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number 358   date April 18th, 1999  1st Published in October 1995


. News from the districts.
The spring luncheon for the Vancouver Island Pionairs was held on
April 7th at the Princess Mary restaurant, Victoria attended by 64 Pionairs
and friends and emcee'd by Bill Fisher, Director who kept a running dialogue
of jokes, stories, and anecdotes, including some company news that with the
closing of the Victoria City Ticket office by Air Canada, retirees needs
will be handled by the AirBC ticket desk at Victoria Airport, but only as
far as encrypting ticket blanks or issuing tickets ordered on the Winnipeg
Call Centre. They are not able to answer or assist in making vacation plans.
Visiting the AirBC desk should be outside the normally recognised high
peak passenger traffic times of the day.
Outsiders attending the luncheon were from Ladysmith, Saltspring Island
and Vancouver.
Bill Fisher introduced John Jeffrey who will be taking over in the summer
for the next 2 years. John spoke of his past service with the company.
In closing, Leo Goulet took the podium to pay tribute to Bill Fisher, to
thank him for the job performed over the last two years, pointing out
all      the duties he had to perform such as telephone committee, finances and
issuing the newsletter, until it was pointed out to Leo that Bill was a
past master at delegating his work load! In response, Bill thanked his team
on the telephone committee, Norm Stoddard for finance, Sally his wife and
other committee members to whom he had delegated his work.
The audience appreciated the work by Bill and gave him a standing ovation.

From the Halifax Pionairs Mitch Mitchell sends this -
Subject: Halifax Bowling
Just a note to let you know that Bowling has ended for the season, and will
start up again Monday the 4th of Oct. at the Bayers Road Bowlarama.
All  the best.  Mitch  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
From The Globe & Mail Friday April 2nd 1937.
Trans-Canada Air Service to Open in September.
No service to Montreal or Ottawa.
Toronto passengers connect with main line at Scotia Junction.
Plan daily flights - Fare likely to be 6 cents a mile, Howe tells commons.
Daily flights on the new Trans-Canada Air Line may be inaugurated
next September on the link between Winnipeg and Vancouver, the Honorable
C.D.Howe told the commons.
The trip will be made from Montreal to Vancouver in 16 hours flying
time an airplane leaving Montreal every evening at 8 oclock and arriving
Vancouver at noon the next day. On the eastern leg from Montreal to
Halifax it is estimated the planes will make journey in 5 hours.
Delivery of the necessary flying equipment is one of the most important
factors to determine how soon the Trans-Canada air service can be
There will be no service between Montreal and Toronto or Montreal and
Ottawa for the present at all events.
The main line, CD Howe said, will connect Vancouver, Lethbridge, Winnipeg,
Kapuskasing, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

" ' "

. Bob Warren sends us his bio -
My AC career started in March 1947 in the Mtce. Dept., YQM in a clerical
capacity, and a year later transferred to YUL, where I worked as a Psgr. Agt
at Dorval Arpt and the CTO in dowtown YUL / a Training Instructor/ then
transferred to BOS as Mgr.Tfc.Svcs (1958), then to YYZ as
SalesRep/Res.DutyMgr.(1964); next move was to YSB as Dist.Mgr (1973);
then to BGI as Mgr.- retired from BGI in 1983, now living in Burlington, Ont.,
Married to wife Barbara, (48 years)  2 sons in YYZ, plus 2 grandchildren, and
a married daughter with 2 children in PEI.

" ' "

. Lise Grondines Air Canada Flight Attendant (YUL) sends us this -
Most of us have worked in the airline industry for 25-45+ years, planning and
now enjoying a well deserved retirement.  But what is it worth if we don't
have our health to enjoy it?  What is it worth if our spouse or ourselves have
a degenerative disease?  The pollution, oxidation, stress, lack of minerals in
our food is slowly killing all of us.  Has someone close to you past away
recently or don't have the quality of life well deserved after working for 40
Information meetings are held every week in cities across North America,
United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.  These meetings are
about our human cells.  By keeping our human cells strong and healthy
"cellular nutrition", our immune system can fight degenerative diseases,
slowdown aging process, etc... so we can enjoy our retirement.
For your information, I would like to send you the documentation from famous
author and bestseller, Robert Allen has written "Your Health is in Danger",
based on medical facts from famous scientists and doctors (Dr. Myron Wentz,
Dr. Michael Colgan, Dr. Denis Waitley, Dr. Ray Strand, etc..).  Information on
USANA is also available on the internet at: www.usana.com
Copies of the report 'Your health is in danger' will be sent to you free
when you send your name and address to Lisa.
As it is physically impossible for me to attend all of the meetings on
"cellular nutrition", I would like to:
Meet all district executives or interested parties so they can invite local
members to the most important meetings of their lives, or,
To invite all members through your "Between Yourselves Netletters".
Anyone interested in this project are encouraged to contact Lisa.
I thank you both for taking time to consider this project which is so
important to all retirees and for those who plan their retirement.
Lise Grondines   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
A four star holiday in Malta?
A week with everything included from just GBP269 per person, or from
GBP369 per person for 2 weeks.
Stay in the Island International Hotel in Qawra  with a balcony, TV,
includes return flights from Gatwick, hot breakfast, lunch and dinner,
All soft and alcoholic drinks, tea & coffee, all rooms with
private facilities, regular entertainment, Malta airport transfers,
No single supplement on most dates.
Departures Mar-Oct. Scheduled flights from Gatwick. A supplement for
flights from Heathrow, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow
or East Midlands.
Call UK 011-44-1580-715333 for more details.

The Airline Club of Singapore is hosting the
4th Great Singapore Sales and Malaysia Tour.
July 16th - 22nd.
Includes: visits to Johore Bahru, Kulau Lumpur, Batu Caves, Malacca,
Selangor Petwer. Breakfast, lunchesand one dinner and theatre
show included.  Cost SGD650.00 per person twin share.
Contact your nearest Interline club for more details.
DEADLINE: 31st May 1999.

The Queensland Interline Club invites you to attend the ultimate package
'Where the rainforest meets the reef'.
Saturday 22nd July to Wednesday 28th July.
Package includes Accommodations and meals as per itinerary.
All tours and excursions per itinerary.
Various forms of transport per itinerary.
Free shuttle to/from Cairns Airport to Rihga Colonial Club Resort.
Welcome Cocktail party. Kuranda Tour and dinner.
Cape Tribulation Tour, Outer Reef Tour and farewell dinner.
Contact your nearest Interline club for more details.
DEADLINE: 20th May 1999 - limited space.

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.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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