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July 4th, 2009
We first published in October 1995, 14 years ago.

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Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson in Victoria, B.C.
Co-pilot - Terry Baker in Nanaimo, B.C.
Flight Engineer -
Alan Rust in Surrey, B.C.
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Vesta's Jump Seat
Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

Patricia Henderson sent us this information.
Canadian FlagI am a former Flight Attendant (1957-1994) and along with another former Flight Attendant, Marga VandenHogen, and a small group of people, who have dubbed ourselves 'Flag Day Flyers' and are dedicated to making Canadians aware that FEBRUARY 15th IS THE OFFICIAL  NATIONAL FLAG DAY OF CANADA.  Most people think it is Canada Day on July 1st each year. Next year the eyes of the world will be on Canada during the Olympics in BC and wouldn't it be wonderful to have a sea of Canadian flags flying all across our nation?

Sincerely Pat Henderson

More info on Canada's Flag can be found at:
Airline Related Events!
ACRA Golf Tournament This year's ACRA System Golf Tournament is being held at the beautiful Little River Golf & Resort, North Carolina. We hope you will enjoy this venue and be able to join us for this popular annual event. Please register early so we can plan the event fully and we know how many are coming.

Retirees welcome!

See: for further info.

On Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Air Canada's 18th and final Boeing 777 will touch down in Vancouver, sporting a brand new Vancouver 2010 themed exterior.  

The official unveiling of the aircraft's new livery will be celebrated at a special event for employees, retirees and their families.  Officials from the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games (VANOC), representatives from the Vancouver Airport Authority and media will also be in attendance.

We invite you and your families to join us at this event and show your pride in Air Canada and in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games which we are supporting as the national flag carrier of the Olympic and Paralympics athletes.  Come and see the unveiling of the new 777-300 series aircraft. The event takes place in the Vancouver Operations Centre, Bay 4 Hangar (just behind the east end security check.) The event runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

YVR Hanger
Air Canada - our first 70 years

TCA - Air CanadaIn "Alan's Space", NetLetter nr 1072, Alan told us about a web site with Old Airline advertisements.

Here are a couple more of TCA's

TCA/AC People Gallery
TCAOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

From Merger to Merger and all that Jazz
During the two decades between those mergers, Vancouver AirBC carved a solid niche for itself in the annals of Canadian aviation. It began life operating a collection of bushplanes, many of them piston-engine, on short routes to small local communities. Now, as it merged with Air Nova, Air Ontario, and Canadian Regional Airlines to form Air Canada Jazz, the company operates a modern fleet that includes regional jets, and its route system reaches most of the way across Canada's width and south into the United States.

AirBC was born in 1980, after Vancouver businessman Jim Pattison had acquired seven small airlines in British Columbia (BC). His buying spree began in August 1979, with Airwest Airlines. Pacific Coastal Airlines, Gulf-Air Aviation, Island Airlines, Haida Airlines, Trans-Provincial Airlines (TPA),  West Coast Air, rounded out the group in June 1980.

Initial plans called for the creation of an umbrella airline to be named Great Pacific Air, with four operating divisions: Airwest and West Coast operating scheduled services and charters, respectively, from Vancouver; Gulf-Island operating from Campbell River and Port Hardy; and TPA operating from Prince Rupert. However, the AirBC name was adopted.

Upon its creation on November 1, 1980, AirBC became the largest Canadian regional airline. As the biggest of the constituent airlines, West Coast and Airwest formed the core of the new AirBC, and their scheduled services were the basis of AirBC's network. The merged airline had no less than 107 aircraft, comprising 16 DHC-6 Twin Otters, nine DHC-3 Otters, 35 DHC-2 Beavers, seven Grumman Gooses and three Mallards, a Douglas DC-3, two Beech 18s, four Britten-Norman Islanders, 29 assorted Cessna singles (1 72s, 180s, 182s, and 185s), and a Piper Apache. Some were on wheels, some on floats. The first task, clearly, was to rationalize this hodge-podge.
The former West Coast Air hangar at YVR was used to prepare surplus aircraft for disposal.

