Ron Rhodes had this enquiry -

Perhaps you could publish the attached photograph from my collection of TCA memorabilia.

tmb rhodes TCA signI would love to know if anyone has any idea where this TCA sign could have originated. I found it years ago in the basement, behind the furnace, of an estate sale here in Waterloo, Ontario!!

My idea is that it was located at the gate of a small Canadian airport, or perhaps at the check-in counter.

Can someone help??

When we, at the NetLetter, asked Ron for any more information, he sent us a copy of the TCA schedule which shows TC507 route was Dusseldorf - Glasgow - Halifax - Montreal.

The scheduled departure was 10:10 pm Glasgow therefore we suggested that the sign was originally from Glasgow airport.

tmb 550 rhodes TCA Prestwick

Ron's ticket was issued on Tuesday June 28, 1960 Glasgow - Montreal - Toronto and travelled during August, coincidentally, on TC507.

That was my flight number with Super Connie from Prestwick to Montreal! I added the time and flight number!

tmb 550 rhodes ticket

Gary Walters sent in this collage of pictures of Vickers Viscount CF-THO that was sent to him by a passenger just before the Viscount was retired.
tmb 550 waters 001

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