Women in Space: Sergeant Mandie MacKenzie

tmb mansy mackensieThe theme of this year’s UN World Space Week, Women in Space, carries special meaning for at least one Canadian Space Specialist.

Sergeant Mandie MacKenzie, a Senior Space Watch Crew Chief at the Canadian Space Operations Centre (CANSpOC), sees UN World Space Week as an opportunity to inspire other women interested in the space domain.

“Women can understand space and women can contribute to space, and our contributions are vital,” said Sgt MacKenzie.

“There has been a glass ceiling for so long, so to be able to participate in and contribute to Canada’s future in the space domain has a lot of meaning.”

Sgt MacKenzie describes her job as manning a virtual space observation post, surrounded by 19 screens that display varying types and classifications of data. She reports on anything from missile warning detection to collision of objects in space to system outages. This all contributes to CANSpOC’s ability to provide 24/7 monitoring of the space domain to help ensure the safety of Canadian and allied space-based capabilities.

Source: www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca

Posted on the Northern Lights Aero Foundation Facebook page June 18, 2021.

tmb urooj aliCongratulations to Urooj Ali, one of four 2021 Recipients of the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship on behalf of Air Canada and the Northern Lights Aero Foundation.

Urooj Ali is a 19 year old in her second year of Geography and Aviation at the University of Waterloo, who is completing her Commercial Pilot License at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre.

Source: facebook.com/NorthernLightsAero

you tube linkLearn more about Urooj in her interview with retired Captain Judy Cameron on our YouTube channel!

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