Here're some of the aircraft.
jazzDash 8  


gtummanGrumman Goose  



jetstream31BAe Jetstream 31

dhc8Dash 8

beechBeech 1900  

bae146BAe 146  

islanderBN Islander

dhc7This aircraft had a special registration of C-GXPO to mark EXPO-86.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Cool Garage Doors
A German firm called Style Your Garage creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if your garage is where the action is.

Made for the up-and-over garage doors common in Europe , they mount with velcro and can be adapted to fit sectional garage doors.

If you've got a two-car garage, no worries they can make posters that will span both doors. Prices range from 199 to 399 Euros for the double-door and the company can also turn a photo of yours into a garage poster, but you'll want to be careful with this, not everything can be blown up to 6.5 feet without looking weird!!.

What you see in the photos below is what the whole poster looks like attached to a garage door ...

Check out their web site at: for more ideas.

Garage Door #1

Garage #2

Garage #3

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

This story from the "Canadian Pacific Airlines Newsletter" sent in by John Rogers

Issue nr 40 dated November 1963
A 25 year old draftsman at CPA (Repairs) Ltd Calgary, is shooting for a $15,000 prize for a man-powered flight. Al Smolkowski an engineering graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, has spent 1,450 man-hours (not counting design time) and $650 on a machine which he hopes will fly using human energy pumping pedals to turn the prop. The Royal Aeronautical Society offers the creator a prize of $15,000 for man-powered flight in an aircraft which must demonstrate to fly and be controlled, fly a figure "8" around two points one mile apart, start and finish at on altitude of 10 feet, no stored energy may be used during take-off or in flight and "no crewman or part of the aircraft may leave the aircraft during take-off or in flight." Says Srnolkowski "Man-powered flight is a comparatively new science. There is a lot of data on conventional aircraft but there Is nothing to say laws of conventional aerodynamics will hold at 15 mph "I firmly believe that man-powered flight is possible."

smolkowskiAl Smolkowski
in his mar biplane . . . weight about 105 lhs wing span 30 ft. wing area 0.93 lbs/sq. ft. with tractor type three-bladed propeller (linked to pedals in cockpit) estimated take-off speed 15 mph.

(We have no idea of how Al made out; - anybody? - eds).

On November 10th 1963  the New Winnipeg terminal opened. One of first. flights into  new Winnipeg terminal was, appropriately
CPA 's Fit. 1 by DC-8  "Empress of Winnipeg"

ywgopenCapt. Jim Forbes was welcomed by Airport Manager J.E.Smyth.

New Style for warmth which will provide greater warmth for CPA stewardesses.

coatsHere the old style is worn by Heidi Stern on the left, and the new style by Margaret Wipper.

recognitionRecognition of 15 years with CPA was given to six employees at the second annual award dance at Vancouver on November. 8th 1963. From left: Gerry Robertson, mtce. mech, Britannia captain Jack Wells, executive Vice-President J.C. Gilmer, who made presentations,  Miss Elsie Muren, mtc, dept., Tom Kelly, upholstery shop, Norval Norton, legal dept. and DC-8 second officer AIf Bicknell. Some 500 people attended dance and presentation.

Convair 240 fin # 391 CF-CUU was sold to Toyo Menka Kalsha Ltd, Tokyo for use by Nitto Airlines. Fin # 391 had previously been sold to Toa Airways

From the "Canadian Flyer" magazine
Issue dated October 2000
Introducing the RESIII help desk

resIIILeft to right sitting: Jane Harlow-Glover, Pamela Bardo, Errol Allen Standing: Sylvie Baron, Yves Frederic, Tina Fiala, Madeleine Gaussiran, Danielle Cardinal, Marai Martini, Gloria Poirier, Christine Seguin.

reunionEnjoying the recent reunion in Edmonton of PWA Hercules operations are: (L to R) Stu Russell, Project Manager, Hercules Reunion 2000,
Don Watson, Retired President, Pacific Western Airlines, Wally Crosson, Retired Captain, Pacific Western Airlines. Those were the days!

