ATP Flight School announced that Gretchen Leneski has become the 10,000th student to graduate from its Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP).

Based at the school’s ATP JETS Part 142 airline training center in Dallas, Texas, the program was first offered in 2015. According to ATP, it currently provides ATP CTP training for 10 regional airlines.

ATP currently runs 70 flight schools across the country aimed at offering initial pilot certification for students looking to work at the airlines. It operates a fleet of 448 aircraft including Piper Archers, Cessna 172s and Piper Seminoles along with running 122 flight simulators.

According to the company, its Airline Career Pilot Program can be completed in seven months by students starting with no experience.


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While researching our story about Lethbridge, Alberta's role in the early days of air mail delivery in NetLetter #1475, we happened upon the story a true female aviation pioneer, Katherine Stinson.

Ms. Stinson was an aviation pioneer who, in 1912, became the fourth woman in the United States to earn the FAI pilot certificate. She set flying records for aerobatic maneuvers, distance, and endurance. She was the first female pilot employed by the US Postal Service, and the first civilian pilot to fly the mail in Canada. She was also the first pilot to ever fly at night and the first female pilot to fly in Canada, China, and Japan.

During exhibition flights in Canada, she became the first civilian to fly the mail in Canada on a flight from Calgary to Edmonton, Alberta in 1918.


Additional Info: Early Northern Air Mail @

you tube linkKatherine Stinson, aka 'The Flying Schoolgirl'.
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Katherine Stinson delivers Canada's first northern airmail to Postmaster George Armstrong of Edmonton, on July 9, 1918. She had flown it from Calgary.

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