Larry Milberry has put together a blog named 'The Great Lockheed Twins' and can be followed at

We have, with permission from Larry, some of the photos and story of those aircraft which ended up at Trans-Canada Air Lines.


The first Lockheed Lodestar that I ever photographed, CF-TDE of Southern Provincial Airlines, was based at Toronto Island Airport when I shot it there on September 26, 1959. 

Having joined Trans-Canada Air Line (TCA) in October 1942, it later served BA Oil as CF-BAO (a previous CF-BAO was converted to the later Learstar), then reverted to CF-TDE when sold to Canadian Aircraft renters, the parent company to Southern Provincial.

This company then was searching for a 'raison d'être' as a small charter airline, but soon realized that this market did not yet exist. CF-TDE was sold in 1960 into the US as N9063R, then moved on to Peru to work in aero photography.

Editors' Note: CF-TDE Lockheed Lodestar 18-08A-200 delivered to TCA on October 3, 1942 assigned fin# 52, sold to Nickel Belt Airways on April 6, 1948 after 12,798 hours of service.

Source: A Pocket Guide by Frank Pooley

tmb 550 cf tde

tmb 550 cf tde 1

Below left, in 1938, George Lothian and Gordon Haslett, first and second pilot on the TCA service between Vancouver and Seattle, were the first of TCA's pilots to wear the new uniform.

Below right, TCA's first stewardesses in 1938: Lucile Garner and Pat Eccleston.

Source: Edmonton Journal Friday September 30, 1938

tmb 1938 early uniform tmb 1938 early uniform 1

tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in 'Horizons' magazine

Issue dated June 1998

Here we have a photo of the front end crew for the Montreal - Tel Aviv inaugural flight.

Left to right: Captain Lyle Gainsford, First Officer Mario Gagné and First Officer Jean-François Boucher getting ready for the take-off to Dorval’s newest destination - Tel Aviv.

tmb 550 crew tel aviv inaugural

During a recent visit to our Houston station, Lamar Durrett, President and CEO met with employees and presented 5-year anniversary pins to Customer Service Agents Dana Woods and Robert Cassidy.

Pictured here are from left to right: David Ray, Manager, Customer Service; Customer Service Agents Robert Cassidy, Desna Francis and Colleen BoydLamar Durrett, President & CEO; Andrea Higgins, Administrative Assistant; Dennis Lerchacher, Aircraft Services Coordinator; Customer Service Agents, Ali Hakim and Dana Woods.

tmb 550 houston staff

tmb beverley cottonJoe Mallory, Director. I.T. - Technical Ops, presents Beverley Cotton, Senior Business System Analyst with her 30-year pin.

In Quebec City, Pauline Jean celebrated 30 years of service.

Left to right, front row: Marc Julien, Len Greenner, Pauline Jean, Wilfred Hachey, Gary Doucet and Jacques Belleau.

Back row: Sylvain Jobin, Michel Cote, Line Robinson, Michel Tétreault, Claude J. Dufour and Normand Manville (hidden).

tmb 550 pauline jean

tmb thunder bay trioIn 1998, these three Thunder Bay employees received their service awards: Byron Halliday, Customer Sales & Service Agent, 30 years; Dave Fernie, Cargo Agent, also 30 years and Roger Phillips, Lead Station Attendant, 25 years.

Congratulations to the following employees from In-flight Service in Vancouver who, during 1998, recently celebrated 35, 30 or 25 years of service.

Front to back: Joyce Wasylik, Barbara Buchanan, Ruth Daley, Joann Noonan, Victoria Johnstone, Rick Darcy, Paulette Couture, Jindy Melvin, Mary Wold, Dara Coughlin, Colette Loslier, Norma Gillan, Nora Wilson, Mary McMullen, Sigrun Cowan, Sandra Tonello-Greenfield, Helga Noll, Andy Noll, Dario Rossi, Siri Moore, Trevor Thomas, Paulette Cloutier, Marilyn Blusson, Steve Chadwick, Diane Brown, Linda Smith, Ray Duford, Lyn Arnason, Lynn Groberman, Penny Burke, Ida Carter, Anita Tadeuszow, Suzanne Schultz, Nathalie Jaune, Anne Swift, Michelle Meakin, Dinah Zimmerman, Lucienne Smiley, Gail Grancis, Virgina Malloch, Lilly FlatherMargaret Huber, Paulette Winter, Gunilla Kay, Sandra Allaire-Swan, Claudette Turgeon, Olivera Formby, Andrea Elsey, Cathy Zanen and Chris Dubeau, General Manager, In-Flight Service, West.

tmb 550 yvr in flt service awards

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