The September reunion of more than 200 veterans of the Pacific Western Hercules operations re-lived their colourful adventures at the gathering in Edmonton. From their home base at the Edmonton Municipal Airport they hauled outsized cargo into 108 countries around the globe, landing on runways of sand, gravel or ice, and
experiencing extremes of -68F in the high Arctic to +134F in the searing heat of the Sahara. They carried the Canadian flag over 26,000,000 miles in 18 years and showed how a small determined group of enthusiastic aviation experts could oversee and manage one
of the most unique airlift operations in the world with quality, pride and professionalism second to none. Their spirit and desire will bring them together again in 2003 when the next reunion is held.
This n That

b787Here is a list of airlines patiently waiting for the Boeing B787 Dreamliner to be delivered.

British Airways said that 6,940 employees, about 17% of its total workforce, have agreed to either unpaid leave, part-time work or unpaid work in a move that will save the airline up to £10 million. CEO Willie Walsh called it "a fantastic first response". Unpaid leave/work was available for 1-4 weeks, with the pay deduction spread over 3-6 months.

Readers Feedback

From Terry Baker our co-pilot.
Re your column "Alan's space" in NetLetter nr 1075
I watch "Wings over Canada" and enjoy it.

Regarding your comment.
(Alan) - "I never thought that it would be safe to land on sandy beaches, but this guy knows what he's doing". I happened to know about the airline "Loganair" and "Flybe" in the UK who fly to the Scottish Hebrides etc and, on the Isle of Barra they land on the beach. Here is the information from their web site  viz Barra Airport. Long famed for its beauty - boasting beaches, hills, machair and moor - all in a small island, Barra is a special place to visit, especially if you fly in because of the beach landing strip. Washed by the tide twice a day, Traigh Mhor beach is reputed to be the only beach runway in the world to handle scheduled airline services. Special procedures apply to ensure the safety of flights at the airport, which include no public access to the beach when the airport wind sock is flying. A strobe light on the air traffic control tower warns of imminent aircraft movements. Visitors and locals alike are asked to observe these restrictions.
regards Terry Baker

Graham Nettleton sends us this correction regarding the CGTAS photos in NetLetter nr 1075 enjoy I newsletter very much. just want to mention that above reunion took place in yyz. , not yvr. Monty McGomery took these pics.  I have copies of same.  Monty is a retired  yyz radio opr. best regards Graham Nettleton.
(Note, Graham is in the "Radio Operator" photo and is the second from the left back row - eds)

Brian Walsh sends this memory prompted by the trivia question in NetLetter nr 1074.
Your item about carousels reminded me of an incident at YYZAP in 1973. I was beginning my 7 am shift at terminal 1 in Baggage Services (Lost & Found). The "Red-Eye" from YVR had just arrived, so I turned on the carousel. Although I couldn't see the carousel from our counter, I could hear sudden yelps of alarm from that direction. I ran out to discover two airport maintenance men jumping off the now-moving carousel. They were doing some work on the structure above it. I shut off the carousel and advised the baggage handlers that we would now be using an alternate one.  Forty-five minutes later, the arriving passengers had come and gone, and I went over to the original carousel to see what work they had been doing. I noticed a brand new sign that had been affixed above the carousel saying,
"Danger - Do not sit on carousel."
Cheers, Brian Walsh  Victoria BC

