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Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-pilot     - Terry Baker         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

number 326   date Nov 12th, 1998  1st Published in October 1995


. Welcome to
Ernie Bell retired and living in Newcastle, Ont
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Allan Gray and Donna Hunter retired and living in Upper Campbell Lake,
on Vancouver Island, BC. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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compiled by vesta.
Friday  November 13, 1998
Ottawa,  Pionair KoffeeKlatsches AT 10 AM Weekly,
Family Restaurant, Carlingwood Shopping
Tuesday  November 17, 1998
Burlingame California Pionairs monthly meeting
at 11am Air Canada office all welcome
Montreal Pionairs weekly  Bowling League -
Valois Arena 62 Donegani Pte C  Mary Timmons 514  626-3263.
Wednesday  November 18, 1998
Burlington & Oakville   Pionairs Grp, Coffee at Pig & Whistle,
Burlock Dr & Lakeshore Rd 11am monthly, lunch may be
preordered a week in  advance 847-1421
St Catherines Pionairs/and  Retirees @10am Sweets & Crepes Cafe
on Ontario St at Lakeport. ALL retirees welcome.
contact Colin  Bailey 935-3970
Friday  November 20, 1998
Ottawa,  Pionair   KoffeeKlatsches AT 10 AM Weekly,
Family Restaurant, Carlingwood Shopping
Monday  November 23, 1998
St Petersburg, Fla-  TCA Annual Reunion 98 -
the Trade Winds Resort
Tuesday  November 24, 1998
Montreal Pionairs weekly Bowling League -
Valois Arena 62 Donegani Pte C Mary Timmons 514  626-3263.
St Petersburg, Fla  TCA  Annual Reunion 98 (day 2)
Wednesday  November 25, 1998
St Catherines Pionairs/and  Retirees @10am Sweets & Crepes Cafe
on Ontario St at Lakeport. ALL retirees welcome.
contact Colin  Bailey 935-3970
St Petersburg, Fla-  TCA Annual Reunion 98 (day3)
Thursday  November 26, 1998
Comox, Van Isle Pionairs  monthly  call Ralph Tisdall at 250-338-5788
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for location
St Petersburg, Fla-  TCA   Annual Reunion 98 (day 4)
Friday  November 27, 1998
Ottawa,  Pionair   KoffeeKlatsches AT 10 AM Weekly,
Family Restaurant, Carlingwood Shopping
St Petersburg, Fla-  TCA Annual Reunion 98 (day 5)

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. George Brien sends us this -
Hi folks,
A short "flash from the past" about TCA when job descriptions didn't
cover all the situations.
The latest story by Bill Norberg reminded me that similar flares  were
still  kept in stock by local maintenance during the mid fifties.
Many of the smaller airports  had  basic runway lighting which did not
show up too well during periods of poor visibility  such as  snow  or fog
(radio range letdowns with a minimum of 400 ft ceiling and 1 mile
visibility didnt help much either.)
A box of  railway flares were kept on hand  and these could be ignited by
breaking off the end somehow, which created a  very bright  flare.
An inbound DC3 from Boston to Yarmouth was having a difficult time picking
up any runway lighting, so after several approaches  request was made for
Not sure  how I converted from being a Radio Operator to becoming the
"flare operator"  but  borrowing  an airport jeep, off we went to the
end of runway 33 .  The flares only lasted  about 10-15 mins  so when the
Capt reported turning final, off we went lighting and setting a flare
every  100 yards down the right hand side of the runway and quickly got
back to the terminal.
The success rate from the several times that we tried it was  poor to
nil  but it did give the passengers who were waiting in the terminal
the impression that we were "doing all possible to assist"  and I must
admit  that the flares were quite impressive  as seen from the ground
(too bad they couldn't be seen  as well from the air )
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Irv Christjanson sends us the web site which he enjoys viewing -
Subject: aviation world web site

John Hayes sends a couple of web sites for us -
Anyone desiring information about upcoming airshows, intricate details
of the Wright Brothers first flight,  or Amelia Earhart's Atlantic solo
or other interesting aviation links should visit Aviation Enthusiasts
Corner at http://aeroweb.brooklyn.cuny.edu/air.html
Visit Dreamland Virtual Airport at
http://www.dreamland.co.uk/aviation/aindex.htm for a plethora of
aviation-related subjects with many easy links to get you to your
desired destination, be it airlines, aircraft, aviation computers or
aviation pictures.

