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NetLetter Number 1073
June 13th, 2009

We first published in October 1995, 14 years ago.

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Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson in Victoria, B.C.
Co-pilot - Terry Baker in Nanaimo, B.C.
Flight Engineer - Alan Rust in Surrey, B.C.
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Vesta's Jump Seat

Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

Edna Rachuk sent us this email.
This is my favorite reading matter and I thoroughly enjoy every one, going through them with great enjoyment. The group putting them together is doing a wonderful job of keeping the retirees and their widows/widowers up to date with past and present.  Thank you very much indeed. Edna Rachuk, Widow of Len Rachuk who spent his last years with the airline as an instructor in Res. He retired in 1983 and passed away in 2002.

Air Canada - our first 70 years

Air Canada
- Apr - Operations at Dusseldorf transferred to Frankfurt. Service to Dusseldorf commenced in 1952.

In "Alan's Space", NetLetter nr 1072, Alan told us about a web site with Old Airline advertisements.

ad1.1 Here are a couple of TCA's


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCAOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from the "Between Ourselves" magazine

Issue dated November 1965.

jt8d-5These eight Dorval employees are shown after the arrival of the JT8D-5 power plant for the DC-9.

The first of a series of Cargo Service managers was held in Montreal Oct 21 -22nd.

cargomgrsHere are the attendees.

The Autumn Ball for 1965 sponsored by the Canadian Airline Flight Attendant Association at Toronto Base was held on September 17th at the Beverly Hills Motor Hotel for 230 who attended. A friendly gathering was held by fellow employees at Regional Operations headquarters to honor "Rod" Grant who celebrated 25 years service.

grantHere is a photo of the group.

gilmoreHanding over, John Gilmore Station Ops Manager Windsor, formerly at Prestwick, wishes his successor Ian Edwards "good luck".

Issue dated March 1966

The headline was -"Winnipeg's Higham wins highest award in history of Company Suggestion Plan"

highamHere is the lucky recipient receiving his cheque for a cool ca$2,000.00 to go with the ca$60.000 as an interim award earlier. D.W.Arnold of Winnipeg also received ca$565 as an award for his suggestion.


managementMembers of the Quebec Sales Region met at the Skyline Hotel, Montreal, we have this photo taken following the meetings.

ticketsBermuda records its first "Around the world" ticket which comprises 49 flight coupons that will cover 22 countries. (It is fortunate that, today, we have e-tickets or the tickets in our photograph may comprimise carry-on luggage weight limits, and we know how strict that can be! - eds)

newjobsA CHANGE OF JOBS - Graduates of a recent training class for Stewardesses and Pursers are shown with W. L. Fabro, Director of Passenger Service, third from left, standing. They worked for the Company in other capacities prior to graduating. From the left, standing: Pursers R. Mavian and R. Dugas; Fabro; Pursers P. Picard, M. Filion and J. Mehoudar. From the left, seated: Stewardesses D. M. Brunet, L. Métivier and C. Irving

This smiling group of Montreal Instrument Maintenance men met February 25 at the Grand Motor Hotel to honor five of their number who had reached 25 years service with the Company.

serviceThe five honoured were: P. E. Giguere, Foreman; .1. R. Lemieux, Assistant Foreman; J. M. Little, Inspector; W. R.Penstan, Quality Technician and P. J. Large, LeadMechanic.

Shown seated above from the left are:
G. Vickers, Penstan, Little, Lemieux, Giguere, A.Tessier.
Standing are: R. Andrade, G. Biggar, J Douglas, B. Fallows, L. Breault, J. Price, J. Jones, H. Hrynyk, H. Hancock, R. Pilling and R. Pelletier.
Missing from the photo: P. J. Large and V. Jakeman.

Star Alliance news.

Star AllianceUNITED issued RFP to Airbus and Boeing for potential order for (reportedly) up to 150 new aircraft to replace its widebody fleet of 767s, 747s and older 777s.
It says it is also assessing appropriate replacement for its 757-200 fleet.

Alan's Space

Alan Rust

Did you know Gibraltar's Airport runway and vehicular traffic crossings are at the same level?

You did? Oh, well I didn't. In case someone else out there is like me and not a world traveler, please take a look at the photos below.

Gibraltar Airport has the distinction of being the closest airport to the city that it serves, being only 500 metres from Gibraltar's city centre. The Gibraltar Airport runway crosses the narrow isthmus.

Cars must cross the runway when driving from British Gibraltar to Spain on the other side.

More info about the airport can be read at:

Gibraltar 01

Gibraltar 2

Gibraltar 3


Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People

Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Perusing "INFO:CARGO" magazine
Issue dated December 1990
The Calgary Cargo Telephone Sales and Service Centre opened
November 18th., 1990. 

