tmb cmwa cook 1 5In NetLetter #1427, Gretchen (Aird) Dawson, founder and past president of the Canadian Maple Wings Association (CMWA) sent us information on the cook book illustrations by M. Donahue.

Here we have three more of the cartoons which precede a section.

tmb cmwa cook 1 6 tmb cmwa cook 1 7

After reading the shrimp story by Yvonne Peel in the "Women in Aviation" section of NetLetter #1428, prompted Larry Harris to send in this story -

Here's another shrimp story for you.

The Pacific Western DC-3 used to run YVR-YPW-YBL-YPW-YVR and when in came into YPW the first time, every now and then, the crew would get a bag of shrimp.

They would proceed to eat them going from YPW to YBL and back. As they were eating them they would throw the shells out the open side window, into a spinning propeller, that would give it the effect that the shells were chewed up by the prop, and as a result when the DC-3 would get back into YPW the whole side of the aircraft was splattered with shell remains and looking the most beautiful pink color.

I am sure someone back in YVR had fun cleaning the aircraft later.

Larry Harris, retired PWA who worked in YPW in the mid 60's.

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