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The Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will increase from $20 to $25 effective January 1, 2020 for passengers travelling to destinations outside of B.C.

Following the increase, YVR’s AIF will continue to be one of the lowest among the eight major Canadian airports with only Ottawa International Airport (YOW) collecting a lower fee of $23. Additionally, YVR is the only major airport to offer a heavily discounted rate for regional travel at $5 for flights within B.C. and to the Yukon.

(Source: yvr.ca)

An abandoned airport.

tmb nicosia airportNicosia International Airport was the most important airport in Cyprus but commercial activity stopped after the Turkish invasion of July 20, 1974. Today it is a no-man’s land, a United Nations buffer zone from which both Greeks and Turks are barred.

Remains of Cyprus Airways Hawker-Siddeley Trident on the airport site. All that is left is the shell of the airplane, as the rest of the plane's key features were gutted out years ago.

(Source: skyscanner.net)

Here is an interesting museum to visit when you are next in the U.K. from the UK Pionairs 3rd quarter 2019 newsletter submitted by Jack Morath -

There is an interesting museum to visit which is in Maidenhead High Street. It's called the Heritage Centre and it's at 18 Park Street, and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Admission is free. Inside the museum there is a history exhibition about Maidenhead and separately upstairs is an exhibition about the Air Transport Auxiliary whose headquarters were in Maidenhead during the Second World War.

The ATA was made up of male and mainly female pilots supported by the RAF who ferried warplanes between the factories where they were made to the frontline airfields. There is a fabulous Spitfire simulator which you can fly over parts of the country from airport to airport. The simulator is suitable for anybody over 9 years of age and includes instruction.

You can book this on their phone number 01628 780555. The price for this session is around GBP20 for half an hour. You can have different routes to fly and I chose Southampton to Heathrow, but a great experience and just like the real thing, and all seen on a screen on the wall in front of you.

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