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Entitled 'Canadian Pacific Railway: History of a Design' and posted by AmtrakGuy365 the video focuses on the railway but a few mentions of CP Air in the section on the 1968 'Multimark' rebranding of all the CP subsidiaries. The two "script" style fonts mentioned prior to the Multimark were also used by the airline.

tmb 550 cp history video

How Concorde Ended Up On A Museum Roof In Germany

Being such an iconic aircraft, most examples of Concorde have been preserved at airports and museums worldwide. Indeed, 18 of the 20 delta-winged supersonic airliners remain intact today. One of these is on display at the Technik Museum Sinsheim, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

It sits on the museum’s roof, but how did it get there? Click the image below to view the answer on YouTube (narration in German).

Additional info @ SimpleFlying.com

tmb 550 concorde

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