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number 272   date May 13th, 1998  1st Published in October 1995


. Second V.P. for the National Pionair Excutive sends this plea -

"District Directors attending the AGM in Toronto are reminded to
bring a small prize representative of their district for door prizes during
the AGM Business Meetings"
Thanks for your help. Fraser O'Shaughnessy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Here's yet another story from the pen of Bill Norberg -

It is now over 37 years since the Vanguard aircraft joined the T.C.A. fleet
in 1961. It was an aircraft that had many interesting qualities.The pilots
loved its spacious walk around cockpit.Sales loved its seating
capacity.Cargo loved its spacious belly compartments. Maintenance knew it
for the infamous Tyne engine.It was the only aircraft we ever operated that
could carry a spare engine in its belly compartment.

The aircraft fuselage had what was referred to as a "double bubble" design.
The fuselage cross section instead of being a circle was shaped like a
figure eight. This gave excellent cabin height as well as deeper cargo
space in the belly compartments. This created the familiar cusp line along
the side of the fuselage.

These deep cargo compartments had another quality we were to find out one
night in the early 60's. A Vanguard was landing at Dorval when the flight
crew realized they had a potentially serious problem. One of the main
landing gears would not lower to the locked position.

The flight crew working with Maintenence tried all the tricks in the book
to lower and lock the gear in place.To no avail. At one point they
suspected it might only be an indication problem so a low fly past was done
to establish the actual position of the gear in question.They were able to
confirm it was not in the down position.

They were now in an emergency landing situation and the necessary
preparations were made. The gear was retracted,foam placed on the landing
runway and the aircraft was brought in on its belly. This is where the deep
belly was a real advantage. It kept the wings and engines high above the
ground and reduced the risk of fire considerably.

The landing was as gracious as it could be under the circumstances
admittedly with extensive damage to the lower belly of the aircraft and
some propeller blades.There were no injuries and no fire. It was a very
successful end to a potentially serious situation.

The aircraft was jacked up,the gear lowered manually and towed to the Base
for investigation to determine the cause. It was a simple problem and a
simple soliution as it turned out.

The design clearance between the landing gear doors and the tires during
the landing gear lowering process was so close the tire hung up on the
landing gear door preventing proper lowering.This problem existed to
varying degrees on most Vanguards. The solution was merely to coat
liberally the insides of the landing gear doors with Dow Corning Silicone
compound after all had been checked for proper spacing.

Aircraft 906 had a new belly installed at the Dorval base which took a fair
length of time as you might imagine. During this down time period 906 was
used as a source of spare components to service the operating fleet of

By the time the belly had been repaired the aircraft had an extensive list
of missing components that had been used for other aircraft. Aircraft 906
had become what we called a "Hangar Queen"

We finally had to consider 906 as a line aircraft in order to obtain the
necessary components to get it back to service. The priority "A.O.G."
..aircraft on ground was used to bring this about.
"Bill Norberg" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

(We hope that Bill's 'pen' has not dried up - eds.)

( Your co-pilot was at the UK end of a string of AOG's for this aircraft
which ended up as a 'hanger queen' for many months. So many AOG's came in
that Vickers refused to address the urgency until the fin number of the
aircraft which received the 'robbed' unit was quoted - eds)

" ' "

. Your Chief Pilot - Vesta thought this article may intrest some of you -

From: Aerodynamics and Flight Simulator
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dear Flight Simulator enthusiats,
We are pleased to announce you that the new version of AFS
(Aerodynamics and Flight Simulator) is available.
A demo version is available at :
Please feel free to try it out.

AFS is an integrated set of tools running on PC under Windows 95/DOS.
It is an initiation to Aerodynamics and flight  models. It could be used
to model Propeller, Turboprop,  turbofan and atmos reciprocating engine
type with up to 4 engines. AFS is delivered with a panel editor,
a weather editor, a log archive function, a world wide navaids database
and a help section about aerodynamics.
Aerodynamics and Flight Simulator
---- e-mail  : mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
http   : http://www.web-span.com/afs

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. News from the Districts.

Subject: Halifax Bowling
Errol advises us that the Halifax Pionairs Bowling ended in early April
with a banquet at a local hotel.  They will restart in early Oct., will
advise you the exact date later. 
All the best.  Errol A Mitchell <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

