos! Hubby Jim and I have just come home from seeing her fly into Kelowna for a day's visit.

Dave McElroy (President of the Kelowna Flying Club), and former pilot was aware that "the 1943 Silver Spitfire" is on a round the world flight. Kelowna was not one of the tour stops; so Dave "flew down to Oregon a few days ago, and caught up with them and convinced them to add Kelowna as a tour stop.

McElroy says: "Anyone who knows what the Spitfire is and what it did for the world in the Second World War, many would say the Spitfire changed history. So the opportunity to see one up close and personal and one that's flying around the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

You can see from the photos below that it was a beautiful day to view the aircraft, and what a real thrill for all in attendance.

Cheers, Gretchen  

tmb Spitfire logo tmb Spitfire1
tmb Spitfire2 tmb Spitfire3

Ken Pickford has supplied the following additional information and links:

Regarding the "Silver Spitfire" and its around the world trip.

More on that aircraft in this article which also mentions its brief service with an RCAF squadron during WWII.

Good photos arriving at Iqaluit (YFB) on August 12 and departing August 15. Iqaluit its first stop in Canada after Iceland and Greenland. It's accompanied by a chase plane carrying support staff and the second pilot (they alternate the flight sectors).

It was delayed at Iqaluit for a couple of days due to weather and missed its planned appearance at an airshow in Gatineau, Quebec (across from Ottawa) where it was going to fly with the RAF Red Arrows (now on a month-long visit to North America) and two other Spitfires.

It was previously painted in WWII RAF livery but they switched to bare metal, apparently to reduce potential problems with landing and overflight permissions etc., especially at the many planned stops in Russia, Asia, Middle East etc. Due to limited range it has to make many stops.



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