David Bellamy sent us this message and article.
I am an avid reader of your Netletter. Cleaning out some files, I ran across the Jan/Feb 1980 issue of The Regional News for the US and Southern Region of Air Canada, out of O'Hare. My wife, Diane Kleiman (Bellamy) worked at this station from 1967 until her retirement in 1998. In this issue was the announced the promotion of Diane to Catering Coordinator, a position she held at ORD for 8 or 9 years.  Note that she is the only female coordinator. Her responsibility started with only the Boston station, but later, LaGuardia and Miami were added before the position was eliminated.  Diane was with AC for 31 years.

dianePicture (L to R): Tom Branick, LAX; Bob Donath, JFK/LGA: Barry Kerr; Rockey Patane, MIA; and Diane Kleiman, ORD. She's too shy to submit this, so I'm submitting it for her. In January 1980 she and a co-worker, Joan Mavity (deceased), assisted in the transportation of some oriental orphans coming through O'Hare. The attached article from that issue of The Regional News explains the story. Note that the year is omitted from the article. I hope you will find this interesting and will consider publishing it in a future issue of The Netletter.
Thank you and keep up the great work!!
David Bellamy

Not really.
Here's a report from Diane Kleiman, Secretary to CSM, ORO: On Jan. 8th at 3:00 in the afternoon, Joan Mavity and I were asked if we'd volunteer to accompany Sister Lillian Cayer and Chu Renee of the Missionary of Our Lady of the Angels and five infant Chinese babies on the last leg of their journey to Montreal from Macao via Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Chicago. The babies were being taken to Montreal where they would be united with their new families. When we arrived at the gate, they were quite a sight to see. The youngest, a girl, was 21 days old and the oldest was not more than 1 1/2 years old. There were three boys and two girls. -The two girls were dressed~ all in pink, two boys were dressed in blue, and the other little boy was dressed in yellow. The flight to Montreal was uneventful, except for an occasional cry. On the whole the babies
were all very good. Upon our arrival in Montreal we were assisted through Customs and taken into the Immigrations Office where the Sister presented all their passports and papers.

Upon completion of formalities, the new parents were ushered in to meet their new babies. It was a very happy night, and for Joan and I, a very rewarding experience, one which we shall long remember.

babyboomPictured left prior to departure from Chicago (standing) - L. to R. Joan Mavity and Diane Kleiman, Air Canada; [sitting) Chu Renee who accompanied Sister Lillian Caler (centre) from Hong Kong; and Naomi Proehlig of Northwest Orient who also assisted.

softballAlso in this issue was this photo - and this report that in July 1979, Dottie Gibau and Kethy Gabriel attended the Air Canada softball tourney, enjoyed themselves so much that they decided to set up a team in New York. Bats and gloves purchased with help of NY Dist. are (L to R): Lucy La Palme, Betsy Sosa, Ed Frazier (coach), Kathy Gabriel, and Dotty Gibau.

Mike Ryan sends us more information regarding YYT in NetLetter nr 1071.
Don't mean to keep kicking this, however, regarding the remarks from Tom Sparkes dealing with the Cargo Facility ribbon cutting event perhaps being Saint John NB rather than St. John's NL.. It was indeed St. John's NL - I had just recently been transferred to YYT from YYG
and remember this event very well It's to be noted Jim Wendell is actually Jim Kendell, Byran McFarlane was Cdn Cargo Regional Mgr based in YHZ, while Stewart Marden's last name, I am quite sure, is spelled Marsden, He was the Project Mgr from our Properties and Facilities Dept. and was based at our HQ in Calgary. Derrick Monk, seen holding the ribbon, had been appointed YYT Cargo Mgr. prior to the start of this Construction Project and did a fantastic job of getting this operation up and running during a very difficult winter that year, with the help, of course, of His entire Staff, some of whom are pictured - Marcel Harnet, seen trying to hide, was the Cargo Lead. Just a great Bunch to work with. Very much look forward to each and every Netletter, thanks and keep up the great work. Mike Ryan - ex Station Manager YYTAP with Cdn Airlines Int'l.

Jim Rogers has sent us these photos.

