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number 231     date Jan 16th 1998
Published since October  1995.

.  Your Co-pilot is off for some R & R next week. The next NetLetter
will be issued early February. Meanwhile, the Chief Pilot is still
at the controls and will answer your emails.


Friday  January 16, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Wednesday  January 21, 1998
Burlington & Oakville Grp,Coffee at Pig & Whistle,
Burlock Dr & Lakeshore Rd 11am, lunch may be
preordered a week in advance 847-1421

Friday  January 23, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches,Carlingwood Shopping

Sunday  January 25, 1998
Edmonton Pionairs Lunch, at Nisku Inn at 11:30am
contact Shirley Jay 403-436-0866 or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. nl 229

Wednesday  January 28, 1998
Halifax a/p meeting 1100am AC conference room see
Atlantic newsletter

Thursday  January 29, 1998
VanIs ComoxValley Lunch Old House, Courtenay nl118

Friday  January 30, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches,  Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Sunday  February 1, 1998
DATES TBA  for following:
St John's Newfoundland Lunch   meeting and
Cape Breton TBA lunch meeting
PEI tba lunch meeting
see  Atlantic district newsletter

Monday  February 2, 1998
Halifax Bowling 1pm Bayers Road Bowlorama
London, UK, coffee at 11am Harvester Pub
Ashford Middlesex

Tuesday  February 3, 1998
Kelowna/Vernon 10am Coffee&Chat at Muffin Break
Penticton 10:am Coffee&Chat at Tim Hortons
Cherry  Lane Shopping Mall
Prestwick, Lunch at St  Nicholas Hotel

Wednesday  February 4, 1998
Halifax Lunch Armdale Yacht Club

Thursday  February 5, 1998
Montreal, Lunch at Chenoy's Pte Claire
Family Restaurant,
Friday  February 6, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping


From the Sentinel the Montreal District Pionairs Newsletter -

Pionairs System Curling. All Pionairs welcome.
(Now come and try 'indoor' ice - eds)
Montreal West Curling Club. Friday & Saturday February 27/28th.
Cost CA$32.00 covers 2 days curling, final dinner & prizes.
Guests at CA$15.00. Enter a full team or come as an individual,
including spouses.
Call Don Patterson at (819)849-7915 or Norm Reid (514)488-8765.


. Charles Mackie sends in the following re the Ice Storm of 98.
Anyway here is the info I gathered this morning off our Net.
Phil Pawsey , VE2DTM was with out power for 87 hours and survived
with using the good old wood stove.  He has a lot of branches
down and some big trees so he was going to busy with the chain
saw for a couple of days getting that mess straightened. He said
that how fortunate a large maple
tree did not come down as it would have damaged some of his
He also advised that Alexandria and Hudson where badly hit and
would out of power for some days yet.  He also said that there
will be no maple syrup crop this year and the apple and other
fruit trees are ruined.
Don Beatty from Halifax also wishes everyone a Happy New year
and they did not have any ice in his area. His call is VE1DLB.
Jimmy Millar VE3AGC and Graham Williams Ve3ST  of London ontario
both reported 1 inch of new snow temperature around the minus 7 c
mark with Graham reporting his sister had to be evacuated from
South of Montreal  to Pte Claire and then moved to Ottawa for the
time being.  Art Tully VE3ZYB ,of Midland Ontario reports a
blizzard coming in off the Great Lakes , making driving very
dangerous because of the poor visibility and it was forecasted
for more snow so he is hibernating for awhile.
Bob Yorke VA3RSY reports he is still raking leaves as he was out
of the Icing zone and not Winterizing his Railway Train as yet.
For those who are not familiar with Bobs pet version of railway
trains he owns one that is in working order that was built in
1883  and he rebuilt it and it is in perfect running order and he
gives train rides to customers on a 5 mile track that he has.
For train buffs he has a 440 type train and it is the only one
running in North America.  Warner Bros are trying to get  a
contract with Bob for  a feature film to be shot this year if
details can be worked out, for the use of the train.  hE HAD 45000
passengers riding his train last year.  Bob is going to take some
time off and is heading for S Carolina for a couple of months.
Lucky Fellow.
Don Demeza VE3AZV also checked in a little late
but he escaped most of the storm as well but he tells me that Al
Blackwood,Ve2VN got smart and took of for the Southern Climes to
escape the mess in Montreal.
One of the quirks of Nature occurred on the Island of
Terrebonne, just north of Montreal, almost everywhere else lost
power but the Island didnt altho they their share of 5 inches of
ice on the trees and roads etc.
Another little tid bit I understand that 100,000 poles are being
ordered from the State of Alabama, to replace all the broken poles
in Quebec.
Well thats enough for now and will keep you posted on
developments.  Charles  Mackie  VE7WW


