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Photos posted by Gary Macdonald
A CPA Beauty  Nostalgic CPA photo
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Billie Hobkirk posted this photo of a fam trip to LAX in July 1976.

Pictured are: Al Drummond, Glenda, Liz, Steve Waring, Martha and Angie Brodkorb.

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Canadian Pacific Air Lines (CPAL), the predecessor to CP Air, acquired a fleet of 17 surplus C-47's during 1946 and 1947.

The aircraft were refurbished and entered service on domestic routes mainly to remote communities in Canada.

With the withdrawal of these services in the late 1950s CPAL began selling off its fleet of DC-3s however, CF-CRX remained with CP Air for pilot training purposes. On July 4 1974 CF-CRX was used to fly a group of Air Cadets on a tour of the Fraser Valley, BC.

The group landed at Abbotsford and after taking off the pilot was unable to get a positive indication that the landing gear had retracted. The pilot had no alternative but to return to Abbotsford and the crew and passengers were taken to Vancouver by bus. The following day CF-CRX was ferried to Vancouver with its landing gear down and on October 23, 1974 the aircraft was sold.


The last propeller-driven aircraft owned by CP Air, a venerable DC-3 used for pilot training, has been sold to Harrison Airways Ltd. of Vancouver. Retired from scheduled flights in 1969 when all-jet service was introduced throughout the system, the twin-engined Douglas was once one of 17 such aircraft which plied the airline's routes in Canada. It is still favourite with Northern flyers and will return to familiar areas in schedule service between Vancouver and Northern bases when it sheds its CP Air orange in the near future and dons Harrison Airways colours.

Above, Harrison Airways president J. N. Haldeman accepts the aircraft log from CP Air purchasing director Vern Pratt.


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