Dr. Robert W. F. Taylor shares this memory with us -
I was working for an insurance company in Toronto and had to visit our Branch in St. John's, but the fog was blanketing Newfoundland.People used to say that Air Canada flew on forecast weather but, over at EPA, the pilots looked out the window and said to the crew, "it looks okay to me, b'y!" and off they went.
Finally, after a couple of weeks, the skies over Newfoundland cleared and I was able to catch a flight. However, halfway into the 3 1/2 hour flight, the pilot came on to tell the passengers that, "The fog has come back in, folks, so I'm afraid we're going to have to land in Gander and bus you down to St. John's.
The bus ride was four hours in a rickety old school bus in what I call 'one-telephone-pole' fog because it was so thick that was how far you could see, just to the next telephone pole.
For some reason, that memorable event sticks with me.

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