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Edmonton’s rich aviation history saw another first Thursday March 5, 2020, with the arrival of a seemingly ordinary Air Canada flight from Toronto. As the Boeing 787 Dreamliner eased its way to the ramp, keen observers may have noticed the ground crew tending to the aircraft were all women.

When the air crew deplaned, every one of them were also female. The arrival of air traffic controllers visiting the passenger gate signaled something truly unusual, as three women from the control tower helped guide the historic flight safely to Edmonton International Airport.

It was the first such journey crewed entirely by women. 

First Officer Stacie Kamin was beaming as she soaked in the event. Flying one of the most advanced passenger aircraft in the world is a dream job for her, one that she knows younger women can now aspire to as well.

With over 200 female pilots now flying with Air Canada in various aircraft, Captain Jean Nash appreciates the gains made since she began work on the flight deck 35 years ago. She’s encouraging anyone with skills and passion to take to the skies.


tmb 550 all female crew

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