And one from Vesta our Chief pilot -
A site for aircraft buffs is www.airforce.ca which is
maintained by the Airforce Association.  It provides links
to 30 aircraft related sites all over the world.  The photo
of the Canso is the Victoria Cross Memorial to F/l Dave
Hornell which carries the markings of Canso #9754 'Mark K'
flown by F/L Hornell during the sinking of U-Boat 1225.
This photo was on the site of the Canadian Warplane Heritage
Museum to be found through a link or at http://www.warplane.com

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. Found on the internet.

Former Boeing test pilot A.M. "Tex" Johnston died Thursday
after a four-year bout with Alzheimer's.  Johnston is best known as the
pilot who barrel-rolled a Boeing 707 in 1955.  He was supposed to simply
do a flyover for a group watching from the shore of Seattle's Lake
Washington, but instead rolled the big bird right on around.

FLYING "HIGH": Ansett Airlines becomes the first to install syringe
disposal bins on flights.  Management hopes drug users will use the bins
instead of throwing used needles into the trash where unwary airline
employees could be pricked.  Australian government officials aren't as
high on the plan, worrying such a move will actually "promote" drug use.

Israel has served notice on Canada that it intends to terminate their
bilateral air treaty in twelve months, according to Air Canada.
Notice was served on October 22, and would take effect on
October 22, 1999 if nothing changed by then, said Air Canada
spokesman John Hamilton. In the meantime, both Air Canada and
El Al Israel Airlines will be able to maintain regular service levels.
El Al has several times expressed discontent with the level of
service offered by Air Canada, which has the largest share of the
market despite entering it in 1995 only. Air Canada's arrival has
also pushed fares lower and reduced the El Al share of the lucrative
Israel to US market because passengers find using Air Canada's
Montreal and Toronto gateways more convenient than the El Al
service to New York thanks to shorter connections and routings.
Air Canada usually flies a Boeing 767-300 aircraft to Tel Aviv on
non-stop flights, but El Al uses heavier 747s with twice the
capacity and has to pair cities in North America in order to fill its
seats. El Al is also disadvantaged by being prevented from flying
on the Jewish Sabbath, making Air Canada's service more popular
with business travellers.

The US Congress has defeated an attempt sponsored by President
Bill Clinton to force airlines to set aside three rows where peanuts
will not be served upon request by a passenger with a medically
documented allergy to peanuts. Had the legislation
been approved, it would have opened the floodgates to hundreds of
other products being banned from aeroplanes, with airlines ending
up serving bland food to passengers all dressed in non-allergic

Air Canada has developed a PC-based personal ticket office for frequent
flyer club members. Floppy disks containing the software is being made
available. The airline is also testing Canada's first self-service airport
check-in kiosks.

Air Canada employee Brynley Evans, from Technical Operations, has invented
a device that has simplified aircraft cold weather handling, and is now being
tested in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton. Aircraft freeze-ups are common
on his station in Edmonton.

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. News from the Districts.

Errol Mitchell sends us this -
re our Xmas party, the cost will be $12.50 per person, and again
it will be held at Armdale Yacht Club, Halifax.
7pm on Wednesday, Dec. 9th.  All the best.  Mitch

From the Air Canada Pionairs - USA Newsletter Fall 98 -
Fall meeting held Oct 1-4 at Walnut Creek, California attended by 29 at
the business meeting, and 34 at the dinner. Addressing the meeting were
Olie Moore, National President of Pionairs, and Doug Lovat, Director of
Pensions & Employee Benefits. A tour of wine country and golf rounded out
the event. Some of the group who recalled stories from long ago were
Jean Reilly (NYC), Stan Heller (DAL), Alex Page (Bend OR) and
Barb & Ike Hildebrand (Tucson), Hugh & Donna MacKay, Mac & Louise Francis,
Art & Swan Suffron, Irene & Bruce Hembroff, Marion & Bob Corsiglia,
Ellenor & Grant McLarty, Art & Verdelle Thrun, Jim Christie,
Loren & Shirley Timbers, Molly Whyte, June & Kelly Marcum, Ian MacMurray,
Wilshire Bethel, Art Bedford & Cec Padget.
Next Fall meeting will be in October 1999, details to be advised.

