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number 350   date Mar 21st, 1998  1st Published in October 1995


. What's on Today and Where is it on?
Compiled by Vesta -
Tuesday  March 23, 1999
Montreal Pionairs Weekly Bowling league at Valois Bowling 62 Donegani,
Pte C.  Mary Timmons 514-626-3263
Wednesday  March 24, 1999
St Catherine Pionairs & other AC Retirees meet at 10am Sweets and
Crepes Cafe, Ontario St & Lakeport.Contact Colin Bailey 935-3970
Thursday  March 25, 1999
Comox, Van Isle Pionairs monthly contacts Ralph Tisdall at 250-338-5788
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Location
Friday  March 26, 1999
Ottawa, Pionair KoffeeKlatsches weekly at 10 am, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping       
Sunday  March 28, 1999
Vancouver Pionairs Spring Luncheon at Quilchena Gold and Country Club,
3551 Granville Ave, Richmond BC(west of #1 road) at 11:30-12:30
No Host Bar Meet and Greet 12:30-14:30 Buffet Luncheon Speaker(s)
Prize draws etc. $17.50 pp(inc tax & tip).
Tuesday  March 30, 1999
Montreal Pionairs Weekly Bowling league at Valois Bowling
62 Donegani, Pte C. Mary Timmons 514-626-3263
Wednesday  March 31, 1999            
St Catherine Pionairs & other AC Retirees meet at 10am Sweets and    
Crepes Cafe, Ontario St & Lakeport.  Contact Colin Bailey 935-3970

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. Need to know

March 22nd is the deadline to register for the Pionairs A.G.M.!!!

(From the Montreal Pionairs newsletter 'Sentinel'
When using your pass on Continental Airlines, be aware that they do not
give 'stop-over' coupons, therefore your flight legs are limited to four per
pass. Additional flight legs can be obtained by issuing another pass but that
will incur an additional charge.

When ordering your ID50, ID75, ID90 or 'Z' fare tickets, allow the Winnipeg
call centre 24 hours to fully process the tickets before collecting them
from the nearest ticket or airport office.

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.  News from the districts.
From the Montreal Pionairs newsletter 'Sentinel' -
Dreams Take Flight, Oct. 14, 1998
By: Yvonne Mofford
My day started at 04.00 when I arrived at the Dorval Base DC8 Hangar to get
ready for the arrival of the kids around 05.00 for our flight to Orlando and
Disney World.  Sure enough, they arrived on schedule at which time they
were photographed and fingerprinted for security reasons.  This is a very
professional undertaking and nothing is overlooked.  While all this was going
on, the kids were entertained with music and Disney characters talking to
them.  When the hangar doors opened at 06.45 and they saw the huge airplane
awaiting them, the cheers from them was something to behold.
Most of the children are under-privileged so one can imagine the impact.
The volunteer flight crew is experienced in this sort of venture and were so
enthusiastic during every aspect of the flight.  They did everything to make
the kids comfortable.  After breakfast, each child was given the opportunity
to go to the cockpit and have his/her picture taken with the pilot.  It was
heart warming to see them return waving their Polaroid pictures to dry
them out.
On descending to Orlando, the flight attendants urged the kids to look out
the window to see if Mickey Mouse was out there.  The shouts of glee were
amusing especially when the plane was on an angle.
Of course, our day at Disney World left nothing to chance.  It was very
organized and there was no waiting in line.  We travelled in groups of 12
each with four adults in charge.  A wheel chair was provided for
each group and the kids used it as needed.  We took in many rides at the Magic
Kingdom with breaks for lunch and ice cream.  Before we left, each child
was afforded the opportunity to choose a gift from one of the shops.
On the return flight, after a meal and talking to their parents on the
telephone, the kids were invited to use the microphone to entertain us.
This was great and I recall one group that when they were through taking on the
identity of the Spice Girls and mentioned that that was all they knew of their
songs, I overheard another child  say, "Thank God"!  It made me chuckle.
As a volunteer retiree, my day  was very fulfilling.  The pleasure I derived
was not anticipated.  Even though we arrived back at 00:30, I would willingly
volunteer again.
Needless to say, I'll be at the Base for the next Dreams Take Flight to give

" ' "

