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The Klein 'Air Car', whose name is a pretty accurate description, took its first meaningful test flight last week and now theoretically heads into the uncharted territory of marketability. The vehicle, which has a pusher prop, folding wings and extendable twin tail booms, seems to look and behave like both of the modes of transportation its name evokes.

It completed two full patterns of an airport in Slovakia, reaching 1500 feet AGL. The latest test flights came after weeks of short hops down the runway. In flight, the 'Air Car' appeared stable and didn’t seem to require any extreme inputs to keep it in the air.

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the 'Air Car ' was based on,” the company said in a news release.

In those theories and math are goals that appear as lofty as the technical achievement of creating an Air Car worthy of the name. 


tmb 550 air car

Worlds largest wing span.

In this May 31, 2017 photo provided by Stratolaunch Systems Corp, the newly built Stratolaunch aircraft is moved out of its hangar for the first time in Mojave, California.

Prior to his death on Monday, Oct 15, 2018, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, invested large sums in technology ventures, research projects and philanthropies, some of them eclectic and highly speculative.

Outside of bland assurances from his investment company, no one seems quite sure what happens now. One of Allen's more esoteric ventures is Stratolaunch, which is building an enormous twin-fuselage jet aircraft designed to launch satellites from high attitudes.


tmb 550 largest wing span

Jimmy Stewart Cessna 310 Monument Dedicated.

tmb jimmy stewart aircraftA 1961 Cessna 310F once owned by World War II aviator and movie star James M. (Jimmy) Stewart was dedicated as a monument last month after an extensive restoration effort. Located at Indiana County Jimmy Stewart Airport (KIDI) in Stewart’s hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania, the monument is the result of five and a half years of work undertaken by Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 993. The project was funded by a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed for the purpose.

According to EAA 993, Stewart’s 310, N6775X, was found in derelict condition at Dallas Executive Airport (KRBD) in 2015.

KIDI and the Jimmy Stewart Museum expressed interest in acquiring the aircraft, which was missing its engines, propellers and assorted other parts. Led by Harold Wood, EAA 993 agreed to take on the project, putting in an estimated 6,500 hours on the restoration and monument construction. The organization says it is currently raising funds to build a children’s playground around the monument. 


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