Doug Lovat invited Pionairs to write to him with any concerns -
Director, Pensions & Employees Benefits, PO Box 14000,
Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4Y 1H4. Fax (514)422-5636
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The local Pionair Director should also be advised of any problems so that
any resolution can be disseminated to the members. 

Bill & Mary Willows, active members in Cleveland are moving to Burlington,
Ontario during November.

From the London England District monthly newsletter -
In a recent issue of Airways Magazine concerning airline meals, the
winners 'for consistency, creativity and pure commitment to excellence
in in-flight catering' were as follows -
1st: Cathay Pacific Airways, tied with Singapore Airlines.
2nd: Emirates tied with Swissair.
The best trans-Atlantic airline meal -
1st: Swissair (First class)
2nd: Virgin Atlantic (Business & Economy).
The best North American airline meal -
Midwest Express.
(We suppose the survey was taken during the Air Canada strike!!!! - eds)

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. Terry's travel tips.

Hotels in and around London Heathrow are served by a shuttle bus service
and NOT by the individual hotels shuttles. Called the Hotel Hoppa, the
service runs every 15 minutes and costs GBP2.00 one way and GBP3.50 return.

WACA events for March 1999 -
Mar 1-12 World Airlines Football Cup host IC Portugal in Auckland
NZ$1700. Deadline Jan 4/99.
Mar 13-23 Thailand Excursion 99 host AC Thailand cost us$735
Mar 21-27 WACA Ski Races host IAC Zurich cost CHF1090 deadline Jan 1/99.
Mar 22-29 China Capitals Tour host AC Thailand cost us$800
Contact your local interline club or WACA for more details.

Royal Caribbean Cruises - Dargal Interline Tours -
Dec 20th - 7 days - have a Royal Caribbean Christmas on the
MONARCH OF THE SEAS. San Juan/Puerto Rico, St. Thomas/USVI, Fort-de
France/Martinique, Bridgetown/Barbados, St. John's/Antigua, Philipsburg/St.
Maarten, Christmas at Sea, San Juan.
Inside $494, Outside $594, DLX Outside $994
WESTERN CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS 1998 Dec 20th - 7 days -
Have a celebrity Christmas on the Celebrity MERCURY
Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Calica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Ft. Lauderdale.
Inside $478, Outside $578, 3rd and 4th persons sharing $77.50
WESTERN CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS 1998 Dec 20th - 7 days -
MAJESTY OF THE SEAS. Miami, Labadee/Haiti, Ocho Rios/Jamaica,
Georgetown/Grand Cayman, Playa del Carmen/Mexico, Cozumel/Mexico, Miami.
Outside $594, DLX Outside $694
CIRCLE CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS 1998 - Dec 16th - 10 days -
SPLENDOUR OF THE SEAS. Miami, Playa del Carmen/Mexico, Cozumel/Mexico,
Georgetown/Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios/Jamaica, St. Thomas/USVI,
San Juan/Puerto Rico, Christmas Day at Sea, Miami.
Inside $964, Outside $1164, 3rd and 4th $509
Prices in US$ per person Double. Port charges & taxes additional.
Call 1-800-690-3223 for details and mention Pionairs.

European Mini Fams 98/99.
Land only 4 day/3 nights offered from Nov thru to Mar 99 and include
accommodation, daily breakfast, city tours and all tax/service.
Prices pp dbl.
Budapest from us$97.00   extra nights us$26.00
Prague   from us$139.00  extra nights us$43.00
Vienna   from us$99.00   extra nights us$24.00
Geneva   from us$218.00  extra nights us$72.00
Munich   from us$138.00  extra nights us$43.00
Krakow   from us$103.00  extra nights us$34.00
Warsaw   from us$160.00  only valid Fridfay, Saturday & Sunday.
Budapest Spa Fam. trip at the thremal spa hotel 'Helia' in downtown.
5 night package includes accommodation, daily Hungarian breakfast,
unlimited use of spa facilities, half day historical city tour,
cultrual perfomance, 5 personal spa treatments and all taxes/service.
Piced at us$259.00 pp dbl valid from Nov thru Mar 31/99.

French Riviera Apartments winter 98/99.
10 different resorts offered NICE, CANNES and west to MARSEILLE
from ca$12.00 pp dbl per night or ca$24.00 single per night.
All units are fully furnished/equipped and include twice weekly maid
service. You can stay at 2 or more different properties during your
vacation, minimum stay 1 week per property.
Call in UK 01753-622747 for details.

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.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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