. Alan Rust sent us this story -
Subject: Asiana Strikes again
Making a Connection?
Nov. 11th/98. The wing of an Asiana 747-400 cuts into the tail of a parked
Aeroflot IL62 at Anchorage International Airport while trying to make a
U-turn in a parking bay. No serious injuries reported.
The best part of the story was forwarded by a Captain witnessing the event
from a safe distance:
Gudday folks, true story, worth reading...
Just into Anchorage and looking at all the Korean debris on the airfield.
What a beautiful job the Asiana boy did in his 747-400. (word is he was an
ex KAL guy, Capt. Kim Dae Woo, makes sense!)
Asiana is KAL's "opposition" company, also run by the military cronies.
Pranged in Anchorage trying to do a "U" turn in a parking bay... in a
747-400???? Poor Aeroflot was in the way though, minding his business,
parked at the gate with passengers on board.
Asiana thumped his # 1 engine against Aeroflot's wing and tore open the
engine cowling and fuel lines on the 7474, pissing fuel all over the apron.
With standard Korean procedure, that calls for more power so you can get
out of the way and hope nobody saw!
This he did, but it was icy as hell on the ramp.
The skid started and took out 2 Evergreen staff vehicles sending the
occupants fleeing for cover.
Still more power and he put his left wing (last 15-20 feet) into the
vertical stab of the IL62 and cut into the tail about 15 feet. When he
reached the main spar of the vertical stab... the 7474 stopped... you
guessed it..... MORE POWER!!!
I think he thought there was still time to run for it but he didn't seem to
be going anywhere.......SO..........MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
In trying to escape the grips of the Russian aircraft, he managed to reach
take-off thrust, and in so doing, put a bunch of containers behind the
aircraft through the terminal building and trashed it. Heard NCA got it in
the lamps, Japs must be pleased about that!
Still no shutdown or evacuation (fuel still pissing everywhere over the
apron from the 7474 #1 engine)
The Yank ground mechanics finally managed to run over and told them to shut
the aircraft down but the crew were busy writing a report for management to
apportion the blame. mmmmmmmm.....Yes, PLEASE???!!!
Hell, no one is safe around these guys!
After the entertainment ended, spoke to our crew driver and she said the
two vehicles he hit during his exhibition were badly trashed.
The Asiana aircraft is looking quite sad. Took all day yesterday to
separate the two aircraft and in desperation, the mechanics finally had to
cut about 20 feet of the Asiana left wing off to get the aircraft apart.
Talk about "dog lock"!
The engine is off and the cowlings are all torn open.
The opposition (Aeroflot) was taking cover in the hangar...Good idea!
Well, not to be outdone, KAL landed a 747 freighter the very next day on
the runway lights on 6R!!!
Lights, tyres, stuff everywhere.... you know the rest.
That makes 9 accidents in 2.5 months for KAL of which one was a 747-400
hull write off. Now that takes some beating that record!!! (Oh, we're not
even counting the 747-300 in Guam... that was last years score)
Ah yes, another boring day in aviation!
Y'awl be careful out there!!!!
Alan Rust,
Publicity Chairman (YVR) and Webmaster, Air Canada Recreation Association
ACRA WWW Site - http://www.acra.ca
Email: mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. For the AC/TCA Amateur radio buffs -
Tom Grant,  "Editor, A-Crew & AVIA", tells us that he has implemented an
OnAir page and Radio page at "http://www.acra.ca/aviation" which gives
details of the on air times and a list of members call signs.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Found on the internet.
British Airways first B747-100 G-AWNA made its last flight from LHR
after 28 years service. The aircraft was painted in the original BOAC
livery for its final flight, having entered service May 22nd 1970. It has
since been sold to AAR.

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. In the December edition of YVR Skytalk is an article on Eva Mossop.
Eva had a record setting run of 39 years, 4 months and 7 1/2 hours as
a flight attendant with Air Canada before retiring. Eva now works as
a Green Coat volunteer at YVR International Airport

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. Have you always wanted to fly a jet?
Airline Flight Simulator flights are available -
at Vancouver, B737, B767, and DC10
Toronto B727, B737 and B747.
For more information call General Flight Studies
(604) 244-5850 or http://www.smart.com/~simflts/

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. Terry's travel tips.

Subject: New Routes
Alan Rust sends this information -
Air Canada will begin daily, non-stop service to San Diego, California from
Toronto's Pearson International Airport on June 21, 1999.
Air Canada will begin daily, non-stop service to Chicago from Calgary on
May 17, 1999. United Airlines will also sell seats on the new route on a
codeshare basis.
Air Canada will offer the service aboard its new, state-of-the-art
112-seat Airbus A319 aircraft for both these new services.

From the LHR Pionairs monthly newsletter -
The Travel Inn Hotel group, with over 200 hotels around the UK, has a
special deal for those 55 and over, with up to 25% off meals and rooms.
There is no membership fee. Call Emerald Club in the UK on 0990 773300.
Normal rates are GBP38.00 per room, and hotels are attached to a
Beefeater restaurant and pub, or a Brewers Fayre.

When in Vancouver, airline employees get special treatment. $49.00 plus tax
per night single or double occupancy. Offer valid until year 2000.
Free shuttle and free parking. Fraser Arms at 1-800-804-2888

If you are lucky enough, when plussing, to make Executive class, try the
'Wines of Canada' selection as Air Canada focuses on wines from across

Greece with Olympic Airlines from LHR -
2 nights B&B Esperia Palace Hotel GBP89.00 pp.
Firm flights to Athens GBP129 includes tax.
4 nights self catering Lucky Hotel Apartments GBP54.00 pp
4 nights B&B Golden Bay Hotel GBP89.00 pp
4 nights B&B Columbia Beach Hotel GBP99.00 pp
Firm flights to Larnaca GBP144.00
Contact Lawson Travel UK  0181-941-7200

Cyprus - Larnaca
Eftychia Beach Hotel Apartments
Mackenzie Area 6028
Studio CYP18.00 per night, 1 br CYP24.00 per night 2 br CYP32 per night.
Valid Apr - Oct 13/99
Phone: 00-357-4-665127

Short breaks to most European cities -
GBP89.00 pp
includes flight on Virgin and 1 nights accommodation & tax.
call UK 44-1293-425000 or fax 44-1293-521144

UK residents can enjoy 15% off home & motor insurance and a further
5% if you are active airline employee
Call Zurich Municipal 0800-868686 for home insurance
0800-445588 for vehicle insurance.  

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.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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