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Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-pilot     - Terry Baker         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

number 266   date Apr 25th, 1998  1st Published in October 1995


. Short bio from Les Powell -
Hi Editors
I read your article in the AC Pioneers News letter from UK where you tell
about the DC8 that ran off the runway at LHR. I was the Dispatcher on
duty when that event took place.  Our office was in the Queens Bldg if
you remember. Alec Murray ( since passed away) was on with me that evening.
I joined TCA in 1956 in Flight Dispatch and transferred to Montreal Dispatch
in 1973 then transfered to YYZ in 1974 then took early retirement in 1978.
Just thought I would make myself known to you.
Regards, Les <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

. and one from Weldon Wallace -
I, Weldon Wallace, have entered the 90's and am surfing the Internet
(to quote my daughter).
I joined TCA in 1956 as a station attendant at Pat Bay (Victoria
International Airport) and was fortunate to have remained here for all my
33+ working years, having retired as a station agent in 1989.
I married Ina (Corbett) in 1962.  Ina worked at YJR (Victoria reservations)
from 1956 to 1962, with a short stint in BDA.
We have 3 children - a married daughter (and our only grandchild) in
Campbell River, Vancouver Island, a  married daughter in Vancouver and
a son in Saskatoon.
We are enjoying our retirement in sunny, Sidney by the Sea.
Have a great day,  Ina Wallace <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

. and one from Michel Beriau -

I join T.C.A. in 1956 as a passenger agent at the Quebec Airport and
29 years after I was offered a package and I accepted because I had so much
to do by the fact I was enjoying travelling especially in France and it is
also the reason when I join the executive of Quebec Prov. in  Montreal in
Sept. 1986 even if I had to travel from Quebec to Montreal every month.
Michel Beriau <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
(Michel organizes trips to Paris France, and last report he had 85
lined up for it. Unfortunately, Michel has been hospitalized, and
the trip has been postphoned. - eds)

" ' "

. News from the Districts.
OTTAWA District -
In the recent copy of the Ottawa District newsletter, there was an article
which made mention of Bruce Scott's appointment by the local ACRA to
liaise with the Pionairs. We asked Bob Robbins about this and his answer
follows -
'Your query re the OW airport person to handle their ACRA liaison with
OW District Pionairs. A number of circumstances, especially the Air Canada
60th Birthday Party, have strengthened the ties between present Ottawa
District employees, and the Ottawa Pionairs District's members.
Bruce Scott's appointment by the local ACRA is another step in that
direction.  Bruce's father is a former Airport Customer Service Manager,
and since retiring served as a District Director of Ottawa Area Pionairs,
as well as on our local Pionair Executive Committees since then.
Bob Robbins  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(LHR Pionairs have a similar liaison with ACRA at Heathrow - eds)

About 50 New Brunswick Pionairs and spouses met for a Spring Lunch on
Thursday April 23rd at their usual meeting spot of The Quality Inn in
Sussex. Most New Brunswick Pionairs are from the Fredericton, Moncton and
Saint John areas, so Sussex is our preferred location for these Spring and
Fall lunches as it is convenient to all 3 cities. The menu for the buffet
lunch was planned by District Director Frank Cogger and his wife Olive and
once again was a great success. Perhaps the only problem occurred when it
was found that the golf season would open on the same day of the lunch.
Frank has vowed never to repeat this mistake - but then we may never again
have such an early opening!
We were pleased to have both Olie and Mary Moore as our guest speakers -
Olie giving us a review and update on the Pionairs Travel Manual, and Mary
giving a description of the upcoming Toronto AGM. At the end of the
meeting, David Livingstone gave Olie and Mary each a copy of a tattered and
faded Montreal Reservations Office "Team Establishment" dated March 1953.
Mary (McCarthy), as Lead Agent and O Moore as Tel. Sales Agent were on the
list, along with Frank Stevens, Jack Kantor, Hugh McKay, Laurie Davis, Jean
McCraken, Joe Mastro, Margaret Timmel - and the list of familiar names goes
on and on.
David Livingstone   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Grand Bay - Westfield,   NB   Canada   

