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Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-pilot     - Terry Baker         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

number 329   date Nov 19th, 1998  1st Published in October 1995


. Need to know -

The following from Industry travel via Don Demeza

The Family Affair program which was to terminate on December 17, 1998 has
been extended until December 31, 1998.
All outbound travel must commence by midnight December 31, 1998 and all
travel completed by January 31, 1999.

Furthermore, a reminder to all retirees/widows/ers that all remaining 1998
allotments of ID80, parent and partner tickets should be requested by
Friday, December 11, 1998.  There will be a freeze for a period of two
days,    December 12-13 in order to update and load the 1999 allotment into

ID80, partner and parent requests made on or after December 14, 1998 will
come off the 1999 allotment and can be used immediately upon receipt of

The above information will be published in the December issue
of Horizons.

" ' "

. From Tom Grant -
Subject: Pionairs Website
It is with regret that we inform you that the Pionairs website will be
going off-line in December. We have found that there has been scant support
from all levels of the Pionairs executive for this Internet presence. The
small "pats on the head" that we have received in no way compensate for the
lack of direction from the National executive to the the Districts
regarding the support in the way of information to be given to the editor
for presentation on the website for benefit of Pionairs.
We know that this project was instigated by us, but the Pionairs executive
did give the official OK for it  to go online. We expected support for this
effort and have received none. In fact, we are still waiting for the list
of executives (national and districts) and their contacts. We still receive
most of our information about events from the NetLetter produced by Terry
Baker and Vesta Stevenson - a publication which emphasizes its
non-association with the Pionairs in that it is for all retired persons of
TCA/Air Canada not just members of the Pionairs.
However, we are not about to abandon the Internet medium for retired
employees. We think they deserve this global presence even if some of the
leadership will not embrace the technology. To this end, we will be going
online with a new website for all retired employees, emphasizing images of
the past as well as free electronic notification of events for those that
wish to have them posted. We will also be strenghtening our ties with the
travel aspects of ACRA's website. And we, like the NetLetter, will
emphasize that the website is for all retirees. With this new direction we
know where we stand with respect to support and feedback.
Tom Grant  <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

" ' "

. Remember when?
From the 1967 'Between Ourselves' magazine loaned courtesy of Kitch Olson
January -
Positions 74, 80, 82 and 86 on the production line of the Concorde
have been reserved for Air Canada signed with Sud/BAC by President
G.R.McGregor watched by Ken Rutledge, Manager Aircraft Contracts
in a photograph dated Mar 15th 1967.

Canada's first aircraft loading bridge was installed at Dorval.

CF-TKK fin 911 was converted into a freighter as is the only cargo
liner in the world. Cost $60,000 and can carry 42,000 lbs of cargo.

A photograph shows First Officer Dennis Browne and Captain Cartledge
at Vancouver Airport following their rescue of a private pilot lost in
a mountainous region of Washington State. The experience was unique in
more than 20 years' flying for Capt. Cartledge.

February -
The 50,000,000th passenger was carried on a Vanguard flight YUL-MIA
on January 30th.

'Wait until dark' was the name of a movie starring Audrey Hepburn,
Efrem Zimbalist jr, Richard Crenna, Alan Arkin, Samantha Jones and
(yes) Air Canada!
The company's contribution was a DC9 used at Dorval and Kennedy,
and employees Mona Testa, Ron Beaulieu and Ginette Bertrand for a
key scene at the Ticket Counter. Arrangements were made by
Hal Cameron and Mike Taylor of Montreal Public Relations after Warner
Brothers had contacted Dan DeGuerre of the New York Public Relations.

April -
The first long bodied DC-9 fin 707 was delivered to YUL Mar 7th
by Capt's Al Wilton and C.G.McCready.

" ' "

. News from the districts.
From the Vancouver Island Fall 98 Newsletter -
Christmas luncheon at Dunsmuir Lodge, 1515 MacTavish Road
on Thursday Dec 10th
- full turkey dinner with all the trimmings and only $20.00 per person.
Happy hour commences at 11.30 am. So join us for a good meal with good
Deadline is Dec 4th.
Limited seating so call Bill Fisher NOW on (250) 656-7936
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Spring luncheon planned at the Princess Mary in Victoria
Wednesday April 7th 1999 at 11.30 am cost only $16.00 per person.

From the Montreal District newsletter 'Sentinel' -
Canadian Aviation Historical Society
Pionairs interested in the history of our company and aviation in
Canada may wish to know about the C.A.H.S., a national organization
with branches in major cities. While most of its members have been
actively involved in aviation, it also includes writers, photographers,
artists, model builders and others enthusiastic about aviation.
The Montreal chapter usually meets the fourth Wednesday each month at
Dawson College with interesting programs and speakers. A prestigious
quarterly Journal is published which often carries articles about our
company. Ross Smyth can supply information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Forthcoming events -
Dec 3rd   Christmas dinner.
Feb 1999  Luncheon, venue and date to be advised.
Mar 1999  Curling & Lunch at Lachine Curling Club, date to be advised.
June 1999 Planning a bus tour, details later.

