Below are a few screen captures of images from our 'Featured Video' in NetLetter #1441.

tmb 550 cpa over montreal

CPA DC-3 flying over Vancouver

tmb 550 early dorval

An early photo of the ramp at Dorval

tmb 550 lancaster

TCA Lancaster at Dorval

Monday February 18, 2019 – Large crowds gathered at Heathrow today to watch the much-anticipated arrival of a British Airways Boeing 747 painted in the iconic design of its predecessor British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

The aircraft entered the IAC paint bay at Dublin Airport on February 5 where it was stripped of its current British Airways Chatham Dockyard design before being repainted with the BOAC livery which adorned the BOAC fleet between 1964 and 1974.

This latest livery will bring back a flood of emotions and pride in not only British Airways, but the UK’s impressive aviation history – and what better time to do that than in our centenary year as we celebrate our past and look to the future.


tmb 550 ba b747 old livery

Editor's note: Registration G-BYGC (pictured above) was delivered to British Airways in January 1999 and (as per last flew on June 20, 2020 and is now stored at Cardiff International (CWL).

British Airways is now in the process of retiring its Boeing 747 fleet after 50 years of service.


Editor's Note from Ken Pickford:

I came across the video below which includes footage at London Heathrow over the past 2 years of all 31 BA 747-400's that were still in service at the time of the Covid-19 grounding and BA's recent announcement that they will not be returning to service.

Over the years BA operated over 100 Boeing 747's, including 94 delivered new (18 -100's, 19 -200's, 57 -400's). They've been retiring the -400's gradually over the past several years, leaving 31 in the fleet as of March.

They appear in order of delivery date. The 3 in "retro" liveries appear at 1:24, 3:35 and 37:25. Also note interesting footage of one departing in a strong crosswind at 27:00.

Although BA (still BOAC then) took delivery of their first 747-100 in April 1970 (and two more in May and June), their pilots refused to fly them due to a pay dispute that took a full year to resolve.

They finally operated their inaugural 747 flight LHR-JFK on April 14, 1971. By then they had 6 747-100's parked. It gave several of their competitors more than a year's headstart with 747 service.

tmb 550 ba video

Also, a couple of out favourite YouTube videographers have posted very nice tributes to the British Airways B-747 fleet at Canadian airports.

you tube linkEye Trapper clips taken at YVR

you tube linkMark Brandon clips from YUL

tmb breeze airwaysName this airline – answer below.

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