CalgaryHere is a photo of the gang. These energetic Canadian Air Cargo employees participated in the World Airline Road Race at Fort Worth, Texas October 6th 1990.

warrHere they are in a group hug after the race.

Issue dated January 1991

Service to Taipei commenced December 12th 1990 from YYZ and
onto HKG. Victoria was a divisional winner in the Guaranteed Cargo Contest.

victoriaHere we have this photo.
Pictured back l to r -Carl Unser, Keith Johns, Dan Hunt, Ron Shelton, Donna Lynch, Aurota Serpico.

front:l to r: Ron Ostipchuk, Mike Saunders, Brian Jan.

joketaniJoketani Rabuka was Fiji's first retiree on October 31st 1990 after 31 years service. Nicknames "Joe CR Air" by his co-workers.

This n That

Vancouver International
will open a new C-Pier gates in July and  apron and taxiway are being built for these gates, part of the airport's $1.4 billion, 10-year capital improvement plan that includes many projects designed to ease travel for the tens of thousands of visitors expected for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The new gates, to be used primarily by Air Canada, are included in the upgrade and expansion of the domestic terminal, which will be completed in 2013.

The airport portion of the Canada Line rapid transit rail line between YVR, Vancouver and Richmond will open in September. Early this year, an automated border clearance service for returning Canadian citizens and permanent residents was activated at Vancouver, permitting them to use self-serve kiosks to identify themselves.

Readers Feedback

Jim Rogers has sent us this photo and message.
Subject: CPAL Hilo Picture
I only started to read the Netletter this past year. The Netletters #968 & #999 regarding Capt. Bob Goldie jogged me to pull up this picture. You can see Capt. Bob Goldie's head looking out the door way. Scottie Baillie Hnl Stn. Mgr. & Base Engineer is at the top of the stairs. The year was the summer of 1959. Mr Grant McConachie CPAL President decided to bring a DC6-B to Hnl for a week or so for pilot training. He also had friends traveling with him. One day they took the DC6-B on a tour of the Hawaiian Islands with a short stop in Hilo and a short ground tour of the big island before returning to Hnl.

hiloHence the picture.

Bob Goldie was the Captain of the aircraft. We only had a staff of three - myself, Dan Ige who was previous was with Aloha Airlines,
Ken Bibee who was previous with PAA and Trans Oceans Airlines & Scottie Baillie. I stayed to handle airport ground and ramp operations - also ground transportation to and from the airport for the group. Dan was sent to Hilo to co-ordinate all airport and ground arrangement. He returned to Hnl with the group. Ken was very good at mixing drinks and was put on the aircraft to act as bar tender and
service drinks. The only people I can ID. looking at the picture are:
Capt. Bob Goldie, door way (not really visible - eds) - Scottie Baillie, top of stairs - bottom row right is R.B. Phillips, CPAL V.P. Operations & at the end is John Perry, CPAL Hnl DSMJohn Perrys wife is four heads down from Mr. Baillie - two over from Mrs Perry is
Grant McConachie and one son to his right - to his left is Loretta Baillie and Mrs McConachie & another son. Maybe some of your readers would be able to ID. the others. The McConachie sons might remember who they are.

Jim Rogers
CPAL Retired

And another two photos referring to the accident to CF-CPQ -

cfcpqEnclosed are photos of CPAIR DC8 CPQ from a different angle and the damage under side of the TAA Boeing 727-VH-TJA. The CPQ after repair with the silver tail was ferried SYD/I- but out of HNL we were granted to make a extra section CP2324/25Feb 71.

vhtjaWe got the go ahead two days before due all flights out of HNL were filled & had waitlist. We departed it with full revenue load · I believe the config was 12/1 89 Jim Rogers HnI Stn Mgr

Trev Trower
sends us this story.
I was thinking about the early hiring of male flight attendants. I met some of these characters in the early fifties. Gordie Chater, Jackie Triggs, Harry Lane, Gordie Kay, Art Bolton, etc, and then I thought I would just keep those memoirs as no one would be that interested. Some of the early female F/A's were personalities too.  people like Gypsy Germaine, Nin Deroche, Aggie Tuovi, etc. What wonderful people they were even though they had their personal idiosyncrasies.  A lot of those names I have forgotten but I can see their faces still. So many memories, of a wonderful Airline. Following is exactly as it happened.

Cheers     Trev
(near Innis)

Our beautiful Lockheed Super Constellation airplane took off from London Heathrow Airport on time and an hour and forty minutes later landed at Shannon, Ireland, to re-fuel and pick up passengers. Jack Horan, the company manager, as was his normal practice, came out
to the aircraft to greet us and pass a few minutes socializing. We de-planed our passengers in order that they could take advantage of the incredible duty-free shopping which was available. We encouraged all the passengers to deplane in order that the crew could also make their own purchases. I recall back in those days a bottle of gin cost one dollar and a carton of cigarettes one dollar forty. This was one of the friendliest places to stop, everyone was relaxed and friendly and the work got done without any stress or anger. Aidan, the ramp operation's supervisor, was always able to cover up for a flight attendant whose shopping took a little longer than it should have. There were no layovers at Shannon then but if there had  been there would have been quite a scramble to work on the flights which led to a stay in that lovely country.