1969reshnlHere we have this photo prior to their return to Canada.

canemptohnlCanadian-base employees winter Dec 63 Apr 64 after a luncheon in Waikiki prior to return to Canada. From left to right Jim Bradish, Edmonton. Linda Fralick, Toronto. Howard Bennett, Calgary. Pauline Chow, Winnipeg. Jim Rogers, Asst. Mgr, and Bernadine Forbes, Vancouver.
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry Baker
Terry's trivia corner

Now that we have the direction for the luggage carousel sorted out how about this - Why does the Captain sit in the Left Hand (port) seat on the aircraft? Where did this decision come from?

Terry's travel tips.

What passengers will have to pay in U.K. Air Passenger Duty
Band A (0 - 2000 miles from London)
Includes: Europe, Algeria, Greenland, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
Economy cabins Premium cabins
Currently                          £10                           £20
November 2009                 £11                           £22
November 2010                 £12                           £24

Band B (2001-4000 miles)
Includes: Bermuda, Canada, Egypt, Gambia, Jordan, Oman,
Russia (east of Urals), Syria, UAE, US
Economy cabins  Premium cabins
Currently                           £40                          £80
November 2009                  £45                          £90
November 2010                  £60                        £120

Band C (4001-6000 miles)
Includes: Botswana, Brazil, Caribbean, China, India, Japan,
Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Seychelles, South Africa,
Sri Lanka, Thailand
Economy cabins     Premium cabins
Currently                           £40                          £80
November 2009                  £50                        £100
November 2010                  £75                        £150

Band D (more than 6000 miles)
Includes: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Peru, Singapore
Economy cabins  Premium cabins
Currently                            £40                        £80
November 2009                   £55                      £110
November 2010                   £85                      £170

The changes are also likely to have an impact on tourism to Britain, with foreign visitors forced to pay APD on the return leg of their journey.

Source Daily Telegraph
(We are not aware of how, if at all, this will affect pass or ZED travel - eds)

Canadian travel agents have voted Amsterdam Airport Schiphol their 'Favourite International Airport 2009'.

More than 3,500 Canadian travel agents participated in the vote. This is the fifth successive year that Schiphol has received this distinction in the 'Favourite airport' category since the award's introduction in 2005. The airport owes its high marks to the famous 'one-terminal' concept, its efficient operations and the range of facilities on offer, including shops, restaurants, the XpresSpa, the Babycare Lounge, a casino and the Rijksmuseum.  

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Sheila MoscoeHere is the next  editted segment of the "Round the world" trip by Sheila Moscoe we started in Netletter nr 1064.
Hi everyone!
Well, after our last stop in Port Blair, we had 4 full sea days before our next port, so it was a chance to enjoy the ship, along with the new lecturers who came on board at Singapore. We had been invited to a cocktail party in one of the suites.  So, we showed up wondering who would be there and were pleasantly surprised to see some of the people whom we already had met. We had a lot of fun! It was a beautiful setup with living room, bedroom, fancy bathroom, with a powder room on entrance. They had a huge patio. It's the only way to travel. Of course, these fellows had money and were on board for 107 days! We sailed in hot temperatures which made it practically impossible to sit by the pool. But, we did enjoy the balcony and the outside deck on the 5th level where we could be out of the sun. One good thing about the hot weather was that we were able to dry our clothes outside! But, it was early mornings for walking on the upper deck; however, it was much cooler to walk around the 7th floor inside! So, you can see on the map that during the next few days and nights, we sailed through the Bay of Bengal, passing Sri Lanka on our starboard (right) side, continued along the west coast of India, through the Arabian Sea until we reached Mumbai. After 400 years of the city being named Bombay, an Act of Parliament officially changed the name to Mumbai in 1997.