Christmas dinner Dec 3rd at Olympic Hall (Casa Grecque)
3855-B, Boul. St. Jean,
Dollard des Ormeaux
(514) 626-6000
Cost: $27.00 per person includes tax & service)
Time: Bar 17.30  dinner 18.30
Ample parking on the premises.
Lunch will include hot canapes, cold punch, a sit-down traditional
Christmas dinner, door prizes and raffle.
Space is limited reservations required before Nov 20th
Contact Benoit Vezina at (514) 697-1037
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Did you know that -
There are 6,026 Pionairs out of approximately 12,000 retirees viz -
Calgary = 172, Cape Breton = 20, Edmonton = 95, London Ont = 104
Manitoba = 521, Montreal = 1563, New Brunswick = 101, Toronto = 1289
Newfoundland = 40, Nova Scotia = 280, Okanagan = 210, Ottawa = 169,    
Saskatchewan = 36, UK = 161, USA = 240, Vancouver = 702, Victoria = 323
(and the pseudo district of 'NetLetter' = 575! - eds)

From the Toronto Fall newsletter -
The Christmas lunch, the last social of 1998 will be held at
Place:  The Old Mill, 21, Old Mill Road, Toronto
When:   on December 6th.
Time:   Bar 11.00, lunch 12.30
Cost:   $29.00 per person.
Deadline:  Nov 21st  contact Ena Burke (416)232-0623        
Guest will be Len Callaghan, General Manager Airports - North America
Entertainment will be provided by Del Dickenson, "The Yokshire Lad".
Parking is free behind the Old Mill, or use TTC subway to Old Mill.
Out of towners can obtain accommodations at the Valhalla Inn
on hwy 427 & Burnhamthorpe Rd for $55.00 per night. Free shuttle
to and from the Old Mill. Limited rooms available for this rate.
Hotel nr (416) 239-2391.

A fun day at Toronto Woodbine Race Track -
on August 27th, some 74 Pionairs and friends descended on the racetrack
in beautiful sunny weather for a day at the races, including a buffet
lunch. Everyone had a great time trying their luck with picking the
winning horses - and wishing their selections did better! Meeting up
with fellow Pionairs came first.

A group of 31 pionairs frim Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and
Brampton met at the Rock Chapel Golf Centre in Flamborough, Ont for
a day of golf and putting. Ernie Hartmair won the golf game with a
31 on the par 28 course. Most of the goup retired to the Marketplace
for a buffet lunch afterwards.

Bill Sim of the Montreal Pionair District send this -
The Dreams Take Flight operated on Oct 14th and Pionair
Yvonne Mofford (Secretary of Montreal District) went on the flight.
We had the Fall Casual luncheon at La Roma Antiqua Restaurant
Thursday October 29th. We received phone calls to hold sixty places
in the restaurant 160 people arrive for lunch.

The MISSISSAUGA gang of Pionairs meet at 2pm  every 2nd Tuesday of the
month at Mustang Watering  Hole just across from McDonalds in the Clarkson
Area shopping mall on Lakeshore Dr West. go south on Southdown Rd exit off
the QEW. or take GO to Clarkson Stn.
Contact is Bill Stemshorn email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This is a new notice for a long established meeting place for Pionairs.

" ' "

. Last July, Air Canada staff at Heathrow ensured a safe shipment of a
classic 1929 Duisenberg to Toronto. Customer Service Manager
Martin Chomistek and Lead Station Attendant Frankie Swift supervised the
load on a B747 combi. The GBP300,000.00 car had been in Amsterdam for the
'Car of the Century' exhibition.

" ' "

. Ernie Bell sends us a bio -
I joined TCA  in WPG in 1946 and was sent to Ottawa, where I spent four
years. In 1950 we went to Toronto and stayed there for 8 years.
In 1958 we went to Montreal until I retired in 1977.
I went back to work in 1979 with IATA and retired from them in 1986.
We moved to Newcastle in 1986 and have been here ever since.
Always look forward to Pionairs meeting.
Regards  Ernie      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And now one from Alistair Alves -
I joined Air Canada  July 10, 1967 as a clerk in the YUL station office.
In April 1969, I transfered to Flight Dispatch as an Assistant Flight
Dispatcher still in YUL. We were just a few doors down the hall from Vesta
in the teletype centre. I was transferred to YYZ in 1978 when the Flight
Dispatch offices were consolidated and promoted to Flight Dispatcher in the
fall of that year. We were in the Administration building at the airport at
that time. We moved into new quarters on Airport road in September 1995
and I was promoted to Chief Flight Dispatcher, Duty at that time.
I retired April 1, 1998 after 31 years and 9 months service.
The airline has gone through many changes during those years and is still
very much the best airline to work for.
Alastair Alves Duncan, B.C.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.

Air Canada flight schedule available on http://www.aircanada.ca is
effective Nov 2nd thru to July 31/99.

Stranded at London Heathrow? Try a B & B 25 Crosslances Road, Hounslow,
GBP20.00 single or GBP30 double. Tel 0181-569-4624

Ski-Whistler - XMAS & NEW YEARS
Moderate 2 bedroom & loft (accommodates 6-8)
5 Minute walk to Whistler Mountain Lift (Creek Side)
Dec 21 through Jan 4
Special interline rate of $199cad per night (7 Night Minimum)
Also Feb 1 - 15/99 available $149cad per night (4 Night Minimum)
Call Canadian interline Travel to take advantage of these
special rates at 1-800-665-3100!!! and mention Pionairs.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Both from 'The Sky's the limit' March 1967 'Between Ourselves' edition.
A reader sent this little note he found in the galley of one of our
DC-8's. It was written on a piece of macking tape and stuck to the fridge.
Captain        - Coffee black (left hand)
Captain        - Coffee and cream (right hand)
Second Officer - Coffee and small kiss
Navigator      - Coffee, cream and sugar.
Who said Captains had the best of evrything?

A new Stewardess was doing her recorded message on a recent flight from
Winnipeg to Vancouver.
"Ladies and gentlemen", she intoned, "the captain is experiencing some
slight turbulence. Would you kindly remain seated with your aseatbelts
fastened until the aircraft comes to a complete stop."
And that's when the passengers broke up. The plane had just taken off,
she had inadvertantly given a medley of the take-off and landing routines.

" ' "

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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