From the Montreal District -
Spring Luncheon - Royal St. Lawrence - April 23, 1998
By Pamela Roscholt
It was like on a warm summer day that we met at the Royal St. Lawrence
Yacht Club, overlooking beautiful Lake St-Louis.  Most of the group arrived
early and in a party mood.  Herb Guilfoyle, our enthusiastic Director,
welcomed everyone and invited those attending for the first time to introduce
themselves.  It was fun to meet these new members and we hope to see them
again.  Some of them were hoping to attend the Toronto AGM in May.
After a delicious luncheon, Herb:
* Reminded us that the Dreams Take Flight group will be holding a
sugaring-off party in Rigaud, Saturday, April 25th at 3:00 P.M.   He also
mentioned that several Pionairs will be assisting in the next Dreams Take
Flight ground preparations before the flight takes off - which involves being
at Dorval at 03:00 P.M.
* Informed the group that the Pionair Bowling League attracted a good
turnout and from bowler's comments, was a lively time.  Mary Timmons
organized the league, which started on January 20th and ended on April 28th,
and the consensus was that we should start another session in the fall.
Reminded Pionairs that some members will be leaving the Committee
November 30, 1998, which is the end of their two-year term.  He also said
that anyone wanting to get more involved in Pionair activities, might want to
consider running for some of the positions that become opened. Two of them
are that of Director, presently held by Herb or, Editor, held by Jacques
Gaucher.  If you have a computer, and wish to take on the interesting job of
Editor of the Sentinel, just telephone Herb Guilfoyle at (514) 696-5286 and
let him know of your interest. If  you'd like to attend a Committee
meeting to find out what's involved in serving on the committee, just let him
He then introduced Real Henri, Past President, who reminded us about the
Picnic at the Ecomuseum, June the 10th.
Several door prizes were then won by various Pionairs, from the following
1. Harling, our mailing house, donated a Baton Rouge Restaurant certificate.
2. Casa Grecque restaurant provided a certificate.
3. Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club gave two certificates.
4. Ena Zuurdeeg, Pionair, gave a hand-made Teddy Bear.
5. Ross Smyth, Pionair and author gave a copy of his book: "The Lindbergh of
Canada : The Errol Boyd Story".
Everyone had a good time and we bid adieu to old friends and new ones.
submitted by  Jacques Gaucher <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

" ' "

. Ron Munson from LHR sends us another update -
The airport station and tunnels for the UKP440m Heathrow Express rail link
have now been officially handed over to the BAA.  The full LHR - Paddington
station service will be launched in June with trains every 15 minutes at
speeds up to 100 mph. for a journey time of 15 minutes.  The service is
expected to to attract six million passengers in its first year.
Airlines have been warned by industry regulators about saving money by
cutting back on fuel loads.  The CAA has sent a circular to carriers
highlighting what it calls "a lack of understanding" by airlines and crews.
The warning was sparked by an alarming rise in the number of jets arriving
over Heathrow and Gatwick critically low on fuel.  The pilots of at least
five jets have been forced to radio emergency calls demanding an immediate
landing slot after running low on fuel.  A pilot of an airbus A310 refused
to accept an ATC delay at LHR before landing although he did not declare an
British Midland and Air France are to code-share on the LHR-Nice route from
28th May.  The deal covers two flights daily which are operated by a BM
EL AL is giving passengers a free discount pass book at check-in, offering
savings on hotel rooms, shopping, car rental, museums and other attractions
in Israel.
Air France has pulled out of Cargo 2000, an IATA freight service
development group set up in 1997.  New members are Air Canada, China
airlines, LEP International and Wilson Freight Systems.  The group now
consists of 19 airlines and 15 forwarders.
Finnair has set up what is thought to be the world's first fear-of-flying
courses for children.   One-day seminars for 10 year olds and over are
followed by a flight.   Explanations are given about fear, how planes fly,
plus tours of hangers at Helsinki airport and relaxation and confidence
drills.   Two day courses for adults have been running since 1992.
LHR continues to tear up the record books, flying to a new all-time high of
58.1 million passengers in the last 12 months.  The increase is 3.6% on the
previous year, while flights grew by only 1.2% to 431,904.    Cargo soared
13% to 1.2 million tonnes.
Only 1% of business travellers use inflight phones...only 15% enjoy
inflight entertainment...and 34% prefer to work, says a survey by American
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Terry's travel tips.

Alaska Interline Cruise Specials on Holland America!!!

7-Day Alaska Cruises
RYNDAM - May 31 & June 7 - Glacier Discovery
STATENDAM - MAY 31 - Glacier Discovery
WESTERDAM - JUNE 6 - Inside Passage
MAASDAM - JUNE 8 & 15 - Inside Passage
On Glacier Discovery Cruises
Inside Cabin us$760.00 pp (INCLUDING PORT CHARGES)
Outside Cabin us$900.00 pp (INCLUDING PORT CHARGES)
On Inside Passage Cruises
Inside Cabin us$710.00 pp (INCLUDING PORT CHARGES)
Outside Cabin us$850.00 pp (INCLUDING PORT CHARGES)
Above rates are quoted in US Dollars, cruise-only, double occupancy, and are
based on availability.
Rates apply only to employees, employee's spouse/children, employee's
parents, or retirees of IATA/ARC appointed international, regional,
commuter, or air cargo airlines.  Guests sharing a stateroom with airline
employee/parent/retiree are eligible.
CALL 1-800-345-7576 for more details!

" ' "

. Smilie.
Karl Eliason found this one -
A young businessman was seated next to an elderly priest on an airplane.
Having a minor technical problem at the gate and the flight being delayed,
the Captain apologized and announced that the airline would be buying a
free round of drinks.
When the charming and very attractive flight attendant came by, the
businessman ordered a double scotch.  Then she asked the priest if he would
like a drink.
"Oh, no thank you," replied the priest. "I would rather commit adultery
than drink alcohol."
Halting in mid-swallow and dribbling scotch down his front, the businessman
quickly replaced his drink on the beverage cart and replied, "Excuse me,
miss, I didn't know I had a choice."

" ' "

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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