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Hi NetLetter folks,

Attached are a couple of pictures you might find useful. These were taken on July 22, 1956; I came across them when scanning some old slides I had.

Picture #1 is a view of Malton airport with a DC-3, a North Star, and the tail of a Super Connie in the background.

Picture #2 is a picture of the hole burnt into the cowling of the North Star that occurred with a cracked cylinder head. This happened enroute from YYZ to YWG. According to my trip diary we landed routinely on 3 engines in YWG, transferred to another North Star in YWG and carried on to YVR without any further delay.

Note in the diary also showed leaving SNN on Super Connie at 23:50/21 July -  arriving YUL at 07:10/22 July - leaving YUL at 11:10, one hour late, on North Star arriving YYZ at 12:10 and then a three hour delay in YYZ due to engine trouble.

Departed YYZ at 15:00 and arrived  YWG at 19:10 - departed YWG at 20:00 - stopped YQR at 21:30 - stopped YYC at 23:30 and finally arrived YVR at 01:15/23 July. 


Bob Hanna, CP Air 1963-1998

tmb 550 bob hanna 01

tmb 550 bob hanna 02

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