. Ron Munson sends us this info which appeared in a UK paper rcently
BA appears to have won a satisfying court victory when a US court
judge threw out an anti-trust suit by US Airways against BA's new
alliance with American Airlines.
The judge only allowed US Airways to continue with a claim for breach
of contract and, even if they win, damages may not be heavy.
This is because US Airways' position has improved since the
alliance folded so the judge said the allegations of damage
"are short on specifics".

Facts concerning Terminal 5 at Heathrow are as follows:-

- The inquiry is the longest running public enquiry ever held in
- It has been running for two years and seven months, since 16th May,
- It is scheduled to end in September, 1998.
- The total cost of the inquiry will be around £80 million.
- For each day of the inquiry, the Inspector is allowed one day to
make his decision. Therefore it could be more than 3 years before
he makes a recommendation to the Government.
- The Inspector's recommendations will then be considered by the
Secretary of State for the Enviroment, Transport and the Regions,
who will make a final decision.
- This decision is expected in the year 2000.



Don Demeza sends us this information -
It's the beginning of a new year and the Family Affair plan is on
again for 1998 details appeared in our company publication,
"Horizons". There don't seem to be any basic changes.  The fares
quoted are all return as there is no such thing as a one-way Family
Affair ticket.
Your reservation can be made within 14 days of departure either by
the retiree or by the relative.   Decisions must be made concerning
available flights therefore it's better if you make your own
arrangements.  Simply call the Air Canada Employee Call Centre
located in Winnipeg.  It's open 7 days a week from 0630 to 2330
Winnipeg time.  The number is 1-800-413-1113 from Canada, U.S.A. &
Europe. There are local lines from Winnipeg - 941-2887,  Montreal -
395-2808, & Toronto - 323-3770.   For your reference - the employee
number, with a service time of XX years, XX months, XX days.
The preferred ticketing method is by mail with the ticket charged to
a credit card.  The ticket will be mailed directly to you.  Delivery
is very fast as the entire process is automated.  Tickets can also
be issued by City Ticket Offices (downtown locations) and as a last
resort at Airport Ticket Offices during designated off peak periods.
I hope you're keeping a travel file for this information so that you
can refer to it later.  Before you use a ticket - an authorization
form, signed by the employee, must be given to the agent when you
check in for the first flight. Remember, the authorization forms
must be stamped with an employee card and show a date within the
current year.
Please note the blackout periods when use of these tickets is not
permitted.  There are other restrictions also:  no stopovers, no
refunds, no advance seat selection, no Aeroplan Miles, minimum and
maximum stay, class of service etc.  The Telephone Agent will advise
you if your plans will be affected by any of the restrictions
(same as any other excursion ticket)
The fare grid zones are provincial for Canada,  Areas in the U.S.
and a mixture for other areas of the world. They include CDSHR.
which  means Code Share flights to Madrid, Helsinki and Amsterdam.
Let me encourage you to travel.  The fares are  great but should be
compared with charter sell-offs etc.
Family Affair helps Air Canada fill vacant seats during the last
14 days before departure.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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