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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 232     date Feb 2nd 1998
Published since October  1995.

. WELCOME ABOARD:  Gloria Jacobsen  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
retiree residing in Victoria BC.


Anyone in contact with Jay McGowan?
Last email was  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friday  February 6, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Sunday  February 8, 1998
Ottawa, Brunches,PlaceNextDoor 320 Rideau St. info 841-7091

Wednesday  February 11, 1998
Alexandria AC Retirees Lunch Grp,for info Clive
613-525-4819 or Cam  224-6469

Friday  February 13, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Wednesday  February 18, 1998
Burlington & Oakville Grp, Coffee at Pig & Whistle,
Burlock Dr & Lakeshore Rd 11am, lunch may be
preordered a week in advance 847-1421

Thursday  February 19, 1998
Calgary Pio Lunch 11:30am Royal Canadian Legion on
Kensington Rd NW nl 228

Friday  February 20, 1998
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches,Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Wednesday  February 25, 1998
Montreal Casual Lunch, Casa Crecque Restaurant
contact Herb 696-5286 Brian 458-7355 visiting
Pionairs Welcome nl230

Thursday  February 26, 1998ú
VanIs ComoxValley Lunch Old House, Courtenay nl118

Friday  February 27, 1998
1998 Montreal West, Pionairs Curling Bonspiel

Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches,Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping

Saturday  February 28, 1998
1998 Montreal West, Pionairs Curling Bonspiel


. This is the rest of the story about the flight navigation system
on the North Star, as experience by Bill Norberg -

Some 22 years later I was on the delivery flight of our first L-1011
from Palmdale California to Montreal. After circling PVM in downtown
Montreal the aircraft made a completely automated approach to Dorval
airport including auto landing and roll out without any action on
the part of the crew.
We had come along way from thiose early flights in the 50's.

Another event occurred around this same time affecting the PB-10
autopilot system. An aircraft belonging to another airline had gone
down off the coast of Italy. The suspected cause was the PB-10
autopilot system, specifically the automated trim tab system.
We set about conducting a series of  flight tests on our own PB-10
systems to see if there were any inherent system problems we should
be concerned about.
The concern about the automated elevator trim tab system was that
it might apply trim at too rapid a rate and to an extent unknown to
the pilot.
If the autopilot was disengaged under these conditions it could be
difficult if not impossible for the pilots to overcome its effect.
Ron Baker, Jack Grisdale and I conducted a series of tests to
determine if we had a problem on our fleet. This involved
introducing a full down elevator signal to the PB-10 autopilot and
the aircraft would immediately go into a dive mode.
The pilots would wait 4 seconds before disengaging the autopilot
and attempt the recovery to level flight. We would then determine
the amount of altitude lost and time taken to recover.
This process had the effect of putting the aircraft into a "bunt"
as it started to dive and everything in the cockpit that was not
tied down would rise to the ceiling of the cockpit....including me
as I was standing between the two pilots holding onto the seat backs.
I didn't realize exactly what was happening at the time.
I was flying weightless in the same manner as astronauts were to do
years later while training for space flight. The year was 1951.
As a result of these tests we confirmed a problem and introduced a
4 to 1 reduction gear to reduce the rate of trim tab application.
Bill Norberg email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Thank you Bill for taking time to relate your experiences - eds)


A. Harold Bromley, who in 1930 became the first person to attempt
a flight across the Pacific, died Dec. 20 at the age of 99.
Trained to fly by the Canadian army in preparation for three years
of service in France during World War I, Bromley founded a
flying school in Tacoma, Wash., after the war.  In 1928, he was
hired by Lockheed Aircraft as a test pilot and worked with such
aviation icons as Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post.

Few things bother an airline's management more than excess
capacity.  So, El Al has put its twist on the $100 hamburger,
inaugurating recently its "Flight to Nowhere" service.
Some 300 passengers were treated to dinner, dessert and popcorn --
all for a price that works out to US$85 per person -- for a
round-robin from Jerusulem's Ben-Gurion airport to the Greek
island of Rhodes and back



In NetLetter nr 231, Don Demeza gave some hints for travelling
using the Family Affair program. The phone number quoted
1-800-413-1113 is the Winnipeg Call Centre for use by those
in Canada and the USA. European employees and retirees use
the local reservations offices in their area.

Canadian Interline Travel Hot Cruise Deals!
CRUISE LINE: Carnival Cruise Lines

- 7 Day Caribbean from San Juan on the "Fascination"
Hosted by Wendy Patriquin, Canadian Interline Travel
DATES: April 18 - 25/98
ITINERARY: San Juan, St Thomas, St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados,
Martinique, Fun at Sea, San Juan
COST: Inside from US$520, Outside from US$620
3rd & 4th person rate US$500 pp Port Charges are an
additional US$115.50 pp
Non-Interline prices available:
(Inside from US$700, Outside from US$800
3rd & 4th person rate: US$500 pp
San Francisco Air add-on US$549 + US$36 pp)
Call Toll Free at: 1-800-665-3100 and mention Pionairs.


- One week with Positive Space Air included!
- ***ONLY US$599.00 per person double***

- CANCUN: Feb 7-13, 20-27/98 (AIR from JFK)
- HUATULCO: Feb 7-15/98 (AIR from DFW)
- HUATULCO: Feb 7-14/98 (AIR from ORD)
- HUATULCO: Feb 9-16, 23-Mar 2/98 (AIR from JFK)
- IXTAPA: Feb 7-14, 14-21, 28-Mar 7/98 (AIR from ORD)
- IXTAPA: Feb 7-14, 14-21, 21-28 28-Mar 7/98 (AIR from SFO or LAX)
- PUNTA CANA: (Dominican Republique) Feb 7-14, 21-28/98
(Air from JFK)

Call Toll Free at: 1-800-665-3100 and mention Pionairs.

Whilst travelling within the European Economic Comminity of
Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Portugal,
France, Ireland, Spain, Germany. Luxumberg and the United Kingdom
you are allowed to have in your possession, provided you are
over 17 years the following -
Alcoholic beverages -
10 ltr spirits,
20 ltrs intermediate products ie Port, Sherry etc
90 lts wine,
110 ltrs beer.
Tobacco pruducts -
800 cigarettes,
400 cigarellos,
200 cigars,
1 kg tobacco.


. Smilie.

After a particularly lousy landing made from the right seat of a
commercial airliner, that FO heard the Captain announce "Ladies and
gentlemen, XXX Airlines wishes to apologize for that rough landing
provided today by our First Officer."
Some months later the same crew was together and, sure enough, the
Captain made an even worse one.
The First Officer immediately jumped on the intercom, announcing
"Ladies and Gentlemen, XXX Airlines wishes to apologize for that
rough landing provided today by our Captain."
The Captain turned angrily to his FO.  "What did you say that for?"
"Remember a couple of months back when you did that to me?"
the First Officer replied.  "Now we're even!"
"But I never keyed the mike!" protested the Captain.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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