William Hercus sent us a copy of the TCA "Interliner" magazine issued January 1957.

Here are the TCA routes in operation during 1956.

tmb 550 tca routes 1956

Hugh MacCallum sends in his images of British Airways Concorde visit to Vancouver (YVR) during Expo '86.

Your readers might be interested in my sequence of 7 photos recording the arrival at YVR of G-BOAG on 11 July 1986 including ramp pics at CP Air hangar.

At that time, Air BC was CP Air’s BC regional connector and I was employed by Air BC as a shuttle bus driver taking passengers from CP Air gate 19 to Air BC's Twin Otters and Dash 7’s; cabin floor too low to use the passenger access bridges.

British Airways had landed on YVR's Rwy 25 & taxied to CP Air’s hangar July 11, 1986.

CP Air was a part of the Oneworld group of airlines that included BA, Cathay Pacific, Finnair etc., thus was given a contract to handle any of its requirements, including passenger handling vs. the Star Alliance group including Air Canada, United, Air New Zealand, etc.

G-BOAG flew a few days carrying 100 passengers each time who had shelled out $800.00 each for a 30 minute supersonic flight beyond Vancouver Island out over the Pacific Ocean.

The Concorde was flown to YVR for the aviation component of Transportation EXPO ’86.

On 14 July 1986, Air France Concorde F-BTSC arrived at YVR. The next day in mid-afternoon when commercial traffic was light, the Air France pilots showed what it could do - work came to a stand still - certainly for outside workers (me too). It took-off then returned doing a slow flyby about 50-100 ft for almost the entire 11,000 ft above runway 25 kept aloft by sheer engine thrust, almost full flap.

Hugh wishes to invite readers to visit his photo gallery at www.hughmaccallum.ca. The Concorde images begin on page 2 of Gallery 7.

Click each image below to see full size. 

tmb 250 concorde img322 tmb 250 concorde img323
G-BOAG landing on Runway 25,
July 11, 1986
 Taxiing to the hangar
tmb 250 concorde img325 tmb 250 concorde img326
 Another taxiing view  A gathering of onlookers
tmb 250 concorde img327 tmb 250 concorde img328
 More onlookers  Getting lots of attention
tmb 550 concorde img324
 Tail striker mechanism located on underside of fuselage tail.
White dome on right is for YVR’s main radar.

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