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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 235     date Feb 8th 1998

Published since October  1995.

. Welcome Aboard:
Allan McKenzie who retired in 1995 from
Customer Service in Halifax after 35
years service.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. We welcomed G.A.Smith in NetLetter nr 234, here is a bio -

George A. Smith was Regional Manager of Properties and Facilities
at Vancouver from 1976 to 1981, back in the days when Van. had a
fully operational regional office.  Dunc Laing was Vice-President
of Western Region then.  Before that, George worked at Headquarters
in Montreal for about 30 years.  He retired in 1981.
I'm his wife, Florence Nelson-Smith.  We lived in White Rock, and
moved to Calgary in 1994 where we are now, where there is little
rain and lots of sunshine.
We enjoy your newsletter.
cheers, Florence


. Ron Munson from LHR sends us some more doings in the UK -

British Airways is entering the low cost airline market with the
launch of a new carrier called Go. The airline says the service,
based at Stanstead in Essex, will charge lower fare prices than its
rivals EasyJet, Debonair and Virgin Express. It will fly to European
destinations, using 144 seater B737 aircraft, and the operation is
expected to commence in the Spring and will have 8 aircraft by the
end of this year. However EasyJet is calling for a CAA probe into
B.A.'s low cost carrier.It is concerned that, if the project gets
the go-ahead BA will "buy" European air space for its own private
domain. The feeling is that BA is willing to lose money and
resources on the project in the hope it can eliminate smaller
carriers such as EasyJet. BA, however, claim that the new no-frills
carrier is being run as a completely separate company

A flight crossing the North Atlantic has, for the first time, been
tracked simultaneously by countries on both sides of the ocean using
satellite surveillance. This ground-breaking milestone for the
development of world-wide air traffic control was carried out by the
UK's National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and the Canadian air
traffic control body, NAV Canada. The aircraft, a British airways
B747-400, flying last month from Los Angeles to Heathrow,
transmitted data to and from the NATS centre at Bournemouth and NAV
Canada's base in Ottawa, using a system known as automatic Dependent
Surveillance (ADS). It is said that quote"by using ADS, air traffic
controllers will be able to monitor aircraft movements
automatically. This will avoid the need for pilots to report their
aircraft's position regularly by voice, and it will also provide
controllers with the information they need to manage aircraft more
efficiently. ADS will maintain and potentially enhance safety
standards, and will increase airspace capacity by supporting the
reduction in the large separations now required between aircraft"
unquote. NATS and NAV Canada are jointly investigating the use of
satellite communications systems for air traffic control to meet
expected traffic growth across the North Atlantic.

A saddened Sir Freddie Laker is now evaluating the future of Laker
Airways services from Britain and flights from Gatwick to Florida
have been suspended. At his home at Freeport in the Bahamas, the
pioneer of low fares across the Atlantic is considering his next
move. This is because a glut of airline frequencies from London to
Florida, with charter operators offering rock-bottom prices - hit
Laker's target market. Sir Freddie launched a business class Regency
service last March, with hopes pinned on holiday travellers prepared
to pay upgrade on flights to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Research had
shown that the market was there, but in practice it failed to
materialize. Out of Gatwick his flights to Miami suffered from poor
slot times which hampered passengers travelling on to US domestic
destinations and points in South America. He took B.A. to court in
America, alleging it was blocking his attempts to secure better slot
allocation. A judge found in favour of B.A., but Laker is appealing
against the decision.
Ron Munson    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. Spandex ban.
Canadi>n Airlines employees may be able to fly cheaply, but they
had better not wear form-fitting clothing when taking advantage of
this perk. The airline stipulates that leggings and Spandex are
unacceptable attire for female staff travelling in economy class.
So are miniskirts, dresses which are 'unreasonabley short' and no
bare midriffs. Male staff will not be allowd to sport those
tasteless aloha shirts.
(The newsletter mentions economy class only - hate to think what
they allow in first class - eds)





BC/AB TO SEA.....CA$115
SK/MB TO SEA.....CA$165
ONT TO SEA.......CA$240.....VIA YYZ NON-STOP AC697/AC698
QUE TO SEA.......CA$249.....VIA YYZ NON-STOP AC697/AC698
MARITIMES........CA$305.....VIA YYZ NON-STOP AC697/AC698

BY 31MAR98
CALL 1-800-413-1113 Winnipeg Call Centre for details.

Chasing the sun? - visit Portugal's Algarve region
Prices are pp based on half board for 2 people sharing, bath and
balcony, roundtrip airfare from Gatwick. Friends welcome -
7 days      14 days
Feb 26 - Mar 27     CA$612       CA$948
Mar 28 - Apr 03     CA$612       CA$1008
Apr 04 - Apr 08     CA$712       CA$1173
Apr 09 - Apr 12     CA$801       CA$1055
Apr 13 - Apr 23     CA$653       CA$1055

How about Costa Del Sol - Spain - same deal

7 days      14 days
Feb 26 - Mar 27     CA$582       CA$848
Mar 28 - Apr 03     CA$612       CA$996
Apr 04 - Apr 08     CA$759       CA$1114
Apr 09 - Apr 12     CA$830       CA$1067
Apr 13 - Apr 23     CA$642       CA$919

Call 1-800-690-3223 from details and mention Pionairs.

When next in the UK with some spare days, check with your host and,
if they subscribe to InterText or Prestel on their TV service, check
the vacation pages - a couple of goodies we heard about for
Portugal's Algarve area -
Two weeks in a 4 star hotel half board which is all you can eat at
breakfast &  Dinner (includes a bottle of wine) and airfare to and
from the UK with health insurance - all for UKP149 pp.(CA$350)
Another was a 4 day/3 nighter at Nice, half board and airfare
for UKP25 pp.(CA$60)
A 1 bedroom with kitchen facilities, lounge and balcony over
looking the beach can be had for CA$550 per month.

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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