We had a 15 hour stop here where quite a few passengers disembarked for their long journey to and from the Taj Mahal. They said that they wouldn't have missed it for the world. And I agreed with them as I also had that experience years ago. Well, we took a Princess organized morning tour called the "Jewish Chronicles". It was fascinating to learn about India's Jewish community which can trace its origins back to three types of Jews, the Cochin who arrived 1,500 years ago; the Iraqis who came 400 years ago; and the Bene-Israel (sons of Israel) who arrived 1,000s of years ago after a shipwreck of which only 14 survived. Our first stop was the oldest Shaar Harahamin Synagogue (or The Gate of Mercy), established in 1796 and rebuilt in 1860 by the Bene-Israel Community. It's a small one room orthodox synagogue situated behind a wall on a narrow busy street. 

We then visited the Magen David Synagogue, which was built in 1861 by David Sassoon who was the founder of the Sassoon Empire in India. This is the largest synagogue of the "Baghdadi" Jewish community. It's a beautiful blue and white wooden tall Gothic one storied building with a large clock tower. In the compound are 2 schools which are run by two High School Trusts of the Sassoon family. Jewish children had been educated there, but it is now attended by other students, mainly 98% Muslims. At our last stop we visited another magnificent sky blue and white Keneseth Eliyahoo
Synagogue, built in 1884 by Jacob and Elias Sassoon. It was adorned with colourful pillars, chandeliers and stained glass windows. They are celebrating their 125th anniversary this year. They had some Jewish articles to sell; however, I did manage to obtain a free brochure!

Our tour guide was a lovely Indian woman wearing a beautiful yellow sari who regaled us with stories of her family and all the customs that she follows as a Jewish Indian. Like I said, it's another world over here. After our tour of the synagogues, we drove past the magnificent British style architectural buildings such as The Prince of Wales Museum of Western India (now renamed), Mumbai High Court, University of Mumbai, Rajabai Clock Tower, the CST Railway Station,
General Post Office, just to name a few. We stopped at the Gateway of India, situated on Bombay Harbour. This is an arch which was built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary and is now under scaffolding for a complete restoration. Across the street is the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel. After the recent massacre, we were only able to visit the Tower Hotel.  We cleared three security checks from the sidewalk to the front door before entering the hotel.  They had a lovely lobby and expensive shops, but we were there to cool down from the oppressive heat of 40C.   
The regal Taj Mahal Palace is still being restored, one brick at a time.
We walked our feet off enjoying the merchant stalls, trying on clothes, checking out the jewellery, watches, pashminas, you name it, and we touched it! As we were getting the grumblies, the Khyber Restaurant was on our list for lunch. We found it despite all the wrong directions!  We entered this air conditioned elegant restaurant. We were dressed as tourists needless to say, but were treated as royalty. The food was spectacular and the Kingfisher beer went down well! After lunch, we continued walking along Mahatma Gandhi Road in the stifling heat, looking for the Crawford Market. Well, we found it and couldn't believe our eyes. It was a closed market blocks long, with the most magnificent textiles and clothing that you could imagine. Another thing to note is that most merchants do not accept foreign currencies, so upon arrival it's best to buy some rupees and you hope you have enough! As this wasn't our first trip to Mumbai, we did notice that they had cleaned up the streets from rubbish and there were hardly any maimed or children panhandlers.  And no, we didn't see anyone connected to "Slumdog Millionaire"! Next stop is Dubai....stay tuned..
Once again, I hope everyone is well,
Love, Sheila
SmileySource AvWebFlash
At the Charlottetown (CYYG) airport last summer, while doing my run-up in my 172, an Air Canada flight had just finished copping their clearance when they saw an osprey fly by with a large flounder in its talons. They contacted the tower:
"Charlottetown Tower, Air Canada 123."
Charlottetown Tower: "Go ahead."
"There's an osprey that just flew overhead carrying a fish!" Charlottetown Tower: (without missing a beat) : "Have him contact the tower".
This kind of made my day in this very friendly maritime town.
Neil Angus
Montreal, Québec
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