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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 244     date Mar 6th 1998

Published since October  1995.

. Welcome to Marie Edmondson retired from Crew Support Inflight
and living in La Salle, Man.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Where are they now?
Ray Valois is dodging his creditors and is new email is:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We enquired about Peter Bogart recently, and this is a response from
Doug Maclaren -
'When I was on my way to Bermuda, January 07/98, I met Peter at the
standby counter in Toronto. He said he was on his way to Barbados.
From the way he was dressed, he didn't appear to have any plans on
returning any sooner than he had to. So he may still be there.
Regards, Doug Maclaren

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. Looking for someone?
Ever had that feeling that, when trying to remember someones phone
number or address that you would recognise it if only ......
Try http://www.infobel.be/infobel/infobelworld.html for worldwide
white and yellow pages of the telephone directories.

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. Found on the Internet.
Additional members of the Star Alliance are rumoured to be -
Air New Zealand, Ansett, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific,
South African Airways and Singapore Airlines.

The EU's competition commission is studying the Star Alliance
of Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS, Thai Airways, United Airlines and
Varig.  Though no details were available, the competition commission
wants Star Alliance partners to release slots at several busy
airports such as Frankfurt, London and Copenhagen (Denmark) and a
reduction in the number of flights operated by the partner on
certain transatlantic routes, especially between Frankfurt and
Chicago and Washington where Lufthansa and United Airlines together
hold a monopoly.

Fire gutted Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont domestic airport's
62-year-old Art Deco terminal early Friday, shutting down all
air traffic only a week before the famous Carnival festivities
No serious injuries were reported and other areas of the airport
were not involved.  All traffic was diverted to Rio's international

Swissair mechanics recently revelled in the glow of accomplishment
after completing yet another complicated task allowing their
airline to get its jets into the air: finding and evicting a rat
from an Airbus A319.  The vexing varmint stowaway forced Swissair
to ground the Airbus for two days.

Traveling in a human mailing tube gets to some people.  Such an
explanation may be the only one available to an unidentified
passenger aboard an AAL flight from Tampa to Dallas recently.
The unruly passenger occupied the lavatory of the MD-80 and --
after disrobing -- proceeded to destroy it.
An altercation with another passenger ensued.

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. Interline stuff.

Did you know?
- ID80 positive space tickets are NOT available on AC Regional carriers,
AC Planned charters, Air Canada Vacation, or
code sharing flights.
- Type of travel can be One way, Round trip, Circle trip, Open jaw
for North American, Caribbean and International travel.
- ID80 is subject to deplanement.
- Aeroplan accummulations NOT permitted.
- Pos space purchase and reservations at airport is possible,
1 hour prior to departure for North American travel
2 hours prior to departure for International travel.
- Transferring from Positive (ID80) to space available (pass) on
the same flight NOT permitted after
6 hours prior to flight departure for North American.
48 hours prior to flight departure for International.

Car rentals in Europe & U.K.
Try Auto-Europe, 1-800-223-555 as some more favourable deals
can be had by booking this side of the Atlantic.

Dodo's Nest 1998 - hosted by Interline Club of Mauritius.
June 1st - 6th at La Pirogue Hotel & Casino in Mauritius.
Package cost Mauritian rupees 15,500 pp dbl.
(exch presently CA$1.00 = 15.50 rupees).
Note: Airport departure tax is 300 rupees pp.
Deadline date: Mar 31st.
Contact your local Interline club for more details.

Guarajuate Colonial '98 hosted by Club Interlineal Leon, Mexico.
Apr 23rd - 26th at Parador San Javier Hotel.
Package cost US$300 pp dbl.
Deadline date: Apr 1st.
Contact your local Interline club for more details.

Visit Guernsey, Jersey Channel Islands until Mar 31st.
Guernsey: St. Pierre Park 2 nights B & B from UKP139 pp dbl
Green Acres     2 nights B & B from UKP115 pp dbl
Jersey:   Queens Hotel    2 nights B & B from UKP115 pp dbl
Fly-drive 3 days from UKP69.
Includes flight with Jersey European from UK.

Fancy Greece or Cyprus? Until Mar 31st.
4 nights B & B in Athens, Greece    from UKP75 pp dbl.
4 nights H/B   in Loutraki, Greece  from UKP64 pp dbl.
4 nights B & B in Paphos, Cyprus    from UKP95 pp dbl.
4 nights B & B in Larnaca, Cyprus   from UKP89 pp dbl.
4 nights B & B in Limmassol, Cyprus from UKP94 pp dbl.
Prices incl accommodation, some meals, tax & service.
Flight with Olympic from UK to Greece from UKP105
Cyprus from UKP119.

Contact Lawson Travel in the UK 0181-941-7200 for details.

Accommodations in Cyprus -
Le Meridien, 5 star Limassol CA$71 Tel:357-5-634000.
Kapetanios Bar Hotel, Protaras CA$23 pp dbl per day.
Navarria Hotel, Limassol CA$19 pp dbl per day B & B.
Flamingo Beach Hotel, Larnaca CA$25 pp dbl per day
1 b/r house CA$25 pp dbl per night or
2 b/r house CA$17 pp min 4 persons per night Tel:357-2-493397.

Holland America Line:
New York           departs Apr 26th  US$1187.50.
Rome to Athens             May 17th  US$1902.50.
Athens to Rotterdam        May 29th  US$1902.50.
Venice to Athens           Oct 16th  US$1997.50.
Athens to Rome             Oct 28th  US$1897.50.
Rome to Rome               Nov 9th   US$1822.50.
Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale   Dec 3rd   US$1187.50.
Call 1-800-690-3223 for details and mention Pionairs.

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. Smilie.

Top Ten Changes at NASA to Accommodate 76-Year-Old John Glenn's
Return to Space Aboard the Shuttle Discovery:
10. All important devices now operated by the Clapper.
9. Shuttle's thermostat set at 80 degrees.
8. Shuffle board installed in cargo bay.
7. "Early Bird" specials from Morrison's Cafeteria included on
6. One monitor specifically designated for Matlock.
5. Little bowls of candy scattered randomly about the ship.
4. Top speed of shuttle set at 25 miles per hour.
3. Installed a new bifocal windshield.
2. Space pants now go up to armpits.
1. Left-blinker left on for entire mission.

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.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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