Anyway, it was time to go. The plane had been groomed, fuelled and victualled. The cockpit crew was on board doing their pre-flight duties and the last of the passengers were getting settled. Everything was going exactly the way it should. As far as the cabin
crew was concerned there were many things to be done which were taken for granted, then we waved so-long to Jack and Aidan, closed the door and were on our way. Next stop Montreal. My take-off position, as purser, was in a jump seat just behind the pilots. It was quite a treat for me as I got to hear the pilot radio communication, and view the interaction of the pilots, flight engineer and navigator. Our Captain that day was Steve Albulet, and the Flight Engineer Aubrey Cooke. These two men were completely different in personality though both were thoroughly trained and capable in their work.
(We will continue this story next time - eds)

Terry's Travel Tips

Terry Baker
In NetLetter nr 1067 we had this information Caesar Hotels Airway Vacations  1 800 422 3727 Serving the interliner since 1970!

British Airways has just announced Positive space air for interliners traveling to any of its world wide destinations. Call today for pricing!

The information should have been presented as - British Airways has just announced Positive space air for interliners traveling to any of its world wide destinations. Call Caesar Hotels Airway Vacations 1 800 422 3727 Serving the interliner since 1970  today for pricing!

Here is another offer from Caesar
Caesar Hotels Airway Vacations
1 800 422 3727
Just In!!
Italy, Florence 4 Star Vacation including confirmed air from $499*
Includes: Roundtrip confirmed airfare from JFK or EWR (+$20 from Boston, +80 from Chicago or Miami)
Four nights at the 4 star Grand Hotel Mediterraneao in central Florence
Daily Breakfast
Extend to a six night stay for only $100 more
Travel Nov. 3, 4, 10 or 11. Most other departure dates through March are available for $100 more.
*per person based on double occupancy, airline taxes are additional
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1 800 422 3727

We received the following information from Dave Edwards.
Just wanted to let you know that the RV rentals posted here are a great deal and a lot of fun. Lynn and I are just back from a one week rental from Fraserway RV. It is actually a ' ferry flight ' for the RV company. They had RVs in YHZ...YUL...YYC and YXY ( Whitehorse ) which all required positioning back to Vancouver for the beginning of their summer season. Never having been to the Yukon, we decided on that package. Flew to YXY and were picked up at the airport.

Three hours later, we departed on our 2893 km drive down the Alaska Hwy., and into a 22' Class C motorhome. You are allowed 7 days and 3000 kms to make the trip. Additional charges
apply for exceeding those numbers, but I think you can negotiate a few extra days travel time.The weather was coolish, but sunny and the scenery spectacular. We took the western route to Prince George, via Watson lake, then down to Williams lake and south to Hwy 99 and Pemberton...Whistler and Horseshoe Bay. Took the ferry to the Sunshine Coast and spent 1 1/2 days there before returning to VR, where we stayed the night at the Capillano RV park (under the bridge )and returned the RV to Fraserway in Delta. We were then driven to the airport for our flight home to YYZ.

Time only allowed a couple of side trips. It was a spectacular drive to
Stewart BC through glaciers and avalanche country, with black bears
grazing on the side of the Hwy., and a multitude of Caribou on the Hwy. As it was early in the season, very few Dutch...German or Swiss in evidence.They are the major renters with Fraserway, whose business is down 26% this year. We had no trouble finding RV parks along the way and gas was reasonable. We spent $100.00/day on gas and around $30.00 /night on an RV site. All in all, a great deal for us airline folk. Fraserway is a great company...very efficient and friendly staff, and Eeka, the lady incharge of the program is an ex Wardair F/A. There are other companies and they will all be looking for people to move motorhomes in the fall.We are going to do it again.

Thanks for making me aware of this offer....Cheers....Dave Edward



sourlookWhy has fin 324 an Air Canada Jazz aircraft have such a sour look? Perhaps because the airline is not serving candies on YCD-YVR-YCD sector now.

More complaints heard by travel agents.
· A woman called police complaining she'd been locked into her hotel room by staff- she had in fact misinterpreted a 'do not disturb' sign as a command to stay put.
· A traveler staying at a game lodge near a watering hole in Africa complained his honeymoon was ruined after the sight of a visibly aroused elephant made him feel "inadequate".
· A traveler moaned after a holiday in the Caribbean: "It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England, but it only took the Americans three hours to get home."
· "I compared the size of our one- bedroom apartment to our friends' three-bedroom apartment, and ours was significantly smaller," wrote another complainant.

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