Airplane Graveyard - Bangkok, Thailand. 

tmb 747 downed bangkokEast and out of earshot of the roaring hustle and bustle of the giant Thai capital of Bangkok lies a spooky and fascinating tourist attraction, the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard. Here in the suburbs, since 2010 a variety of aircraft have been left to fall apart.

As can be imagined, the planes have been gutted by people hoping to use any of the valuable materials and sell them as scrap metal. As if the site alone wasn't interesting enough, it is also home to several families who have taken advantage of these rent-free open spaces and moved into them as apartments!

727 Limo.

tmb 727 limoYour eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed a Boeing 727 Jet turned into a limousine. To make this dream limo a reality, the front section of a 727 was removed and fitted onto the body of a Mercedes bus. 

When this incredibly odd limo was put up for auction on eBay, it sold for a whopping $274,000. Where the owner is going to store this 53 foot, 24,000-pound beast is anyone's guess. It's not exactly a commuter vehicle!

(Source: November 2, 2019)

Deserted airport -

tmb don quixote airportCiudad Real is one of a handful of ghost airports built during Spain's construction boom that has been abandoned.

They had hoped it would draw millions of visitors each year to Ciudad Real and the surrounding area, which is known as the home of Miguel de Cervantes’s fictional knight Don Quixote. The airport itself soon became seen as a quixotic venture. 


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