" ' "

. Don Demeza in Belleville sends us the following:
The Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers Radio Control Club will hold their
13th annual "Jet Rally" at Mountainview Airport Sat and Sunday June 13th
and 14th.  The Club pioneered the jet rally concept with their first rally
in 1986 and it attracts world class models and pilots from the U.S.A. and
Last year 60 pilots and 100 aircraft were registered.  The technology today
is well advanced with some using real model turbine engines running on
propane or JP4 fuel. Many of the models cost over $10,000.
The rally also features large scale warbirds - the 25 foot model of a
Halifax which flew at last year's rally is expected again this year.
It's a family picnic day - food and refreshments are available and about
2000 spectators are expected. Mountainview is located 15 Kilometers
south of Belleville on Highway 62.  Flying begins at 9.30 am and the lower
winds in the morning are favoured by the pilots. Sunday afternoon the flying
slows because those who travelled long distances are packing up,
particularly if Saturday has been a good flying day.
Of course, it all depends on weather but no cancellations so far.
A number of Air Canada people have attended past rallies and this year, so
far, I'm expecting Al Blackwood, Phil Pawsey, Jack McDougall, Walter Chopp
and Alan MacLeod.
The Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers Radio Control Club have a home page with
further access to aircraft activities: www.reach.net/~bqac
If you'd like further information send me an email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I'm pretty busy at this event organizing registration but would like to
welcome any fellow retirees.

" ' "

. Vesta found these articles in the Wall Street Journal & US Today -
Sun and IBM have agreed to work together to develop a new operating system
based on Java, the popular computer language that was developed by Sun.
The new system would be targeted for use in the world's many millions
of terminals (a large percentage of which are connected to IBM mainframe
computers devoted to such applications as AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSEMS).
The two computer makers also plan to license the new Java OS to other

Priceline.Com is offering a new way for flexible vacationers to buy plane
tickets -- they can set the price they'll pay, and Priceline.Com will try
to find it for them among the numerous unpublished fares supplied by
U.S. and international airlines. The search takes one hour for domestic
flights and 24 hours for overseas. Priceline.Com, which launches Monday,
requires that customers be willing to depart on any available flight
between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., and flights may include one stop or connection,
making the service less attractive for business travelers. "We're not a
discount ticket warehouse, and we're not for everybody," says the
company's founder. < http://www.priceline.com >

" ' "

. Found on the Internet.
Swissair has announced a new European airline group linking the Swiss
national airline with Austrian Airlines, Sabena of Belgium, TAP Air Portugal,
Turkish Airlines and AOM of France. The goal of the new alliance, to be
called the Qualiflyer Group, is to place smaller airlines in a better
position to compete with global groups such as the Star Alliance.
Other airlines may join the alliance at a later time, probably starting with
Italy's Air One of which Swissair is a minority shareholder and Swiss
regional carrier Crossair.
It will be kept separate from the Atlantic Excellence Alliance uniting
Austrian Airlines, US flag carrier Delta Airlines, Sabena and Swissair.


Belgium  intends to replace part of its extensive rail network by an air
network. Every 10 minutes, aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 will be
taking off from Belgium's airports in Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Liege
and Ostend to offer 20 to 30 minute flights within Belgium and to
neighbouring countries. No date yet has been given for the start of this new
service, but it is rumoured the government wants the air network to be fully
operational by the 2000 European Soccer Cup co-hosted by Belgium and
The Netherlands. Several Asian airlines, which have aircraft and crew
available due to the monetary crisis in Asia, are said to be ready to start
operating the short routes at once, but Sabena will probably
operate most flights.

Hawaiian Airlines is the first airline to offer tickets through automated
teller machines (ATM). Coupons for flights within Hawaii can be acquired at
more than 140 Bank of Hawaii ATMs throughout the state. Travellers then
reserve a seat with Hawaiian Air, with the coupons acting as tickets.

" ' "

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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