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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 250     date Mar 19th 1998

Published since October  1995.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
Please E-mail  all correspondence to both of us, as Vesta lives in
Victoria BC, and Terry lives in Ladysmith, BC.

" Between US.

It's become a habit now which I enjoy, that every 50 issues, I, your
chief pilot, write an editorial.

I was e-mailing to Terry the other day and told him that I couldn't
have found a better travelling partner than he. (as long as Dawn,
his wife, doesn't mind me taking up so much of his quality time <G>)
We have had a working partnership for more than 2 years now and we
are still having FUN.

And Alan Rust, the Pionair Webmaster along with Tom Grant. We three
have a surprise for you in the near future, for those that can Web

Bill Norberg, plussing out of Winnipeg, has become our very
interesting airline historian with his contributions.

Ron Munson, plussing out of the U.K., keeps us uptodate from over
the water, and of course all of you.
Thanks to everyone for the updates on their parties and events.

The Between*Yourselves*NetLetter is growing at a very fast rate,
thanks to everyone. In Oct 97 our membership total was 163 and as of
this writing in Mar 98 it is 243,for a total of 80 more added to the
Con list, that's the fastest growing period we have
had so far since we started to publish in OCTOBER 1995.

In Nl 202 Oct 21 we had a name change from Between Ourselves to
Between*Yourselves*NetLetter as we didn't want to be confused or
related to a resurrected name in the Horizon and as Bob Robbins
pointed out ' what's in a name!'

Netletter 214 Nov 25 was a special edition for the Pionairs National
Committee, for the forthcoming Reduced Rate Travel privileges
booklet. The feedback and suggestions arising from this issue are a
big benefit to the RRT Committee.

In Netletter 218 we brought you the news about our underground
publishing links at different AC bases and offices, which we
certainly say 'go for it' as many of our AC retirees/spouses do not
have computers, and have relatives working for AC who bring home
Between*Yourselves*NetLetter to them for their enjoyment. We also
have a few retirees names on our list in reverse because a
'outsider' relative/friend with a computer will deliver the
Netletter to them.

In Netletter 215 we brought you up to date on all of our concerns
for the year 1999 turnover to 2000. I ,for one, will sleep through
that New Years Eve countdown and let the other guy do all the
worrying <G>

In various Net letters we kept you posted on AC's 60th birthday
celebrations with the help of Corrie.

We brought you the Blue Angels demos sked for 98, and other Air
Shows in Canada, the exploits of Sir Freddie Laker and more.

And of course, it goes without saying that we all enjoy reading
TERRY'S TRAVEL TIPS, even though some of us don't travel like we
used to, it is nice to go along and read all about it.

Your Between*Yourselves*NetLetter was a great way to survive the
mail strike, and was always on hand to post any last minute
information especially for the Christmas Parties of 97, from the
Pionair District Directors.
Now your editors Vesta Stevenson and Terry Baker, would like to
'pull in some markers' and ask a few favours of YOU.

1. Re: AGM '98 in Toronto neither Terry or myself will be able to
attend and so we would like some volunteers to sit at the
registration desk or anywhere and hand of information about

All that is required of you is to have a sheet or pad (one of the
hotels) handy at all times where attendees to the AGM 98 can add
their e-mail address or get Terry's or my E-mail address from you,
or get your e-mail address. And of course, then upload this info to
me from the AGM site would be fine or from home of course. Actually
this can be done at anytime during the AGM, even while your are
eating your steak dinner. We don't mind! Let's have a contest to
find out who gets the most new subscribers.

I personally would like to get Ross Smythe, for one,  on our list of
E-mailers.  I'm sure he will remember me.

BTW It would be even nicer if you had a copy or two of the
*Between*Yourselves*NetLetter to hand out!

Am I asking too much for the entertainment we have brought you?

2.We need more information (and smilies) sent to us via E-mail
from the different districts and national executives, to keep
in touch. If you know that no one on your local director's committee
has a E- mail Internet address, please volunteer your services and
let Terry or I know.

Keep Flying and Keep Smiling and Keep E-Mailing.
Vesta.  "

" ' "

. News from the Districts -
The third annual Pionairs System Golf Tournament is set for
June 23rd and 24th at the Penticton Golf and Country Club,
Penticton, BC.
Mens and Ladies low gross and low net event.
Entry fee CA$70.00 includes North Star Box lunch special,
prizes, trophies and banquet.
Power cart sharing including tax CA$14.00 pp.
Practice round - if required! - CA$27.00.
Cheques payable to 'Air Canada Pionairs in trust' to
Don Graham, 109 - 801 Comox Street,
Penticton, BC. V2A 8G5
further details call Don at 250-492-6045.
DEADLINE: May 31st.

The Edmonton Pionairs next luncheon will be held on April 19, 1998,
at the Nisku Inn, starting at 11:30 a.m., cost CA$12.00.
If wishing to attend, please advise Shirley Jay, 403 436 0866.
Fyi there is a shuttle bus from the Airport to the Nisku Inn which is
about five minutes from the Terminal.
Thanks.  Shirley Jay

The NB District Spring Lunch will once again be at the Quality Inn,
Sussex, at 1230 hrs, Thursday Apr 23rd.
Guest speaker will be Olie Moore and of course his CEO Mary will be with him.
Out of town retirees and spouses are welcome.
Contact Frank Cogger at 506 672-2159 or Dave Livingstone at 506 757-2996

" ' "

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